Jeffrey Nothing (Ex-Mushroomhead) Premieres New Song “Never Enough”

Jeffrey Nothing (ex-Mushroomhead) has premiered a new song titled “Never Enough.” The frontman co-wrote the track with guitarist Thomas Church (ex-Mushroomhead).

Nothing commented:

“Throughout life, people or situations will try to tell you that you are a follower and you should be quite content in that role. There is no such thing as give and take. You give and they take. But for all your efforts, the things you contribute, the things you create are just OK. They can be made into something! Freedom is an incredible feeling. You dream again, believe again and feel like… you truly could fly. Rise above. Be you. ‘Fly High Above, Nothing’s Ever, Never Enough!”

Church added:

“I really enjoyed writing ‘Never Enough.’ It brought out some emotions that had been hiding in plain sight for a moment. The interlocking of melodic and moving melodies mixed with aggressive and emotional passages comes thru as a true representation of the human soul.”

Former Mushroomhead Members Launch New Bands Church & Doom Candy

Former members of Mushroomhead have reunited in two new bands. The two groups include Church, which features Thomas Church and Waylon Reavis, and Doom Candy, which features Thomas Church and Jeffrey Nothing. Church’s new EP “UnHUMAN Beings” will be released on August 16 and the first single “Become The Enemy” can be found below. Doom Candy’s new EP “Suicide Effects” will be released on September 27 and the first single “Cry Fire” can be found below as well.

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Jeffrey Nothing (Ex-Mushroomhead) Announces May Shows

Jeffrey Nothing (ex-Mushroomhead) has announced some May shows with Junk. You can find the dates for that run below. Nothing’s solo band finds him joined by Thomas Church (ex-Mushroomhead), Noah “Shark” Robertson (ex-Motograter/The Browning), etc.

Tour Dates:

05/23 Pryor, OK – Rocklahoma Pre-Party
05/24 Kansas City, MO – Aftershock Live
05/25 Ft. Worth, TX – Lolas
05/26 San Antonio, TX – Bond’s

Jeffrey Nothing (ex-Mushroomhead) Premieres New Song “Dead Space/Dead Inside”

Jeffrey Nothing (ex-Mushroomhead) has premiered a new song titled “Dead Space/Dead Inside.“ You can check that out below. Nothing’s solo band finds him joined by guitarist Thomas Church (ex-Mushroomhead), drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson (ex-Motograter/The Browning), etc.

Nothing commented:

“We are not things. A soul cannot be owned… We as beings travel this amazing journey. Sometimes, thru no fault of our own, we can shut off our true selves. Tread water or lesser quality bodies of who knows what and focus on breathing, period.

Crashes can be detrimental, lingering impossible. The new subsequent path, scorched by the unbound bird, prey no more. Ramblings come more into focus. Oblivion, began again. The pen, mightier than the sword. We are not damned if we do. It’s much more the case, if we don’t. Prison can quite frankly be a state of mind and mine, Thanks but no thanks.. Was meant for so much more than that!”

Jeffrey Nothing (ex-Mushroomhead) Premieres New Song “Fragile Mind”

Jeffrey Nothing (ex-Mushroomhead) has premiered a new song titled “Fragile Mind.“ You can check that out below. Nothing’s solo project finds him joined by guitarist Thomas Church (ex-Mushroomhead), drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson (ex-Motograter/The Browning), vocalist Ian D, and bassist Kahler Hatrix.

Nothing commented:

“This song wrote itself! Life takes odd twists and turns and sometimes finds dead ends. Creativity is a gift, yours to guide you through peace of mind and life experiences… we choose our paths. We alone should command our directions, our course to happiness and never despair, no matter what anyone else believes or demands… Ever!

‘Fragile Mind‘ is one of many new songs I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Working with people with heart and soul! Yes, soul is incredible, to say the very least. Thomas Church, Noah Robertson, Ian D, Kahler Hatrix and others have brought huge smiles and laughter and other emotions, long dead back to the creative process.

Art isn’t about orders or demands, it is about doing what you love. We have a plethora of music and amazing minds helping to construct a living, breathing “Monster” of a musical journey. Our fans deserve NOTHING but love too.”

Tour Dates:

10/06 Iola, KS – RocktoberFest
10/13 Chanute, KS – RocktoberFest

Mushroomhead Perform First Show With New Singer & Guitarist

On March 17, Mushroomhead played their first show with their new lineup at Music Lynxx in Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. The group now feature vocalist Steve Rauckhorst (Pitch Black Forecast), who is taking over for Jeffrey Nothing, and guitarist Tommy “Tankx” Shaffner (VentanA), who is taking over for Tommy Church.

Turntablist Richard “Stitch” Thomas commented on the lineup change:

“I know a lot of you are angry and confused on the latest news, but this is not news to us. We were made aware that Jeff and Church were leaving and a plan was in motion to make a proper transition. They both decided to let the cat out of the bag on Facebook before a proper press release was made. This was not part of the plan discussed.

I’m not going to explain or air out the bands personal business and I’m not going to engage in any smearing of the two members that have recently departed.

I have been a Mushroomhead fan since 1994 and am honored to be a member of this band the last 17 years.

None of you know what happens behind the scenes or how people’s personalities and involvement in the band changes as years go on. Your assumptions and negative comments are quite disheartening, this is why I truly hate this social media era — everyone gets to judge you before you even have a chance to figure out what to say.

If I learned anything, it’s that Mushroomhead lives on no matter what and that is what we are doing right now.

If there is ever a day that I step down, it will still continue without me. The replacements for both members have been in place for quite awile, the new singer was even endorsed by Mr. Nothing over a month ago.

Both of these gentlemen are longtime friends of mine, they are talented musicians and have been in the mosh pits at Mushroomhead concerts since 1996. They are huge fans of the band and are going to breathe new life into Mushroomhead, carrying on its legacy into the next chapter. I’m very excited to be sharing the stage with them moving into the future.”

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Guitarist Tommy Church Exits Mushroomhead

Guitarist Tommy Church has announced his departure from Mushroomhead. This news comes after it was previously revealed that co-founding lead vocalist Jeffrey Nothing was leaving the group as well.

Church commented:

“It is with a heavy heart tonight I announce that I have left Mushroomhead. I will miss all the crazy, loyal and most amazing fans and family I have made over the years and you will always have a special place in my heart. I wish Mushroomhead well in turning the page to this new chapter of life. It was an amazing adventure!”

Mushroomhead are planning to continue with their upcoming tour, and have even posted a teaser for Jeffrey Nothing’s replacement.

Jeffrey Nothing Exits Mushroomhead

Mushroomhead co-founding lead vocalist Jeffrey Lewis Hetrick (aka Jeffrey Nothing, Jeffrey Hatrix) has announced his departure from the band. He said the following:

“I am coming to you today with a heavy heart to announce that I am leaving Mushroomhead. It is a decision that I did not make easily, but one I made for reasons that are best for me as an artist and musician at this juncture in my career.”

He also added that the work Mushroomhead did and the 24 years of performing and touring for “the craziest, fucking loyal and amazing fans” was a once-in-a-lifetime privilege. The band have yet to comment.

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