Nergal (Behemoth) Shares Footage From Recent Me And That Man Studio Sessions

Nergal (Behemoth) has shared some footage from the recent studio sessions for his Me And That Man project. You can check that out below. The band’s new album is expected to be released in 2020.

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Nergal (Behemoth) Planning To Release New Me And That Man Album In 2020

During a recent interview with Kerrang!, Nergal (Behemoth) revealed that he is planning to release a new Me And That Man album in 2020. However, it is still unknown who will be replacing John Porter, who left the band last year. Nergal said the following:

“I’m definitely gonna do some sessions with Me And That Man, my other project, we’re in a stage of writing new music, so let’s see how it goes. I’m planning on having the record out next year. It’s taking time, I’m not rushing.”

Myrkur Recording New Folk Album

Myrkur has been in the studio recording a new folk album. She posted the following about that:

Henry Derek Elis (Act Of Defiance) Streams New Album “The Devil Is My Friend”

Henry Derek Elis (Act Of Defiance, ex-Scar The Martyr) is streaming his new dark folk solo album “The Devil Is My Friend” in full via Brooklyn Vegan. That effort will officially be released on October 26.

Henry Derek Elis (Act Of Defiance) Premieres “Sing For The Dead Man” Video

Henry Derek Elis (Act Of Defiance, ex-Scar The Martyr) has premiered a new video for his new song “Sing For The Dead Man.” This track is from his new dark folk solo album “The Devil Is My Friend,” which will be released on October 26.

Henry Derek Elis (Act Of Defiance) To Release New Solo Album “The Devil Is My Friend” In October

Henry Derek Elis (Act Of Defiance, ex-Scar The Martyr) has revealed the details for his new dark folk solo album “The Devil Is My Friend.” The effort will be released on October 26 and a trailer for it can be seen below:

A press release offered some more insight into the album:

Tragic themes and a folk-tinged Southern Gothic Americana sound form the basis of The Devil Is My Friend, the haunting full-length solo debut by Henry Derek Elis, with contributions from Aubrey Richmond & John Schreffler Jr. (Shooter Jennings), Jarboe (Swans), Tara Vanflower (Lycia) Neal Tiemann (DevilDriver) and many more.

In a marked stylistic departure from his persona as frontman for heavier rock acts, Henry has crafted a poetic and deeply personal solo debut, steeped in memories of his childhood in Milledgeville, GA, the same place Blind Willie McTell and Flannery O’Connor made their death beds; “the kind of small town with a haunted past that can swallow you up whole if you let it,” says Henry.

Dynamic rock arrangements reflect Henry’s encyclopedic knowledge of dark folk, classic country, traditional blues and classical music, resulting in an atmospheric, apocalyptic landscape, where lonely sonic highways are littered with the detritus of misfortune and the soft glimmering of something that might be hope.

Henry Derek Elis’origins are about as strange as his career in the music business. Raised by his grandmother, Henry grew up next to Central State Hospital, once known as the largest psychiatric facility in the world. Throughout his childhood, Henry observed the ravages of illness, addiction and suicide first hand.

Henry came to prominence upon moving to Atlanta, playing in mostly rock and metal bands before joining The Sweet Meat Love & Holy Cult, a folk collective with legendary artist Jarboe (formerly of the influential band Swans). This inspired him to create acoustic-based folk music under the moniker: To The Boy Elis, a reference from the work of Austrian born poet, Georg Trakl.

Henry moved to Los Angeles and recorded demos with various bands, including members of Gorgoroth, Type O Negative and Anthrax. In 2013 he joined the band Scar The Martyr with drummer Joey Jordison of Slipknot fame. After releasing one album on Roadrunner Records, Henry went on to help form the extreme thrash metal band Act Of Defiance, featuring former members of Megadeth and Shadows Fall.

“The Devil Is My Friend” Track Listing:

01. “No Skin”
02. “The Devil Is My Friend”
03. “What’s Left Of Us”
04. “Sing For The Dead Man”
05. “Weeping Willow”
06. “Corpse Carver”
07. “If It’s Not Too Late”
08. “Only Bones”
09. “M.O.M.”
10. “Graveyard Country Blues”

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Me And That Man (Behemoth) Part Ways With John Porter

Behemoth frontman Nergal’s blues, country and folk project Me And That Man have parted ways with John Porter. Nergal confirmed the news in the below interview with uDiscover Music. Despite this, he did add that a new album will likely be released in 2020.

Nergal said the following:

“I’ll try to be as diplomatic as I can. It wasn’t the easiest collaboration in my life, which means that it was the most difficult collaboration in my life. [Laughs] I’m talking man to man, because there’s been some man-female collaborations that were a bit harder. But [for a] man-to-man collaboration, it was very hard. So it just wouldn’t work. Either one would kill one another sooner or later, so better to stay alive and separate.”

He also said that with Porter gone it’s “pretty much [him] driving this train” and that he would “like to transform the name of the band to ‘Me and This Man’.”

He went on to say there will “definitely” be another album:

“Probably in 2019 we’ll start recording. We’re already fucking around with ideas, so it might see the light of day in 2020.

He also said the following about what it might sound like:

“I already have a concept that I don’t wanna spoil here now — I’m not gonna tease — because it’s still in my head, but I think it’s pretty spectacular. So I think it’s gonna be cool. I love the idea. I hope people will dig it. But it’s gonna be a completely different form — it’ll be totally different. And then I’m open for maybe the third record — if there’s a third record — do something else again. And I try to be as flexible as I can — as long as I express myself the way I want. It’s not like BEHEMOTH, [where] we have this solid setup, and it is what it is, and everyone has its spot and place. With ME AND THAT MAN, I like it to be like a river; it just flows, and, ‘Okay, let’s take a curve,’ ‘Let’s do this.'”

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