Oranssi Pazuzu Postpone European/UK Tour With Deafkids And Sturle Dagsland To 2022

Oranssi Pazuzu have postponed their European/UK tour with Deafkids and Sturle Dagsland once again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The trek is now scheduled to take place in 2022.

Tour Dates:

05/05 Munich, GER – Feierwerk
05/06 Karlsruhe, GER – Jubez
05/07 Délemont, SWI – SAS
05/08 Milano, ITA – Legend Club
05/09 Winterthur, SWI – Gaswerk
05/10 Martigny, SWI – Les Caves du Manoir
05/11 Lyon, FRA – CCO
05/12 Toulouse, FRA – Le Rex
05/13 Rennes, FRA – Ubu
05/14 Paris, FRA – Maroquinerie
05/15 London, UK – The Underworld
05/16 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
05/17 Dunkerque, FRA – 4 Ecluses
05/18 Dortmund, GER – Junkyard
05/19 Utrecht, NET – De Helling
05/20 Sneek, NET – Het Bolwerk
05/21 Copenhagen, DEN – Vega (‘A Colossal Weekend‘)
05/22 Stockholm, SWE – Slaktkyrkan
05/23 Hamburg, GER – Headcrash
05/24 Berlin, GER – Cassiopeia
05/25 Vienna, AUT – Arena
05/26 Prague, CZE – Futurum
05/27 Leipzig, GER – UT Connewitz
05/28 Krakow, POL – Kwadrat
05/29 Warsaw, POL – Proxima

Converge, The Armed, Etc. To Be Featured On “Cyberpunk 2077” Soundtrack

The track listing has been revealed for the soundtrack to the new video game “Cyberpunk 2077” (out December 10). The first volume of the soundtrack will feature Converge, The Armed, etc. and it will be available on December 11. The second volume will feature HEALTH, Grimes, etc. and it will be available on December 18. All the tracks will be released under pseudonyms.

“Cyberpunk 2077” Soundtrack Track Listing:

Radio Volume 1:

01. Run The Jewels (‘Yankee And The Brave‘) – “No Save Point”
02. SOPHIE / Shygirl (‘Clockwork Venus‘) – “BM”
03. Le Destroy (‘The Bait‘) – “Kill Kill”
04. Yugen Blakrok (‘Gorgon Madonna‘) – “Metamorphosis”
05. Konrad Oldmoney (‘7 Facas‘) – “Dinero” [feat. Cerbeus]
06. Deadly Hunta / Maro Music (‘Footage Missing‘) – “When It’s War”
07. The Armed (‘Homeschool Dropouts‘) – “Night City Aliens”
08. Converge (‘Shattered Void‘) – “I Won’t Let You Go”
09. Aligns (‘Rubicones‘) – “Friday Night Fire Fight”
10. Tomb Mold (‘Bacillus‘) – “March 30th”
11. Deafkids (‘Tainted Overlord‘) – “Selva Pulsátil”

Radio Volume 2:

01. Namakopuri (‘Us Cracks‘) – “PonPon Shit”
02. Grimes (‘Lizzy Wizzy‘) – “Delicate Weapon”
03. Rat Boy (‘IBDY‘) – “Who’s Ready For Tomorrow”
04. HEALTH (‘Window Weather‘) – “Major Crimes”
05. Rosa Walton (‘Hallie Coggins‘) – “I Really Want To Stay At Your House”
06. Nina Kraviz (‘Bara Nova‘) – “Surprise Me, I’m Surprised Today”
07. Raney Shockne (‘Point Break Candy‘) – “Hole In The Sun” [feat. COS and Conway]
08. Gazelle Twin (‘Trash Generation‘) – “History”
09. Poloz (‘Tinnitus‘) – “On My Way to Hell”

As previously reported, Refused also recorded tracks for the game under the name “Samurai.” However, those songs will not appear on the soundtrack.

Deafkids & Petbrick Premiere New Song “Sweat-Drenched Wreck”

Deafkids and Petbrick (ex-Sepultura, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Sweat-Drenched Wreck.” This track is from their new collaborative album “Deafbrick,“ which will be released on September 4.

Deafkids told Revolver the following:

“After a tour night of little to no sleep on an overnight flight, we arrived in London and went straight to Wayne’s studio to begin our sessions together, still on that jet-lag-induced, lethargic state, with no pre-thought ideas and a very diminished deadline. As soon as we began recording some ideas, Wayne quickly assembled the skeleton of what would become this track. Watching him creating and editing stuff that fast and with that quality just blew our minds. From that moment we fed on the certainty that something special was being concepted on that unique moment for us. Curious is the fact that Iggor came up with a double stick right there, using a hanger to unite them and record that drum ‘n’ bass hi-hat. This is dancing music, Deafbrick drum ‘n’ bass noise style!”

Petbrick added:

“This particular tune came from an amalgamation of quite a few strange percussive approaches from Iggor and Marian. Iggor built this excellent pair of drum sticks that was attached together with a coat hanger and a load of gaffer tape, so that he could play a weird 16-beat almost shuffled drum and bass pattern on the hi-hat with one hand. Marian played with his hands on the snare drum as an overdub, so you get a weird percussive element from the snare pattern, Then we dug deep into Douglas’ dub influences also The guitar hook almost has a cool eastern feel to it, so this track really was a mental smashing together of a lot of different, super creative approaches. I love this tune because of this, you can hear each person’s personality coexisting in a beautiful harmony.”

Deafkids & Petbrick To Release New Collaborative Album “Deafbrick”

Deafkids and Petbrick (ex-Sepultura, etc.) have joined forces for a new collaborative album called “Deafbrick.“ The effort will be released on September 4 and a video for the first single “Força Bruta” can be found below:

“Deafbrick” Track Listing:

01. “Primeval I”
02. “Força Bruta”
03. “Sweat-Drenched Wreck”
04. “The Menace Of The Dark Polar Night”
05. “Máquina Obssessivo-Compulsiva”
06. “O Antropoceno”
07. “Mega-Ritual”
08. “Hyperkinetic Mass Disorder”
09. “Free Speech For The Dumb” (Discharge cover)
10. “Primeval II”

Petbrick’s Iggor Cavalera commented:

“We had so much fun doing the collab [at the Roadburn Festival] and there was a real chemistry between the five of us, so it seemed like a natural progression to actually get into a studio together and write a record.”

Deafkids added:

“It’s an honor for us to have taken part in this collaboration with Petbrick. When we had the opportunity, in the middle of a tour, to get together at Wayne‘s studio in London for two-and-a-half days to let the ideas flow, record things, and see what would happen, we couldn’t expect for a better result – a full album very rich on dynamics, sonic explorations, and unreached territories.

We were able to integrate ourselves in a way that doesn’t sound exactly like any of the bands alone, and this is very interesting in the sense of aesthetic and sonic freedom as it creates ramifications of the paths already taken, extending the steps of what has been and what is yet to come. To have the chance to co-create with Iggor and Wayne as musicians and producers – who are extremely kind, creative, open-minded guys with a long path of experience in music roads – was a very special process of sharing, hearing, and learning.

We also had Gordon from Terminal Cheesecake and Luminous Bodies and Matt from Casual Nun featured on two tracks, which was also amazing. We’re always very well received by these guys, bands and all these amazing people since our very first time in the UK, so it’s really nice to be extending this connection with this recording.”

The bands also discussed the project further over at The Quietus.

Oranssi Pazuzu Announce Rescheduled European/UK Dates

Oranssi Pazuzu have postponed their European/UK tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. The trek is now scheduled to take place in spring 2021 with Deafkids and Sturle Dagsland set to open.

Tour Dates:

04/29 Krakow, POL – Kwadrat
04/30 Prague, CZE – Futurum
05/01 Vienna, AUT – Arena
05/02 Leipzig, GER – UT Connewitz
05/03 Berlin, GER – Cassiopeia
05/04 Hamburg, GER – Headcrash
05/05 Stockholm, SWE – Slaktkyrkan
05/06 Copenhagen, DEN – Vega
05/07 Sneek, NET – Het Bolwerk
05/08 Utrecht, NET – De Helling
05/09 Dortmund, GER – Junkyard
05/11 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
05/12 London, UK – The Garage
05/13 Brussels, BEL – La Botanique
05/14 Paris, FRA – Maroquinerie
05/15 Rennes, FRA – Ubu
05/16 Toulouse, FRA – Le Rex
05/17 Lyon, FRA – CCO
05/18 Martigny, SWI – Les Caves du Manoir
05/19 Winterthur, SWI – Gaswerk
05/20 Milano, ITA – Legend Club
05/21 Delemont, SWI – SAS
05/22 Karlsruhe, GER – Jubez
05/23 Kassel, GER – Goldgrube

Old Man Gloom Cancel West Coast Tour

Old Man Gloom have cancelled their West Coast tour with Deafkids and Sad Vicious due to the coronavirus pandemic. The band commented:

“Unsurprisingly, our west coast tour is cancelled. We’re really bummed about it, but hey, we’re all in this together, and hopefully we’ll all come out of it together. We wish we could reschedule, but there’s just no way to know when things like this will be possible. We’ll make it up for sure though. Please contact your point of purchase for ticket refund info. Stay safe.”

Old Man Gloom Announce West Coast Tour

Old Man Gloom have announced a spring West Coast tour. Deafkids and Sad Vicious will open.

Tour Dates:

05/21 Vancouver, BC – Astoria
05/22 Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
05/23 Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
05/25 Oakland, CA – Starline Social Club
05/26 Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex
05/27 Phoenix, AZ – The Rebel Lounge
05/29 Taos, NM – Monolith On The Mesa

The group commented:

“We know. We know we’ve had some rough times, you and us. We haven’t always been honest with you, and you, well, you’ve taken comfort in the arms of some other “bands”. We don’t blame you, we know we haven’t always been the band you thought we could be. The truth of the matter is, well, we just didn’t know if we could be enough for you. You, you’re just so special, and we just want to make you the happiest Gloomelo you could be. We’re carrying a lot of baggage. We’ve had our hearts broken too many times. It’s not an excuse, it’s just, well, it’s just the truth.

This is it though. From this day forward we are gonna be here for you. We’re not gonna be staying out all night, running around, playing games. Not anymore. I want us to be together, and i’ll do anything it takes to hold onto you. I need you, baby. We’re gonna be the band of your dreams, and you can say goodbye to Mutoid Man, Isis(The band that you don’t need anymore), and Converge. You can take them out of your contacts, because Old Man Gloom is ready to commit to you for the rest of our lives. Just say it. Just say you’ll have us, and you’ll give us one more chance to show you we love you. We’re doing a West Coast tour starting Vancouver on May 21st, and our record will be out shortly before. This is the NEW us. We’re gonna be so happy, baby. I can’t wait to form a whole bunch of tiny side projects with you, boo. But here’s the thing, my car is in the shop, and I just need $150 to pick it up. And once I get the car, i’m gonna go see a guy that sells Juul cartridges out of his aunt’s mudroom that has a locked and loaded business opportunity for me. I also am looking into flipping houses, seems like easy money. I’m gonna make you so happy baby, just you wait!


5/21 – The Astoria, Vancouver BC
5/22 – The Crocodile, Seattle WA
5/23 – The Doug Fir, Portland OR
5/24 – Driving through the pacific north west and that weird methy part of NoCal and probably going an hour and a half out of our way to hit some health food store Aaron likes. I’ll probably be one day into An emotional breakdown. Definitely shoot me a text to check in on the 24th, ok?
5/25 – Starline Social Club, Oakland CA
5/26 – The Echoplex, Los Angeles CA
5/27 – Rebel Lounge, Phoenix AZ
5/28 – this will be the day where I ask why we didn’t play Denver or some shit. But then we’ll get to NM a day early and I’ll get sad because my Grandmas dead, but then I’ll remember how mean she was and how she put a homemade label from her typewriter on my high school girlfriends car that said “I’m a whore, try me!” And I will get less sad. And more sad, because that’s kinda hilarious.
5/29 Monolith on the Mesa Fest, Taos NM”

Neurosis Announce North American Tour With Bell Witch & Deafkids

Neurosis have have announced a North American tour with Bell Witch and Deafkids. Here’s the dates:

08/07 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
08/08 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
08/09 Washington D.C. – 9:30 Club
08/10 Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of Living Arts
08/11 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Steel
08/13 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
08/14 Montreal, QC – Corona Theatre
08/15 Toronto, ON – The Opera House
08/16 Detroit, MI – Saint Andrew’s Hall
08/17 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall

Neurosis Announce June European Tour With Deafkids

Neurosis have announced a June European tour with Deafkids. You can see the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

06/15 Prague, CZE – Meet Factory
06/16 Mannheim, GER – Maifieild Derby
06/17 Bologna, ITA – Zona Roveri (feat. Converge)
06/18 Lausanne, SWI – Les Docks (feat. Wolves In The Throne Room)
06/19 Nijmegen, NET – Doornroosje
06/20 Copenhagen, DEN – Copenhell
06/21 Bochum, GER – Zeche Bochum
06/22 Dessel, BEL – Graspop (no Deafkids)
06/23 Clisson, FRA – Hellfest (no Deafkids)