Deafkids & Petbrick Premiere New Song “Sweat-Drenched Wreck”

Deafkids and Petbrick (ex-Sepultura, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Sweat-Drenched Wreck.” This track is from their new collaborative album “Deafbrick,“ which will be released on September 4.

Deafkids told Revolver the following:

“After a tour night of little to no sleep on an overnight flight, we arrived in London and went straight to Wayne’s studio to begin our sessions together, still on that jet-lag-induced, lethargic state, with no pre-thought ideas and a very diminished deadline. As soon as we began recording some ideas, Wayne quickly assembled the skeleton of what would become this track. Watching him creating and editing stuff that fast and with that quality just blew our minds. From that moment we fed on the certainty that something special was being concepted on that unique moment for us. Curious is the fact that Iggor came up with a double stick right there, using a hanger to unite them and record that drum ‘n’ bass hi-hat. This is dancing music, Deafbrick drum ‘n’ bass noise style!”

Petbrick added:

“This particular tune came from an amalgamation of quite a few strange percussive approaches from Iggor and Marian. Iggor built this excellent pair of drum sticks that was attached together with a coat hanger and a load of gaffer tape, so that he could play a weird 16-beat almost shuffled drum and bass pattern on the hi-hat with one hand. Marian played with his hands on the snare drum as an overdub, so you get a weird percussive element from the snare pattern, Then we dug deep into Douglas’ dub influences also The guitar hook almost has a cool eastern feel to it, so this track really was a mental smashing together of a lot of different, super creative approaches. I love this tune because of this, you can hear each person’s personality coexisting in a beautiful harmony.”

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