Ov Sulfur (Ex-Suffokate) Premiere Music Video For New Song “Oblivion” Featuring As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis

Ov Sulfur, the band featuring ex-Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover, have premiered a new video for their new single “Oblivion.“ The song features As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis and it will serve as the title track of Ov Sulfur‘s debut EP. That effort will be available on August 6 and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

Hoover commented:

“Oblivion chronicles the undoing of our world when religious zealots militarize their faith. It was rad having my friend Tim on the track. We reconnected recently, when he realized we have had similar body transformations: from twigs to tree trunks haha. He went toe-to-toe with me in terms of brutality, which was completely at odds with the week we had hanging out. My kids call him Uncle Tim now!”

Here’s the track listing for the EP:

01. “Intro”
02. “Doomhead”
03. “Bathe In The Flame”
04. “Behind The Hand Of God”
05. “Lost”
06. “Oblivion”

Here’s the band’s current dates:

08/06 Las Vegas, NV – Backstage Bar & Billiards
08/07 Tucson, AZ – The Edge Bar
08/08 Phoenix, AZ – The Rebel Lounge

Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, Oblivion) Recovering From Neck Surgery

Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, Oblivion, etc.) has revealed that he is currently recovering after undergoing neck surgery. He said the following about that on Facebook:

“Over the last 3 years I’ve had shooting electrical pains down my left arm and my fingers on my left hand have become completely numb (certifical radiculopathy). after two MRIs we descovered a pinched nerve in my neck with my discs almost completely eroded at my c5-c7 with severe spinal stenosis on top of this. I wasn’t comfortable sitting, standing, laying down but worst of all, picking up a guitar was almost impossible for me and that was very emotional. I decided it was finally time for neck surgery to fix it. Yesterday they replaced two of my cervical discs with artificial discs, and I’m happy to report I am already feeling relief. Time to slow down a bit and recover.. Send good vibes, Love you all.”

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Oblivion Premiere “Fear What Is Unknown” Music Video

Oblivion have premiered a new video for their new song “Fear What Is Unknown.“ This track is from the band’s new self-titled album, which will be released on January 21. Vocalist Nick Vasallo told Metal Injection the following:

“ASI emerges as autonomous agent, with no clear moral or ethical orientation. The when and how of its emergence may not be clear to humans; goals of ASI lie outside of human comprehension. Editorial notes: A.S.I. stands for “Artificial Super-Intelligence”, which is the AI that vastly transcends all of human capability, making humans look like ants in comparison. The ASI doesn’t emerge plainly, but rather its existence is vaguely sensed by how the flow of civilization is changing, behaving in an odd unison that is achieved by the ASI’s inscrutable systematic influence.”

Oblivion Premiere “Threshold” Lyric Video

Oblivion have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Threshold.” This track is from the band’s new self-titled album, which will be released on January 21. Guitarist Nick Vasallo commented:

“Our new track “Threshold” is our bleakest and darkest track to date. It is about the consumption of the earth and end of humanity. I composed it while battling the peak of the 2016 flu virus, fever ridden and unable to sleep. The harmonies and angular melodies are unstable. The lyrics as sung in my lowest register. Ben and Ted played with their darkest guitar tones. Behold…THRESHOLD”

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Fit For A King Premiere “Oblivion” Video

Fit For A King have premiered a new video for their song “Oblivion.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Dark Skies.“ Ryan Kirby commented:

“‘Oblivion‘, on its own, is a very personal song to me, but with this video, it’s brought to a different level. The video shows how powerful forgiveness can be, and even when we don’t think others deserve it, God does. This video definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. But we believe it can show the power of forgiveness through the pain.”

Oblivion To Release New Album In January, Premiere “True Awakening” Lyric Video

Oblivion (All Shall Perish, etc.) have announced that they will be releasing their new self-titled album on January 21. You can find a lyric video for the band’s new song “True Awakening” below, along with the effort’s cover art and track listing:

Track Listing:

01. “True Awakening”
02. “Fear What is Unknown”
03. “Forgotten Brotherhood”
04. “Witnessing a Glorious Dawn”
05. “Insurrection”
06. “Aliens Among Us”
07. “Threshold”
08. “Expand the Hive”
09. “Negative Mass”

Guitarist Ted O’Neil said the following about the new album:

“One of the hallmarks of the Oblivion sound has been the blending of many styles of extreme music. Encompassing elements of Black Metal, OSDM, Technical Death Metal as well as Classical music that may be thought of as Modern Chamber Music. Nick Vasallo‘s background as a PhD in music theory and his experience as a classical composer gives us a huge boost in creating our material.

So, for this album we really wanted Nick to go all the way with it and do what he does best. He is tremendous at creating tension, counter point and brutal arrangements while maintaining a structure that is still accessible. On that same note Ben Orum is a great writer in his own respect.

Ben brings to the table the ability to create crushing rhythms and massive chord progressions that create the backbone of many of the songs. Luis “The Human Drum Machine” Martinez is just a unique talent with an eclectic style that blends perfectly with what we do.

So, the idea was to really have everyone bring to the table their best skills and blend it all together. I think people are going to love this album. It’s very diverse but doesn’t lose focus. It’s brutally heavy throughout but not fatiguing. It’s dark and in spots bleak but not depressing as it is LOADED with hook after hook and tons of groove.”

Fit For A King Stream New Song “Oblivion”

Fit For A King are streaming a new song titled “Oblivion,” via Heavy Consequence. This track is from the band’s new album “Dark Skies,“ which will be released on September 14. Ryan Kirby commented:

“To put it simply, ‘Oblivion‘ is a story about a man’s search for forgiveness. The lyrics in this track were inspired by a fan (who wishes to remain anonymous), who had done some hurtful things to people he loved. He felt he was beyond forgiving, though he desired it deeply and wanted to make things right. The chorus, ‘Tell me I won’t be forgotten,’ is his cry to God to not abandon him, to give him peace. It’s one of the more emotional songs on the album.”

Stratovarius To Release “Enigma: Intermission 2” In September

Stratovarius will be releasing a new album titled “Enigma: Intermission 2” on September 28. The effort will feature three brand new songs, as well as rarities and orchestral versions of popular songs. The first single “Oblivion” can be streamed below:

“Enigma: Intermission 2” Track Listing:

01. “Enigma” (brand new studio song; recorded 2018)
02. “Hunter”†
03. “Hallowed”††
04. “Burn Me Down” (brand new studio song; recorded 2018)
05. “Last Shore”††
06. “Kill It With Fire”*
07. “Oblivion” (brand new studio song; recorded 2018)
08. “Second Sight”*
09. “Fireborn”†
10. “Giants”*
11. “Castaway”*
12. “Old Man And The Sea”††

Brand New Orchestral Versions (all recorded 2018):

13. “Fantasy”
14. “Shine In The Dark”
15. “Unbreakable”
16. “Winter Skies”

* previously unreleased in Europe
† rare bonus track
†† rare bonus track; first time on CD

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