SpiritWorld Premiere “Unholy Passages” Music Video

SpiritWorld have premiered a new video for their song “Unholy Passages.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Pagan Rhythms.“ Stu Folsom commented:

“‘Unholy Passages‘ is the JAM! If I could pick one song off of ‘Pagan Rhythms‘ to show people, this is it. 270 BPM of hella nasty riff vomit!!! Just when you think, ‘Okay, this song fucks, I’m diggin’ it…,’ it drops another banger riff on you. It’s even got the Hellraiser, ‘Do I look like I care what God thinks?’ breakdown sprinkled with some field recordings of a monsoon season thunderstorm I recorded on my cell phone to top it off! When I made the visualizer for it, everything was still on lockdown, so a real video was out of the question. I knew I needed something striking to compliment the song, so I pivoted down the rabbit hole of archival footage sourcing old rodeo footage, go-go dancers, and occult rituals. Enjoy!”