Watch Footage From Deadguy’s First Live Show In 25 Years

Yesterday (September 25), Deadguy played their first live show in 25 years at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia, PA. The setlist and fan-filmed footage from the performance can be found below:

01. “John Dear”
02. “Doom Patrol”
03. “Pins And Needles”
04. “Die With Your Mask On”
05. “Makeshift Atomsmasher”
06. “Apparatus”
07. “Running With Scissors”
08. “Puny Human”
09. “Riot Stairs”
10. “Police Story” (Black Flag cover)
11. “The Extremist”

[via The PRP]

Deadguy Documentary “Deadguy: Killing Music” To Premiere In September

The new Deadguy documentary, “Deadguy: Killing Music,” is set to premiere at the Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA on September 24. The screening will also include a tapping of Deadguy and Broken Goblet Brewing’s new collaborative beer, “Makeshift Atomsmasher,” and a Q&A with the band and director Bill Saunders. Tickets can be found HERE. As previously reported, Deadguy will also be performing at the 2021 “Decibel Metal And Beer Fest” in Philadelphia, PA on September 25.