Deadguy Working On New Split Release With Pig Destroyer

It looks like Deadguy are working on a new split release with Pig Destroyer. Drummer Dave Rosenberg recently confirmed the news during an interview with Lambgoat.

Rosenberg said the following:

“We’ve been writing new stuff, we’re playing a couple shows in October, we’ve been talking to a bunch of festivals and stuff. We’re going to do a split that we’re also working on which is going to be with Pig Destroyer, which is fun. This is the thing, it’s hard to get it together just because life gets in the way, but the fact that we can do that—Pig Destroyer; absurd band, absurd name, everything about it is great in my opinion—and the fact that we get to go do this stuff now because we’re sort of a functioning unit to me is awesome.”

He also added the following about release plans:

“Sooner or later it’s coming. We also remixed the half of ‘Fixation’ that we had digitally, which is pretty fun too.

Deadguy Premiere “Makeshift Atomsmasher” Live Video

Deadguy have premiered a new live video for their song “Makeshift Atomsmasher.” This performance is from the band’s new live album “Buyer’s Remorse: Live From The Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest,“ which will be released on June 10. That effort features the band’s September 25, 2021 set at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA.

Deadguy To Release New Live Album “Buyer’s Remorse: Live From The Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest”

Deadguy will be releasing a new live album, titled “Buyer’s Remorse: Live From The Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest,“ on June 10 via Decibel Magazine’s Decibel Records. The effort, which can be pre-ordered HERE, will feature the band’s September 25, 2021 set at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA.

“Buyer’s Remorse: Live From The Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest” Track Listing:

01. “John Dear”
02. “Doom Patrol”
03. “Pins And Needles”
04. “Die With Your Mask On”
05. “Makeshift Atomsmasher”
06. “Baby Arm”
07. “Puny Human”
08. “Nine Stitches”
09. “Druid”
10. “Riot Stairs”
11. “Apparatus”
12. “Running With Scissors”
13. “Police Story” (Black Flag cover)
14. “The Extremist”

Albert Mudrian, Editor-in-Chief of Decibel Magazine, commented:

“Decibel Records is our latest love letter to the completist metal fan. Documenting and immortalizing the special live sets from Decibel‘s live events with equally unique limited releases is just the first step for Decibel Records. We won’t reveal our future plans just yet, but readers can expect more exclusive partnerships like this with the artists who have graced our pages and dominated our stages for decades.”

Deadguy drummer Dave Rosenberg added:

“The Decibel team have always been super supportive of Deadguy, and it’s a huge honor to be on the maiden voyage of Decibel Records. The dedication to heavy music that Decibel is famous for is something we identify with completely, and the Philly festival was an incredible re-emergence from our 20-year hiatus.”

Deadguy’s “Killing Music” Documentary Is Now Available Digitally

Deadguy’s new documentary, “Deadguy: Killing Music,” has officially received a digital release. Fans can rent the film HERE. Notably, the screening also includes footage from a November 2021 show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY.

Deadguy To Release “Body Parts” 7″

Deadguy will be releasing a new limited edition 7″ featuring songs that were recorded at Trax East Studios in 1994. The effort, which is titled “Body Parts,” is already sold out online, but it will be available at select retailers in Philadelphia and New York City on March 15.

The band commented:

“DEADGUY recorded five songs with Steve Evetts at Trax East studios in February 1994, three of which were pressed onto the band’s first 7” single, “White Meat.” The other two tracks, “Body Parts” and and early version of their stand-out track “Die With Your Mask On,” sat on a cassette given to Tom Bejgrowicz by drummer Dave Rosenberg in the mid-90s and are seeing the light of day for the first time ever.

The DEADGUY REUNION Service Manual Zine + “Body Parts” 7” Bundle — 248 copies of the 7” were pressed onto translucent SEAGLASS vinyl and exclusively bundled with a 28-page zine, signed and numbered by the photographer, featuring all-access photography by Tom Bejgrowicz of the band’s first-ever reunion show at the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia.
“Body Parts” 7” — 240 copies of the 7” were pressed onto translucent YELLOW vinyl and are also available.

Limited quantities of both will be available in-stores at @creeprecordshop (Philly), @generationrecords (NYC) and @aditlrecords (Lancaster) on Tuesday, March 15th.”

[via The PRP]

Keith Huckins On The Possibility Of New Deadguy Music: “We’re Gonna Try It”

During an appearance on the “RRBG Podcast,” Deadguy guitarist Keith Huckins was asked about the possibility of new music from the band. He responded with the following:

“We’re gonna try it… Just because, Deadguy mark I put out two 7 inches and an album, and that’s it. And we don’t particularly care for everything, so we’ve really got 40 minutes worth of music, that’s it. So… we don’t wanna get bored just playing the same old set over and over again. We’re gonna try it and we’re gonna try to be respectful to what it was…”

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Watch Footage From Deadguy’s First Live Show In 25 Years

Yesterday (September 25), Deadguy played their first live show in 25 years at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia, PA. The setlist and fan-filmed footage from the performance can be found below:

01. “John Dear”
02. “Doom Patrol”
03. “Pins And Needles”
04. “Die With Your Mask On”
05. “Makeshift Atomsmasher”
06. “Apparatus”
07. “Running With Scissors”
08. “Puny Human”
09. “Riot Stairs”
10. “Police Story” (Black Flag cover)
11. “The Extremist”

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Deadguy Documentary “Deadguy: Killing Music” To Premiere In September

The new Deadguy documentary, “Deadguy: Killing Music,” is set to premiere at the Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA on September 24. The screening will also include a tapping of Deadguy and Broken Goblet Brewing’s new collaborative beer, “Makeshift Atomsmasher,” and a Q&A with the band and director Bill Saunders. Tickets can be found HERE. As previously reported, Deadguy will also be performing at the 2021 “Decibel Metal And Beer Fest” in Philadelphia, PA on September 25.