Deadguy Working On New Split Release With Pig Destroyer

It looks like Deadguy are working on a new split release with Pig Destroyer. Drummer Dave Rosenberg recently confirmed the news during an interview with Lambgoat.

Rosenberg said the following:

“We’ve been writing new stuff, we’re playing a couple shows in October, we’ve been talking to a bunch of festivals and stuff. We’re going to do a split that we’re also working on which is going to be with Pig Destroyer, which is fun. This is the thing, it’s hard to get it together just because life gets in the way, but the fact that we can do that—Pig Destroyer; absurd band, absurd name, everything about it is great in my opinion—and the fact that we get to go do this stuff now because we’re sort of a functioning unit to me is awesome.”

He also added the following about release plans:

“Sooner or later it’s coming. We also remixed the half of ‘Fixation’ that we had digitally, which is pretty fun too.

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