Parkway Drive To Release “Viva The Underdogs” Soundtrack In March

Parkway Drive will be releasing the soundtrack to their new documentary “Viva The Underdogs” on March 27. The effort will come with 11 live tracks from the band’s August 3, 2019 set at the Wacken Open Air festival as well as some new German versions of three of their songs.

“Viva The Underdogs Soundtrack” Track Listing:

01. “Prey” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
02. “Carrion” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
03. “Karma” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
04. “The Void” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
05. “Idols” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
06. “Dedicated” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
07. “Absolute Power” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
08. “Wild Eyes” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
09. “Chronos” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
10. “Crushed” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
11. “Bottom Feeder” (live at ‘Wacken Open Air‘)
12. “Würgegriff” (“Vice Grip“)
13. “Die Leere” (“The Void“)
14. “Schattenboxen” (“Shadow Boxing“) (feat. Casper)

Winston McCall said the following about recording their music in German:

“This was hands down one of the most unique projects we’ve undertaken. The idea of taking our songs and interpreting them through another language was a massive challenge, but considering the amount of time, love and support that has been shown to us over the years we wanted to commit to doing the project with full integrity.

The result is every effort being made to translate the meaning, spirit, and conviction of these songs in a language that is not our own. We hope the result helps to strengthen the connection this music creates. We offer you these songs out of respect and our heartfelt thanks for all the times you have sung them with us in their original forms. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the process of creating them.”

You can pre-order the soundtrack HERE and check out the live and German versions of “The Void” below:

Parkway Drive Premiere “The Void” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Reverence”

Parkway Drive have premiered a new video for their new song “The Void.” This track is from the band’s new album “Reverence,” which will be released on May 4. Frontman Winston McCall said the following about the album:

“Reverence represents the most honest and personal record we have ever created. It has been born though pain, sacrifice, and conviction, with the ultimate goal of expanding not only what Parkway Drive stand for musically, but who we are as people.”

“Reverence” Track Listing:

01. “Wishing Wells”
02. “Prey”
03. “Absolute Power”
04. “Cemetery Bloom”
05. “The Void”
06. “I Hope You Rot”
07. “Shadow Boxing”
08. “In Blood”
09. “Chronos”
10. “The Colour Of Leaving”

Whitechapel Premiere New Song “The Void”

Whitechapel have premiered a new song titled “The Void,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s new album, “Mark Of The Blade,” which will be released on June 24.

Alex Wade said the following about the song:

“This track is the opener for the record and it sets the pace nicely for the rest of the CD. It’s a different sound for us but still heavy and aggressive. As you can see from the title track to this, the dynamic between songs on the album is quite different so we hope the fans enjoy all the new sounds we brought to the table on this record.”