Brand Of Sacrifice Premiere Short Film For New Song “Enemy” Featuring Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain

Brand Of Sacrifice have teamed up with Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain for a new song titled “Enemy.” The track is accompanied by a new short film, which you can watch below. A limited edition 7″ featuring the single and a special manga comic will also be released on December 17. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Micheal Leo Valeri commented:

“We wrote ‘Enemy‘ as a standalone release, expanding on some of the more melodic and metalcore moments on songs like ‘Animal,’ ‘Foe Of The Inhuman‘ and ‘Vengeance.’ The possibility of getting Spencer Chamberlain on guest vocals was electrifying.

We were already excited about the song, but his ability to elicit emotion by leading into his screams with tormented talking brought it to the next level. He perfectly complemented our goal on the song. We’re also releasing two remixes of ‘Lifeblood‘ songs, like full-on electronic bangers that retain the musical motifs but present them as entirely different styles and moods. We’re beyond proud that our music can transcend boundaries like that.”

Kyle Anderson also added the following about the comic:

“It’s no secret that we have drawn many of our lyrical themes—and even our name—from Berserk, the dark manga masterpiece by Kentaro Miura (RIP). As we move further away from Berserk as a direct reference point, we wanted to expand on the lore on our album art in the best possible format: manga. We’re very proud to expand the Brand Of Sacrifice universe and hope our fans like it too, which would allow us to continue telling our own story.”

Brand Of Sacrifice Tease Short Film For New Single “Enemy” Featuring Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain

Brand Of Sacrifice have shared a teaser for their new song and short film “Enemy.” That track features Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain and the full video for it will debut on August 5.

Breaking Benjamin Share Lyric Video For Reimagined Version Of “Red Cold River” Feat. Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain

Breaking Benjamin have shared a reimagined version of their song “Red Cold River.” This track features Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain and it will appear on the band’s new album “Aurora,” which is set to be released on January 24. That effort will feature one new song and a number of reimagined versions of songs from the band’s catalog.

Breaking Benjamin Reveal Details For New Album “Aurora”

Breaking Benjamin have announced that their new album “Aurora” will be released on January 24. The effort will feature one new song and a number of reimagined versions of tracks from the band’s catalog. The following guests also contributed to the record: Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf), Adam Gontier (Saint Asonia, ex-Three Days Grace), Scooter Ward (Cold), Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath), and Michael Barnes (Red).

“Aurora” Track Listing:

01. “So Cold”
02. “Failure” (feat. Michael Barnes)
03. “Far Away” (feat. Scooter Ward of Cold)
04. “Angels Fall”
05. “Red Cold River” (feat. Spencer Chamberlain)
06. “Tourniquet”
07. “Dance With The Devil” (feat. Adam Gontier)
08. “Never Again”
09. “Torn In Two”
10. “Dear Agony” (feat. Lacey Sturm)

Frontman Benjamin Burnley and all of the album’s special guests commented:


“This album is a celebration of our incredible fans; for those who have been there since hearing ‘So Cold‘ for the first time in 2004, and the new ones who have joined us on this amazing journey along the way. We’ve always shared a unique emotional connection to our music with our fans, and this album attributes to those dark times and euphoric ones. From wherever you joined along the road to Aurora, this one is for you. Thank you.”


“I love the mystical kind of lyrics that a thousand different people can sing and each person feels like it was written just for them and what they are going through. This is the magic of Breaking Benjamin songs that I love. Ben asked me to sing on this acoustic version of ‘Dear Agony‘ at a time when singing the lyrics sliced through me in a deeply prophetic way. It was a revelatory and healing experience. I’m so thankful.”


“I’m very honored and blessed to be a part of such a beautiful song and project. Ben’s writing has had a special place in our hearts for many years. Thankful to be a part of this.”


“Ben asked me to be a part of this record, and of course I said yes. We’ve been close friends for over 20 years, and Breaking Benjamin has been a big influence on me over the years. I’m REALLY stoked that Ben and I have finally found a way to get our voices on a track together. Also, ‘Dance With the Devil‘ is one of my favorite songs by anyone. Ever.”


“Touring with Breaking Benjamin was not only one of my favorite tours we’ve done in years but we also left the tour with life long friends. Being asked to sing on ‘Red Cold River‘ was very flattering and a complete honor. I love these guys as musicians and as people, I’m honored to be a small part of their journey.”


“I was honored to be a part of Breaking Benjamin’s new acoustic record along side so many other amazing singers – can’t wait to hear the whole thing!”

As previously reported, you can catch Breaking Benjamin on tour with Korn early next year.

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Clarifies Solo Album Rumors

Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch recently revealed that he was working on a new album with a number a special guests and many assumed it was going to be a solo release. However, he has since confirmed to the “BREWtally Speaking Podcast” that the effort is actually a new Love And Death album.

Welch said the following:

“It’s gonna be the Love And Death record, I’m just gonna have some guests on there. We’ll see how all ends up. You plan and then you try your best and whatever happens. Some songs might not make it, we’ll see, but it’s 80% done, and yea Breaking Benjamin guitar players [Jasen Rauch] on it.

I was talking to Spencer [Chamberlain] from Underoath, since we’re hanging out with them a lot on this tour, and Lacey Flyleaf. Ben [Burnley] from Breaking Benjamin said he wants to sing on it, but I think getting him to do anything is really hard if it’s not Breaking Benjamin, so we’ll see. It’s just gonna be Love & Death, but just a new thing we’re doing, just collaborations, that’s all. It just sounded fun, so we’re gonna go for it.”

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Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch Recruits Breaking Benjamin, Ex-Flyleaf, Etc. Members For New Solo Album

During a recent interview with “Good Company”, Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch revealed that he is “almost done” with his new solo album and that it will feature several guests. He said the following:

“I’m working with Jasen [Rauch] from BREAKING BENJAMIN. And I’m talking to Spencer [Chamberlain] from UNDEROATH about possibly doing something. And Lacey [Sturm] from FLYLEAF… She is singing on a cover song, but I can’t tell you which song it is. It’s gotta be a surprise.”

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Underoath, Ex-Flyleaf, Ex-Three Days Grace, Etc. Members To Guest On Breaking Benjamin’s New Acoustic Album

It looks like Breaking Benjamin’s upcoming acoustic album will feature a number of special guests. During an interview with HardDrive Radio, Benjamin Burnley confirmed that the effort will include guest vocals from Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath), Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf), Adam Gontier (ex-Three Days Grace), and Michael Barnes (Red).

Burnley said the following about the acoustic tracks:

“They all have orchestration on ’em — like, full orchestra on ’em. And then there’s four that have guest vocalists that [are] really, really amazing. They did so good. I have Lacey Sturm — she used to be the singer for Flyleaf — she’s doing a song with me called ‘Dear Agony‘… She was great. She nailed it, man. And she’s so fun to work with, too. She just nails it every time. And she’s such an incredible singer. So she did that.

And then Spencer from Underoath did ‘Red Cold River‘. And then Adam Gontier, the original singer for Three Days Grace, he did a song called ‘Dance With The Devil‘ with me. And then Mike, the singer for Red, did ‘Failure‘ with me.”

He also added:

“[They’re] all are friends of mine. So I just was, like, ‘How can we put some more of an original spin on this so it’s not just a remake of things? So that’s what I came up with. And I tried to get a couple of more too, but it was a time thing. These guys, more so than anything, they’re my friends. So that’s what’s cool about it to me — that they’re my friends on a record with me.”

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Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain Says He Broke His Foot During The 2018 Riot Fest

During Underoath’s September 16 set at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL, Spencer Chamberlain apparently broke his foot after landing on “either the bass pedal board or the keyboard stand leg.” Despite this, he says he will be healed in time for tour. Chamberlain tweeted the following:

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Underoath Members Discuss Their Issues With Modern Christianity In New Video

Underoath have shared a new video in which Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillepsie open up about their issues with modern Christianity. You can check that out below. Back around 2009, the group stopped identifying as a Christian band and have continued to distance themselves from the label in recent months.

Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain: “I Don’t Think Religion Should Be In Music”

Back around 2009, Underoath stopped identifying themselves as a Christian band. Now, during an interview with Loudwire, Spencer Chamberlain said he doesn’t believe religion should have a place in music.

Chamberlain said the following:

“So a band is a bunch of personalities. It’s like being married… If anyone’s been in a relationship, trying to keep your girlfriend happy or your wife or your boyfriend or whoever… is a lot of work. Add a bunch of people into that, all different personalities, that’s a lot of work.

But then put a guideline, a rule, overtop of it saying ‘now we all have to believe the same thing.’ That’s like saying… you’re in my band and I’m like ‘I’m going vegan and so is he and if you don’t you’re out of the band.’ And you’re kinda like ‘That’s not really how humanity works.’

Putting a religion on a band; we’re all six individuals, that’s really unfair. What if someone decides to go down a different path? What if someone has questions? What if someone maybe just doesn’t feel right with stuff anymore?

And that pressure was really hard, because if you questioned that within the band, there was kind of this facade and smoke and mirror effect going and like, I know you’re not telling me how you really feel because you don’t want to cross that boundary of sounding like you’re not a Christian anymore, and same with this guy. No one’s talking anymore; there’s all this inner turmoil because we couldn’t talk about shit.

I just think it’s really inhumane and I don’t think religion should be in music. I don’t really care what Maynard [James Keenan of Tool, etc.] believes in, I think his music is great.”

He later added:

“I don’t hate any religion. I think anyone should be entitled to do whatever the fuck they wanna do. But for us, there was a lot of weird pressure and weird stuff behind the scenes. And people sing things that they are but they aren’t and vice versa. They like made a painting out of me. Since 2006 on, when it came out that I had problems with drugs, there was never any help.

It was just like ‘let’s crucify that guy. Because look how terrible of an example of a Christian he is.’ Not one person offered to help me. It was just like ‘fuck that guy, let’s get him out of here.’”