Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) Releases New “Generative NFT Mixtape” “Ziggurats”

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has released a new “generative NFT mixtape” called “Ziggurats.“ You can read more about that HERE. The musical composition features four tracks including: “Genius Bar,” “Richard Bachman,” “Cheat Codes,” and “Ctrl C Ctrl V.”

Shinoda commented:

“I’m thrilled to see all the beautiful #ZIGGURATS out in the world an in people’s Twitter profiles. Thank you. A couple notes below, about variety, identity, and community. To see and hear all the variety in the pieces, the best place to go is https://ziggurats.xyz/#/gallery. One thing I hadn’t mentioned before is: while making the art, I loved mixing and matching bodies and faces to create different identities. They can read as male, female, non-binary…whatever you think they look like, that’s what they are.

There, you can shop for one that speaks to you and fits in your price range. Or, if you’re not interested in buying, you can just browse to collection and enjoy the art. This way, I hoped to allow different people to buy something that spoke to them in a way that other collections hadn’t. I also decided to make the skin colors non-human, so that human race didn’t apply. All of those things said, I hope you got something you connected with, and I hope you enjoy the project. Make sure to use it as your profile pictures!”

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) Announces New Music & Art NFT Release “Ziggurats”

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) has announced that his new music and art NFT release, “Ziggurats,” will be available on December 3. He said the following about that:

“ZIGGURATS is a music + art release, available as NFT and on streaming services. The NFT images are in “profile pic” style. When you mint an NFT, you get a randomly generated character as your “album cover.” Here are some closeups of some of the possibilities (these are not the actual cover art) There will be 5000 unique NFTs, with different art and different music (but same vocals).

NFT public mint: December 2
Streaming: December 3″

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Brings His New Art Exhibition “Not For Touching – The Intangible Composition” Online

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian has announced that he will be bringing his art exhibition, “Not For Touching – The Intangible Composition,” online. The display will feature “a unique mix of the virtual and terrestrial via a collection of animated NFTs and archival giclée prints..”

More details were shared in a press release:

“Presented by CurioNFT, the 21 pieces will be unveiled, and on-sale, on Dec. 6 via an online, interactive gallery (https://curionft.com/serj-tankian-not-for-touching?cache-warm) with various simulated rooms, large scale animated graphics masterfully created by Roger Kupelian (The Lord of The Rings, Hugo), and music scored by Tankian. A range of editions will be available including several one of one NFTs with an accompanying signed giclée print, four series of one of 25 NFTs with signed giclée prints as well as four one of 100 NFT only releases.”

“Tankian and CurioNFT will offset any environmental impact from the showing with the use of “lazy minting,” a process that reduces emissions, minting NFTs at times of low Ethereum usage, generating 2% of the emissions of a typical NFT minted on Ethereum. For context, when CurioNFT mints an NFT it generates carbon emissions equivalent to sending approximately 17 emails with attachments. In another step towards carbon neutrality, CurioNFT has pledged to offset emissions by planting over 12,000, and counting, trees. As of September, CurioNFT’s environmental efforts have offset over 300% of the carbon created by NFT sales.

The partnership has also pledged to donate 10% of sales to TUMO. The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is a free-of-charge educational program that puts teens in charge of their own learning. With locations throughout Armenia, Lebanon, France, Russia, Germany and Albania, the program is made up of self-learning activities, workshops, and project labs that revolve around 14 learning targets, from animation to web development.”

Tankian also commented in a new Rolling Stone article:

“I got into painting to see my music. By adding musical compositions to art, we’ve created a more powerful encompassing experience for lovers of art and music. NFTs are a natural progression allowing the art and music to move within the scopes of our retinas and our creative minds. I called it ‘Not For Touching’ (NFT) cause it’s a lot sexier than non-fungible tokens.”

Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland To Launch New NFTs This Month

Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland is planning to release some new NFTs this month. There will be nine pieces available on November 29 via S!NG ecosystem.

Borland recently discussed his NFTs with Currency.com:

“I wanted to make a piece of music consistent with my sketch. It was my only rule for this work. I didn’t want to show myself just as a guitar player but as a person. I wanted to show my very soul in this work.”

He also revealed that Limp Bizkit might release their own NFTs as well:

“We’re gonna do something next year as our new record [‘Still Sucks‘] is just coming out. We’re gonna play together in 2022. Vinyl is so behind, it takes a long time for them. I think we’re gonna work on NFTs and do something really special for this record.”

Borland also added the following about NFTs becoming a possible source of income for artists:

“Art NFTs are art and not an asset but an opportunity, especially to young musicians. They guarantee royalties on secondary sales for the first time as well, and that is important to me – art and music have been too much devalued in these last few years. People are so used to having music for free. Apps like Spotify don’t work for artists. Think about a middle-level band: they must have another job to support their career or produce their album. With NFTs, they’ve got the possibility to live just with their music. Finally, you get the possibility to have direct contact with your fans, and that’s great.”

[via The PRP]

The Dillinger Escape Plan To Celebrate Fifth Anniversary Of “Dissociation” With New NFT Collection

The Dillinger Escape Plan will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of their final album “Dissociation” with a new NFT collection. The digital pieces were created in collaboration with artist Oleg Rooz.

More details were shared in a press release:

“There will be 12 visuals in total — one for all 11 songs on the album, while “Surrogate” has two versions.

The NFTs are either brand new, never-before-released, or reimagined animated visuals from the album campaign. 10 are remakes, while there are two brand new versions for “Surrogate” and “Dissociation.”

Each NFT is one-of-a-kind.

The list of NFTs is below.

1. “Limerent Death”
2. “Symptom Of Terminal Illness”
3. “Wanting Not So Much To As To”
4. “Fugue”
5. “Low Feels Blvd”
6. “Surrogate” (V.1)
7. “Surrogate” (V.2/New)
8. “Honeysuckle”
9. “Manufacturing Discontent”
10. “Apologies Not Included”
11. “Nothing To Forget”
12. “Dissociation” (New)”

A visual for “Limerent Death” can be found HERE.

Evanescence Team Up With Incendium & Sweet For “Echoes From The Void” NFT Collection

Evanescence have partnered with Incendium and Sweet to create new NFTs inspired by the first issue of their graphic anthology series “Echoes From The Void.” Four digital pieces, including two collectors cards, a virtual souvenir coin, and a one-of-a-kind 3D interactive sculpture, are available HERE.

Evanescence’s Amy Lee commented:

“It’s been awesome to see the art and stories of Echoes From The Void evolve into the digital space. The series is becoming a showcase with so many talents adapting visions from songs in our discography. Diving into the world of digital collectibles let’s us add a new dimension to the characters and storylines that we’ve loved creating. I can’t wait to see what more we can do as the rest of Echoes From The Void unfurls!”

Incendium CEO Llexi Leon continued:

“Incendium has always been rooted in collectibles, be it comic books, figurines, or pin badges. We’re delighted to be partnering with Sweet to expand our offering in the digital space, and to collaborate with our in-house 2D, 3D, and animation talent to create new and exciting designs for digital collectibles. What better way to launch our NFT line than with Evanescence and Echoes From The Void, one of our most ambitious art and narrative projects that has spawned incredible imagery across comic books, art prints, and more. For those that missed out on the physical first printing of issue #1, these digital collectibles will be a great way for fans to get in on the ground floor and collect the series art. We can’t wait to launch our first of many exclusive drops.”

Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone added:

“We are very excited to partner with the innovative thinkers at Incendium on this first rollout with Evanescence. The creative designs of these NFTs are exceptional and offer Evanescence fans and collectors alike the opportunity to own verifiably unique and authentic digital works inspired by the Echoes From The Void graphic anthology series.”

Funko To Release New Pop! NFTs Featuring Iron Maiden’s Eddie Mascot

According to Billboard, Funko have teamed up with the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) to create new Pop! NFTs based on Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie. 44 different digital pieces will be released on September 30 and they will be available as five packs and 15 packs. Pricing will start at $9.99 and 24,000 packs will be sold. Notably, there is a $30 limit per transaction and a WAX wallet will be required to purchase them. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti commented:

“We are huge Iron Maiden fans here at Funko and couldn’t be more excited to have our inaugural music Digital Pop! NFT be music icon Eddie. Iron Maiden and Funko fans alike appreciate creative genius in music and pop culture. Now, they can celebrate both in digital form.”

GWAR Announce First NFT Collection

GWAR have joined forces with Fanaply to launch their first-ever NFT collection. The digital pieces are currently available at fanaply.com and at gwar.net.

The following was said about the NFTs:

“The GWAR Official NFT Collection includes three different NFTs, featuring music and brand new, original digital art from Matt Maguire of GWAR. The NFTs in partnership with Fanaply will be all minted and backed on the Ethereum blockchain so they are guaranteed scarce and unique. Each NFT will be available to all fans for direct purchase at accessible prices, from $20 to $250.”

Blöthar The Berserker added:

“Our manager Sleazy P. Martini tells me that with these NFTs, our fans will get some cool, original, never-before-seen GWAR art, and they can own a little piece of the GWAR universe. He also tells me that if we sell enough of them, I can buy lots of curly fries.”

Grant Dexter, co-founder and CEO of Fanaply, also commented:

“We’re thrilled to be bringing limited-edition digital assets to the incredible fans of the iconic band GWAR. NFTs offer bands a new and creative way to express themselves to their fan communities, while allowing those fans to collect, commemorate and celebrate the bands creations via our digital collectibles. Our NFTs are built for fans — they are inclusive, environmentally friendly and offer fans real digital ownership for the first time ever.”

The following information was shared for each NFT:

*Scumdog Legionnaire* – Only 10 limited edition NFTs available, for direct purchase for $250:

The rarest of honors that any human can achieve is to fight (and most likely die) beside the Scumdogs of the Universe. The select few who have achieved this privilege have now become Legend!

*Slave of GWAR* – Only 50 limited edition NFTs available, for direct purchase for $40:

Only the cream of the human crop are selected by GWAR to ascend to the status of Slave. In the past, the only way to achieve this honor was through years of physical service to GWAR. Now there is a short cut.

*Bohab 4 Lyfe – 250 limited edition NFTs available, for direct purchase for $20:

Bohabs are humans who worship our Lords and Masters, GWAR. Some claim that the Bohabs are a secret cult, dedicated to chaos and abandon. Some are right. Now you can prove that you are among their ranks with this entry level NFT.

New Freddie Mercury (Queen) NFTs To Be Released In Honor Of The Late Singer’s 75th Birthday

Four new NFTs inspired by late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury will be released later this month in honor of his 75th birthday. The digital pieces, which were created by artists Blake Kathryn, Chad Knight, Mat Maitland, and MBSJQ, will be available through SuperRare on September 20 at 8:00 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. EDT. Proceeds will go towards The Mercury Phoenix Trust. The NFTs were curated by Six Agency and their co-founder Georgio Constantinou had the following to say about them:

“Six was honored to curate an incredible collection of artists to celebrate the life and impact of Freddie Mercury. After meeting with The Mercury Phoenix Trust, we knew that if Freddie were alive today, he would be excited about the creative potential of the NFT space.”

BABYMETAL To Release More NFT Trading Cards In September

BABYMETAL will be releasing more NFT trading cards on September 9. Two different limited edition packs will be available at babymetal.cards.

The band shared more information on babymetal.com:

“Following the huge success of BABYMETAL’s inaugural NFT trading cards drop, BABYMETAL have revealed details of two new exclusive sets.

Commemorating the 10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN, this new NFT collection consists of 20 digital trading cards, split over three rarity levels, featuring photos from the unforgettable Nippon Budokan shows earlier this year.

There will be 24,200 “COMMON” cards minted over ten different designs, making up 88% of the total cards. An additional 2,750 “RARE” cards of eight different designs will make up 10% of the cards, with the remaining, 2% consisting of a split pair of 550 “SUPER RARE” cards.

Dropping on September 9th at 8:00am PDT, the NFTs will be available in two packages at http://babymetal.cards. A digital only 5-card randomized pack set will be available for $35 and limited to 2,500 packs, with 1000 exclusive, limited edition MECHAPACK bundles including a 15-card pack plus the “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” live album on exclusive Gold Vinyl available for $125. “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” features the live audio of the final performance from BABYMETAL’s series of 10 performances at the Nippon Budokan which unfolded from January to April 2021. The live album contains a total of 13 songs that will allow you to relive the unforgettable experience at the Budokan.

As with the original “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” NFTs – which sold out in a matter of minutes – the “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” digital trading cards will be issued as NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Transactions will happen via credit card or PayPal, but a WAX wallet will be required to purchase and receive the NFTs.

The pre-minted packs will be distributed on September 14 and can be opened starting at 10AM PDT/6pm BST by connecting your WAX wallet here.

Packs will be pre-minted and will be distributed based on order date and time.
The first person to order gets the #1 mint!

For more information, please visit http://babymetal.cards