Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland To Launch New NFTs This Month

Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland is planning to release some new NFTs this month. There will be nine pieces available on November 29 via S!NG ecosystem.

Borland recently discussed his NFTs with

“I wanted to make a piece of music consistent with my sketch. It was my only rule for this work. I didn’t want to show myself just as a guitar player but as a person. I wanted to show my very soul in this work.”

He also revealed that Limp Bizkit might release their own NFTs as well:

“We’re gonna do something next year as our new record [‘Still Sucks‘] is just coming out. We’re gonna play together in 2022. Vinyl is so behind, it takes a long time for them. I think we’re gonna work on NFTs and do something really special for this record.”

Borland also added the following about NFTs becoming a possible source of income for artists:

“Art NFTs are art and not an asset but an opportunity, especially to young musicians. They guarantee royalties on secondary sales for the first time as well, and that is important to me – art and music have been too much devalued in these last few years. People are so used to having music for free. Apps like Spotify don’t work for artists. Think about a middle-level band: they must have another job to support their career or produce their album. With NFTs, they’ve got the possibility to live just with their music. Finally, you get the possibility to have direct contact with your fans, and that’s great.”

[via The PRP]

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