Myke Terry (Volumes) Guests On New Wenzday & Reed. Songs

Myke Terry (Volumes, ex-Bury Your Dead) is featured on two new songs including Wenzday’s “Outside” and Reed.’s “Deathloop.” You can listen to both of those tracks below. The latter appears on Reed.‘s new EP “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Kill Yourself?.”

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Watch Powerman 5000, Volumes, The Black Dahlia Murder, Etc. Members Perform A Medley Of 90s EDM Hits

“Two Minutes To Late Night” have shared a new quarantine covers medley composed of 90s EDM hits. The video finds the show’s host Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds performing with Alexis Krauss (Sleigh Bells), Spider One (Powerman 5000), Myke Terry (Volumes, ex-Bury Your Dead), Carina Zachary (Husbandry, etc.), Zeena Koda, Myrone (Firstborne), Nili Brosh (‘Cirque du Soleil‘, etc.), Izzy Fontaine (Glassjaw, Seal), Alan Cassidy (The Black Dahlia Murder), Boots (Beyoncé, Run The Jewels), and The Ghost Funk Orchestra. “Two Minutes To Late Night” commented:

“Beanie Baby Burrito! We took all the 90’s EDM hits you’re afraid to admit you like and performed them in the style of music no one should like: METAL! The dude in the green spandex suit has been nominated for a Grammy twice lol. This is our 37th bedroom cover made with the support of Patreon. With so many musicians stuck at home with no outlets, we’re going to keep producing these style videos and use our Patreon to give some money to everyone who has a part in them. Please support our friends by donating to our newly redone Patreon at

Watch Volumes, Ex-Machine Head, Etc. Members Cover Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”

“Two Minutes To Late Night” have shared footage of their host Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds performing a quarantine cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” with Myke Terry (Volumes, ex-Bury Your Dead), Phil Demmel (Vio-lence, ex-Machine Head), Lee Jowono (Potion), Brandon Bruce (Havok), and Ben Koller (Converge, Mutoid Man). “Two Minutes To Late Night” commented:

“Rebel rebel, how could they know? Hot yell, I love you so. It’s a Billy Idol cover and Phil is playing his solo in a tiny child rocket ship tent. We did it, everyone! This is our 20th (!!!) bedroom cover made with the support of Patreon. With so many musicians stuck at home with no outlets, we’re going to keep producing these style videos and use the Patreon to give some money to everyone who has a part in them. Please support our friends by donating to our newly redone Patreon at

Lucifena Teams Up With Volumes & Winds Of Plague Members On New Song “Depression”

Lucifena, aka Stephanie Sanson (ex-You Only Live Once), has premiered a new video for her new song “Depression.” This track features Myke Terry (Volumes) and Lucifena’s frequent collaborator Morgoth Beatz, aka Michael Montoya (Winds Of Plague).

Lucifena commented:

“This type of song is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s not a trap-metal beat — it’s real instruments and it brings me back to my roots.

This song is about when you can’t help but feel like you’re descending and trying to defeat the low. The world is in a state where it’s economically collapsing and it’s also mentally affecting everyone. Depression is something everyone goes through and it can destroy you, if you let it. This song is a reflection of that external and internal struggle.”

Montoya added:

“I wanted us to make a song that had the vibe of a full band instead of doing a hip-hop metal-kinda blend. I wrote the instrumental for this song awhile ago and even recorded Myke‘s guest vocal first. I showed Lucifena the song and she loved it. Just because you’re a solo artist does mean you can’t make music that sounds like a band. My guess is a lot more solo artists from the alternative hip-hop world are going to be doing this more and more.”

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Former Bury Your Dead Vocalist Myke Terry To Rejoin The Band Onstage At Upcoming Anaheim, CA Show

Former Bury Your Dead vocalist Myke Terry (Volumes) will be rejoining the band for a few songs during their special performance at the Still Alive festival. That show will take place at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA on March 23 and it will see the group playing the setlist from their 2005 live DVD “Alive.“

Terry commented:

“A really long time ago i joined a sick ass band and got to make some music that would go on to change my life forever. I’m super pumped to play some of those songs again for one night only where it all started for me. I hope to see you there!”

Current singer Mat Bruso added:

“I have wanted to do this for a LONG time. Myke Terry is such a talented singer and the songs he wrote with this band are some of our best. I can’t wait to share the stage! One night only. You coming?”

As previously reported, the band will also be releasing a new song titled “Collateral” the day before the show (March 22).

Volumes’ Myke Terry Injures Eyeball

Volumes’ Myke Terry has injured his eyeball in a “freak accident.” He said the following:

“Im good y’all. Freak accident on the bus. A sheet of glass fell on me and cut my eyeball in the back lounge.”

Hatebreed, DevilDriver, Etc. Set For Fall 2016 So What?! Music Festival

Mored bands have been announced for the fall edition of the So What?! Music Festival. The event will take place at the Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX on October 21-23, and the updated schedule includes: 2×4, ’68, A Sounding Sea, Acolyte, Agerasia, As Cities Burn, At All Cost, Avion Roe, Between California & Summer, Bodysnatcher, Darke Complex, Foxing, He Is Legend, Hotel Books, I Declare War, Icarus The Owl, In Her Own Words, It Lives It Breathes, Jonny Craig, Kyle Lucas, Least Of These, Limbs, Losing Teeth, Mercury Girls, Mirror Eyes, My Only Safe Haven, Myke Terry, Odd Folks, Oh Captain My Captain, Outliers, Outline In Color, Palisades, Rival Choir, The Human Experiment, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, The Orphan The Poet, The Rocket Summer, The Stolen, Trails Of Man, Traitors, Unity-TX, 7 Minutes In Heaven, Aaron Gillespie, Acceptance, Ace Enders, Assuming We Survive, Balance And Composure, Blindwish, Capsize, Chase Huglin, Citizen, Cruel Hand, Cult Leader, Dance Gavin Dance, Dark Sermon, Depedence, Desires, DevilDriver, Devil You Know, Eternal Sleep, Everyone Dies In Utah, Exalt, Free At Last, Glass Houses, Good Tiger, Hail The Sun, Hatebreed, Hawthorne Heights, Mount Tyrant, Polyphia, Recent Rumors, Ringworm, September Stories, Spite, The Contortionist, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, The News Can Wait, The White Noise, To The Wind, Until We Are Ghosts, Vanna, Vinnie Caruana, We Came As Romans, Will Deely, Will To Die, William Beckett, and Woven In Hiatus.

Volumes Sign With Fearless Records/Premiere “Feels Good” Music Video

Volumes have signed a new deal with Fearless Records, and to celebrate they premiered a new video for their new song “Feels Good.” This is the band’s first single with new vocalist Myke Terry (ex-Bury Your Dead).

Terry the following about the track:

“This song is about realizing we all have a story to tell. Everyone has to deal with their own problems and demons. There’s beauty in finding the strength to pull yourself out of darkness. It’s horribly bleak when you’re down in the trenches…. It feels good to come out on top.”

Volumes Discuss Myke Terry’s (Ex-Bury Your Dead) Addition To The Band

Volumes recently revealed that Myke Terry (ex-Bury Your Dead) had joined the band as their new vocalist. Now, the group have discussed their decision to add Terry to their lineup. You can read their statement about that, along with some comments about albums missing from streaming services, below.

volumesterry (1)

“#VTEAM– Volumes have received a bunch of comments/questions with our recent announcements, so being that we are stand-up guys, we are going to address a few of them for you. Take it for what it is..

1. the previous albums are not on iTunes, Spotify or anywhere right now. This is due to some a “behind the scenes” business situation that we aren’t going to bore you with. Soon enough they will be back available. Once they are we will be sure to let you all know. Thank you for your patience.

2. We did hold auditions for the new vocalist position. We listened to all 400+ of them that were submitted (again and again). There were some great auditions and some not so great. We had some people personally fly out/travel out to audition in person for multiple tryouts. It was a tough decision with a lot of talented people. Myke Terry auditioned just like everyone else. It just so happens that we felt he was the best one OVERALL for several different reasons, regardless of the fact that he was in a known band before. We are extremely excited to have him be a part of Volumes. He is already a true friend and brother to us.

3. We did not go out to find a replacement to sound exactly like Mike Barr. Mike was a huge part of Volumes and just doesn’t make sense to try to find someone to mimic him. He left to pursue his own path and we respect that and hope only great things for him. With that being said, we took this situation and made it into an opportunity to write a NEW chapter in Volumes history.

We are excited that we were able to go into this new album with a fresh perspective with different ideas to explore. As musicians it just doesn’t make sense to continue to completely copy the sounds of previous releases, for the fans OR for us. That shit gets boring and stale and if that’s what you are hoping for..sorry. This new album will undoubtedly be VOLUMES, but ultimately it’s your choice to like it or not. If not–don’t worry..there are tons of other bands you can go listen to–however, WE happen to love it and we feel you will as well.

PS— there is no plan for any new Voltures..sorry, it was a fun idea, but we are ALL onto other things at this point”

Ex-Bury Your Dead Vocalist Myke Terry Joins Volumes

Volumes have have revealed that Myke Terry (ex-Bury Your Dead) has officially joined the band as their new vocalist. The group shared the following video via the Vans Warped Tour Twitter: