Lindsay Schoolcraft Exits Cradle Of Filth

Keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft has announced her departure from Cradle Of Filth. An unnamed replacement has already been found and is currently working with the band on a new album.

The group said the following:

“It is with a very heavy leaden heart that Cradle Of Filth must announce the mutual departure of keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft from amidst the band’s ranks.

Lindsay has been with the band for the last 7 years and in that time has been privy to a massive resurgence both on record and live, with Cradle Of Filth undertaking some of the most prolific touring in the band’s 28-year history, a feat that has indelibly been both (ultimately) rewarding and understandably exhausting at the same time.”

Schoolcraft also commented:

“Dearest Filthlings,

It has been an honour and a pleasure to get to know you online, in person, and from the stage the past 7 years. You have made my life fulfilling during this period of time.

I am here to inform you that I have left the band. It was a difficult decision to make, but I can assure you it was the best thing to do for my well-being and mental health.

I have been doing well on my road to recovery and will continue to be a full-time musician through my other two musical projects.

I want to extend a massive thank you to the band for letting me be part of Cradle of Filth’s legacy for the time I was present. It was an incredible experience and I’m so grateful that we got to share this together.

I want to send my well wishes to my successor too and I ask you all to please be as warm and welcoming towards them as you were with me so long ago.

I hope that some of you will continue to join me on my journey as a composer and singer. The magick and the (black) metal doesn’t end here. Thank you again for all of the love, support, and memories. It will not be forgotten ♥️

All my love and gratitude,

Lindsay Schoolcraft”

Frontman Dani Filth added:

“This is very difficult for everyone in the band who have become a very tightly-knit family on the road, but ultimately it is something that has come to pass out of necessity both for her health and the band’s musical development hereon-in.

Of course we will miss Lindsay a lot and we hate to have to part ways, as we’ve travelled a beautifully madcap road together over the last few years and collectively share many amazing memories from those travels.

Plus she is like our little (Gothic, Canadian, Vegan) sister.

So the band and I wish her the very very best for everything she has planned for the future and i hope you guys reading this continue to support her too.

And though this truly is the end of an era, it is also the aromatic promise of another.

Lindsay’s successor has already been unearthed and is contributing to the new record like a demented unearthed thing.

The new album commences recording in a little over a fortnight’s time and a release date is set for later in the year.”

The Agonist, Kobra And The Lotus, Sum 41, Etc. Nominated For 2020 JUNO Awards

The nominees have been revealed for the 2020 JUNO Awards. The ceremony will take place in Saskatoon, SK on March 15 and the nominees for the rock/metal categories can be found below:

Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year:

  • Kobra And The Lotus – “Evolution“
  • Lindsay Schoolcraft – “Martyr“
  • Single Mothers – “Through A Wall“
  • Striker – “Play To Win“
  • The Agonist – “Orphans“

Rock Album Of The Year:

  • Big Wreck – “…but for the sun“
  • Headstones – “PEOPLESKILLS“
  • Sum 41 – “Order In Decline“
  • The Dirty Nil – “Master Volume“
  • The Glorious Sons – “A War On Everything“

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) Streams New Album “Martyr”

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) is streaming her new album “Martyr” in full via Metal Injection. That effort was co-written by ex-Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray and it will officially be released on October 7. Schoolcraft commented:

“Martyr is a tribute to all the music I love and everything I’ve wanted to create as a solo artist. I never thought I’d be able to work with the likes of Rocky Gray and all the talents that appear on this album, but, alas, here they are! I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did enjoy breathing life into these heartfelt and turbulent pieces.”

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) Premieres “Where I Fall” Lyric Video

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) has premiered a lyric video for her new song “Where I Fall.” This track will appear on her new album “Martyr.” That effort was co-written by ex-Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray and it will be released on October 7.

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) Premieres “See The Light” Lyric Video

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) has premiered a lyric video for her new song “See The Light.” This track features Xenoyr (Ne Obliviscaris) and it will appear on Schoolcraft’s new album “Martyr.” That effort was co-written by ex-Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray and it will be released on October 7.

Schoolcraft commented:

“I knew I wanted to have a duet on this album somewhere and the more I completed composing ‘See The Light’ with Rocky Gray, the more I knew Xenoyr needed to appear on it. Sometimes, if you want to say something loudly it has to be screamed harshly, and the more I reflected on the lyrics, the more I heard many of our shared conversations. This song is open to interpretation, but I wrote it back in 2016 when it was prevalent that greed and prejudice were more valued globally over compassion and doing the right thing. Those difficult times for the world inspired this song greatly.”

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) To Release New Solo Album In October

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Cradle Of Filth) has announced that her debut solo album “Martyr” will be released on October 7. The effort was co-written by ex-Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray and it will feature 11 tracks. Schoolcraft commented:

“At last I can finally share with the world what I’ve been so vaguely teasing online for years. I can’t thank my fans enough for being so patient about this release. Working with Rocky Gray has been a dream come true for me and the love I have for his work and my lyrical stories really shines through on this album. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did creating and recording it.”

Cradle Of Filth’s Lindsay Schoolcraft Joins Moonspell Onstage In Tilburg, Netherlands

During their February 1 show in Tilburg, Netherlands, Moonspell were joined onstage by Cradle Of Filth’s Lindsay Schoolcraft for a performance of “Scorpion Flower.” You can see fan-filmed footage of that below:

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Last night I got the chance of a lifetime to be up on stage with @moonspellofficial and sing their signature duet “Scorpion Flower”. After the performance I could barely hold back tears. Not because the performance was bad! I’m happy to say I kept my pitch the whole time 😉 The reason was because many years ago I created a vision board and listed one of my crazy, out-there dreams as “Sing Scorpion Flower with Moonspell”. Since then I have accomplished many of my goals I set out to complete, but on occasion I felt defeated and like I wanted to give up. Some dreams were a hard reality and not always enjoyable and more often than you’d think I’d felt seriously cornered or at a dead end, but what I’m trying to say here is DO NOT GIVE UP. No matter how big or ridiculous your dream may be! The gentlemen in Moonspell have such humility and it was an honour to be up there on stage with them. That performance was proof that you can be anyone and come from anywhere and do big things! I’m just some chick from Oshawa, Canada and I NEVER GAVE UP and neither should you! Thank you endlessly to Fernando, Pedro, Ricardo, Aires, Mike and their fantastic crew for giving me this opportunity that I’ve held dear in my heart for so long. Full performance video at My dress by @folterclothing from @katesclothinghq

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