Anthrax Stream Cover Of Kansas‘ “Carry On Wayward Son”

Anthrax are streaming their cover of Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son.” This track comes with the band’s recently released limited edition vinyl box set version of “For All Kings.”


Anthrax Stream “For All Kings” B-Side “Vice Of The People”

Anthrax are streaming a “For All Kings” b-side titled “Vice Of The People”, via Soundcloud. The track was originally a Japanese bonus track, but it will now come with the new limited edition vinyl box set version of “For All Kings“ as well. That set will be released on March 24.

Anthrax To Release “For All Kings” Vinyl Box Set In March

Anthrax will be releasing a new limited edition vinyl box set version of “For All Kings“ on March 24. It will come with all the songs from the effort spread across 10 7” vinyls. It will also contain covers of Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son“ and The White Stripes’ “Black Math“, along with demo versions of “Breathing Lightning,” “Monster At The End,” “Suzerain,” “Zero Tolerance,” “Blood Eagle Wings,” and “Defend Avenge.”

Anthrax To Release Tour Edition Of “For All Kings” In February

Anthrax have announced that they will be releasing a new tour edition of their latest album “For All Kings” on February 17. This version of the album will come with one bonus track titled “Vice Of The People,” and a bonus disc featuring demo versions of “Breathing Lightning,” “A Monster At The End,” “This Battle Chose Us,” “Soror Irrumator,” and “Vice Of The People.“


Anthrax Perform Acoustic Version Of “Breathing Lightning” At KLAQ In El Paso, Texas

Anthrax performed an acoustic version of “Breathing Lightning” during a recent visit to KLAQ in El Paso, Texas. The regular version of the track is from the band’s latest album “For All Kings.”

Anthrax Premiere “Monster At The End” Music Video

Anthrax have premiered a new video for theit song “Monster At The End,” via Fangoria. This song is from the band’s new album, “For All Kings,” which is available now.

The video was directed by Jack Bennett, and it was shot with Super Sharp HD video still cameras, to allow for animation, stop-motion, and rotoscoping effects. Charlie Benante said the following about that:

“Originally, the idea for the treatment that Jack came to us with was a very frame-to-frame type of look. So, in our minds, that’s what we thought it was gonna be. There was gonna be a monster in it of course, because the title lends to that. We shot performance stuff at a studio, you know. The next day we were doing a festival and they came out and were just doing shots of us live. That song didn’t have to be the one we were playing. They just wanted to get a different vibe and a different look to the video.

So we had three elements. We had the footage that we did, like in the studio, then we had the live performance video and then we had what was gonna be the monster that they created. Then we saw like the first edit of it and we were just like, “Ugh, I don’t really dig this!” It didn’t have a really good vibe to it. But then again, there was no real effect put on the video yet, you know? When I saw it, one of the first things that came to my mind was CREEPSHOW. Let’s try to do something like CREEPSHOW, where you have a piece of footage that morphs into a comic book. We just ran with that idea. That’s how it kinda took shape.”

Head to Fangoria to read their full interview with Benante, in which he also comments on the music industry in modern times, and more.