Dale Crover (Melvins) Says Adam Jones (Tool) Once Pranked Him By Having A Cop Plant Cocaine & A Gun In His Bag

During a recent appearance on the “Chuck Shute Podcast,” Dale Crover (Melvins) recalled the time he was pranked by Adam Jones (Tool). Crover said that Jones had a cop mess with him by planting cocaine and a gun in his bag.

Here’s Crover’s full story [via The PRP]:

“We got pulled over in Texas, right outside of Houston. And the cop finds some weed on the ground, right outside of our van. It wasn’t ours… Well, I mean, funny enough that I knew it wasn’t ours. Cuz I knew none of us had any weed. None of us are stupid enough to have any weed driving through Texas, at least I thought.

Especially the guy who got blamed for that part, because I knew that he didn’t even smoke weed, which was which was our road manager at the time.

And anyway so yeah we get pulled over by this, you know, big, huge Buford pusser style Southern cop and he finds this weed and he’s ‘Whose weed is this? All right, everybody out of the car.’ And he gets us all out of the car and he’s like, ‘I’m gonna search all your bags’, you know he’s being the total dick cop or whatever.

And I’m kind of talking to him like you know ‘Hey that’s not ours.’ [He replied] ‘Oh yeah, you the spokesman for the group? You smoke weed?’ And so, he goes to search my bag where I can’t see, he’s like behind our van. And then he comes up and he’s like ‘You come here.’ And I go back there and I see my bag on the hood of his car. ‘What the fuck is sticking out of my bag?’

And so he cuffs me. Then he starts pulling stuff out of my bag, he’s like ‘Look what we got here.’ He pulls out a gun pulls and I’m like what? He pulls out a 9mm and he’s like ‘You got firearms, that’s a federal offense in Texas here.’ And then he pulls out scales and I’m like what? ‘You got scales.’ And I’m just going like what the fuck. And then he’s like, ‘Oh Lord, look what we got here.’ And he pulls out the biggest bag of cocaine I’ve ever seen in my life. ‘Oh, man. Looks like you’re going to prison.’

You know, I’m just like ‘lawyer.’ And he’s like ‘Oh really, you want a lawyer after all this? You don’t want to get DEA down here and talk to them.’ and I’m like ‘No, lawyer. Lawyer.’ All right. And then, and then he puts me in the car… I’m totally just thinking like, you know, okay, he’s planted all this stuff in my bag. You know what I don’t get, you know, what’s his… What’s his scam here?… So I tried to figure out what the deal was… I’m like, does he want money? you know, [should I] bribe him? Like ‘If you look at my bag, a little further, you might find something else in there officer.’

So then he puts me in the car. And then, you know, I’m like ‘Hey can I talk to my friends up there?’ And he’s like ‘I don’t know why, he’s going to jail too. He’s the one I found weed on.’ I’m like ‘Please.’ and he says ‘All right.’ And so my, my road manager comes back and looks at the car and sees all this stuff spread out. I’m like, ‘You see what’s going on here? He planted that stuff in my bag. Don’t let him look in your guy’s bag without you watching him.’ And so then he starts explaining to him like, ‘I have reason to believe that this is not his stuff at all.’…

‘Oh really, who is this guy?’ And he’s like oh, his name’s Dale Crover, he plays in this band the Melvins.’ And he’s like ‘I’ve never heard you guys, I guess your show’s canceled tonight, huh?’ And Snoop Dogg had just come through and had been busted and [the cop] was like ‘This is going to be on CNN just like the big Snoop Dogg bust.’ And then he gets me out of car and I’m like ‘Okay. He’s like, Well, you know, I just want to tell you guys, Adam Jones from Tool said you guys are pranked.’ He was friends with Adam. That’s how that happened.”

Crover went on to say that he has yet to get back at Jones.

Dale Crover (Melvins) Premieres New Song “I’ll Never Say”

Melvins drummer Dale Crover has premiered a new song titled “I’ll Never Say.” This track is from his new album “Rat-A-Tat-Tat!,” which will be released on January 15. Crover told American Songwriter the following:

“I had the song done except for lyrics before I recorded it. I did guitar and drums first, then handed it over to Steven McDonald to play bass and I never tell Steven what to do, I just let him work his magic. My only request was he play his Hofner hollow body bass. We did vocals next, then added keyboards. Sort of the same process with Toshi [Kasai]. We’ll look for a sound that fits the mood, then I’ll let him come up with a part. I maybe have a little input here or there. Pretty simple instrumentation on this song.”

Dale Crover (Melvins) Premieres “I Can’t Help You There” Video

Melvins drummer Dale Crover has premiered a new video for his new song “I Can’t Help You There.” This track is from his new album “Rat-A-Tat-Tat!,” which will be released on January 15. Crover commented:

“I enlisted Toshi Kasai and Alicia DiGiovanni to help direct, film and edit. I gave them the basic ideas I had and they ran with them. Inspiration came from ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,’ The Cramps’ 1978 performance at Napa State Mental Hospital, and the creepy face mask of LA Dodger Kiké Hernández.”

[via Flood Magazine]

Dale Crover (Melvins) Premieres New Song “Tougher”

Melvins drummer Dale Crover has premiered a new song titled “Tougher.” This track is from his new album “Rat-A-Tat-Tat!,” which will be released on January 15. Crover commented:

“Not only am I a drummer, I’m a professional ‘Geetar Wrastler’ as well, as you’ll hear in the opening of this song, ‘Tougher‘. It’s co-written by myself and engineer/ musician Toshi Kasai, and features my bandmate from Altamont, Dan Southwick on bass. Lyrically it’s about someone trying to involve you in their drama, and how I’m not a fan of that. Enjoy!”

Melvins Cancel European Tour Due To Dale Crover’s Back Injury

The Melvins have been forced to cancel their European tour due Dale Crover’s back injury. The drummer commented:

“Dear Friends, I regret to inform you that I have to cancel our upcoming European tour. I’ve been dealing with a back related injury and I’m unable to perform at this time. I feel awful that I have to let you all down like this. I want to assure you that I’m working very hard to return 100% better! We will come back as soon as we can. Thank you for understanding.“

Primitive Race To Release “Soul Pretender” Album In November Feat. Chuck Mosley (Ex-Faith No More) & Dale Crover (Melvins)

Primitive Race have announced that their new album “Soul Pretender” will be released on November 3. The effort will feature core members Chris Kniker, Erie Loch, and Mark Gemini Thwaite, along with special guests Chuck Mosley (ex-Faith No More) and Dale Crover (Melvins).

Kniker commented:

“Musically, ‘Soul Pretender‘ was a natural progression from the first album. To have Chuck and Dale involved was perfect! They really brought a new vision to the project. Their style is a perfect match with Mark, Erie and myself. This record is more focused and organic. I wanted more of an alternative rock record. Stripped down. Live real drums. There’s space in the record. I didn’t want some overly polished ‘perfect’ record.”

“Soul Pretender” Track Listing:

01. “Row House”
02. “Cry Out”
03. “Cranial Matter”
04. “Take It All”
05. “Bed Six”
06. “Stepping Stone”
07. “Turn It Up”
08. “Soul Pretender”
09. “Nothing To Behold”
10. “Dancing On The Sun”

Melvins’ Dale Crover To Fill In For Dave Lombardo At Upcoming Fantômas Show

Fantômas have recruited Dale Crover (Melvins) to fill in for drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, etc.) at their upcoming show with Tool, Primus, Clutch, Melvins and The Crystal Method. That concert will take place at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA on June 24.

Crover told Rolling Stone the following:

“I mean, it’s somewhat difficult stuff, no more difficult than I’m used to. And that record that we’re doing in particular is their more or less straightforward record. … I’m pretty sure we’re doing [2001’s] ‘Director’s Cut‘. I hope so! Otherwise I might have to learn a bunch of songs I don’t know.

I’ll just have to listen to the record a couple times and it should come back to me no problem – look back and see if I have any special notes from Mr. Patton on when to play the maracas and all that stuff.

That stuff’s really fun to play too – I like that record…”

Crystal Fairy (Melvins, At The Drive-In, Etc.) Stream Debut Album In Full

Crystal Fairy, the band featuring Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne (Melvins), Dale Crover (Melvins), Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive-In, ex-The Mars Volta, etc.), and Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes, etc.), are streaming their debut self-titled album, via Rolling Stone. The effort will officially be released on February 24.

Click the LINK to go to the stream.


Ex-Faith No More Singer Chuck Mosley And Melvins’ Drummer Dale Crover Join Primitive Race

Ex-Faith No More Singer Chuck Mosley and Melvins’ drummer Dale Crover have joined Primitive Race. The band’s new album “Volume 2” is expected to be released this fall.


Mosley said the following:

“When I listened to the music for Primitive Race, ideas just came pouring out. I couldn’t say no to doing the record. When we completed the first few tracks, I found myself wishing I had written them, not just the lyrics… just good heavy riffs and grooves really sucked me in. The melodies and words came super easy with this music. Even though it’s a whole different vibe it brought out a side of me I haven’t experienced since writing with FNM.”

Band leader Chris Kniker also added:

“During the recording of the first Primitive Race album there was a natural shift from the industrial sound of our collective histories towards something more fluid and punk. It was something I really wanted to explore with Mark [Gemini Thwaite] and Erie [Loch,] knowing we wanted something raw, organic with big, loud live drums as we began working on Volume 2.

Chuck and I met when he writing his VUA record. I ran into him last summer at a show and we started talking about making a record. He really got where I was going with the whole concept. I knew he could bring some of that to the record and still put his own stamp on it. I never in a million years thought Dale would do the record. He’s one of my favorite drummers! We run in a similar circle.

The Warlock Pinchers were signed to Boner records back when the Melvins were there. Mark from the Pinchers reached out to Dale for me and I was talking to Toshi (Dale’s engineer and production partner). Toshi shared the demos with Dale and the next thing I know Toshi is asking for the multi-tracks. A few years ago the Melvins did a KMFDM remix for a record I was working on so it’s cool to have that connection again.

This record is completely different from the first one and I think it’s cool that we get a blank canvas to do whatever we want with Primitive Race.”

Crystal Fairy (Melvins, At The Drive-In, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Crystal Fairy”

Crystal Fairy, the band featuring Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne (Melvins), Dale Crover (Melvins), Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive-In, ex-The Mars Volta, etc.), and Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes, etc.), have premiered a new song titled “Crystal Fairy.” This song is from the band’s debut album, which will be available on February 24. Teri Gender Bender said the following:

“Panic attacks are man’s worst enemy but our most powerful mental invention, somehow we’ve managed to use them to calm our nerves down and let the music flow. Sometimes the agony within the self makes it appropriate to let the jittery hands do the story telling.”