Nightwish’s Floor Jansen Says She Is Now “Cancer Free”

Nightwish singer Floor Jansen has shared a new health update after recently undergoing surgery amid her battle with breast cancer. According to her, she is now “cancer free.” Jansen said the following:

“Great news! I am cancer free 🤩 The surgery took everything cancerous out and it hasn’t spread! I’ll get local radiation therapy in February to make sure everything stays out. I’m getting my energy back after the surgery and feel a huge relief to know it was successful! I’m not back to a 100% but I have no doubt the shows will give me the power push I need to rock with all of you on the upcoming European tour 🤘🏻Thank you for your amazing support and well wishes 🙏🏻🙏🏻”

Nightwish’s Floor Jansen Shares New Health Update Following Breast Cancer Surgery

Nightwish singer Floor Jansen recently underwent an operation to remove a tumor amid her battle with breast cancer. According to her, the “surgery went well.”

Jansen issued the following statement:

“The tumor removal surgery went well without any surprises. I’m recovering well and should be up and about soon. It will take a few weeks to know what the findings are regarding the tumor and lymph node that will be tested.

I’ll keep you posted.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the medical staff that took care of me. All done with so much care, empathy, and professionalism! I felt completely safe in your capable hands! You all are troopers, and not just in the hospital I went to, but worldwide. Thank you for all you do!!!

Note: This photo is 2 years old. My hair doesn’t grow that fast. 😉”

Nightwish’s Floor Jansen Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Nightwish’s Floor Jansen has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she says her “prognosis is very good.”

Jansen issued the following statement:

“A letter to you,

Life comes in waves, with ups and downs.

I have had the joy of riding many highs, and I have shared these with you through social media and the many many shows worldwide throughout the many years of my career.

But now a new wave hit me. Not a good one. I have breast cancer. It was diagnosed a little over 2 weeks ago and I will have surgery tomorrow to remove the tumor. My prognosis is very good!!! It seems to be a non-aggressive cancer, which seems to not have spread. I will keep my breast. And I will be cancer free after this surgery, plus a local radiation treatment that will take place three months after this surgery, hopefully. We will know more after the surgery to see if this positive prognosis stands.

The word cancer is a shocker. All that you found important in life before this diagnosis changes radically within minutes. Now I just want to be healthy again. I want to see my daughter grow into a woman; I want to live! And the scariest part of this diagnosis is that I thought I was healthy! I didn’t feel the cancer, I didn’t know it was there until I, as a 40+ woman, went to a standard mammogram checkup. Something many countries offer, for free even for the lucky ones.

Had I not gone there, the tumor would have gone undetected. In a year from now this could have grown much bigger. The thought of that makes me share this story with you. A mammogram is lifesaving! It’s uncomfortable and you might think that you won’t have something in your breasts anyway but GO! And for the men reading this: remind your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister to go and get checked. Even without the luxury I as a western woman experience with free mammogram checkups: GO! Luckily, there are many organizations that offer information about self-detection if you do not have access or funds for a mammogram.

If I might inspire you to take good care of yourself, then something good will come out of this cancer diagnosis.

If all goes as planned, I will be up and running in time for the European tour with Nightwish, that will start on the 20th of November! And I am optimistic since my prognosis is good! I promise to take good care of myself.

I will be off the grid for a while to focus on myself.

Thank you for reading this letter.”

Former Venom Drummer Anthony “Abaddon” Bray Diagnosed With Lymphoma

Anthony “Abaddon” Bray (ex-Venom) has sadly been diagnosed with lymphoma. The drummer is currently undergoing treatment for the disease.

Bray issued the following statement:

I noticed a mass growing on the side of my neck in July 2022, I thought it was maybe an insect bite as I live near the sea and it was a hot month here.

The mass grew bigger and, urged by my wife Rachel, I went to see my GP who reassured me that it was most likely not cancer because cancerous lumps don’t come up over night usually, rather they take a longer time to grow. However she referred me to the freeman hospital in Newcastle to a specialist who reiterated her thoughts on the speed of my growth.

He did some tests then sent me straight away for a biopsy, I had three samples taken and then went back to see my specialist who said that sadly it was lymphoma a cancer of the blood.

He sent me immediately for a CT scan and an MRI scan which showed that I also had cancer in my bowel and lower intestinal tract.

He decided therefore to not operate on my neck but to refer me to haematology at wandsbeck hospital in Ashington.

They decided on 6 cycles of chemotherapy which I started yesterday.

I will also be referred back to freeman hospital for radiotherapy after a few bouts of chemotherapy.

Non of this will break me.

Fuck cancer.


He has since shared an update as well:

“I feel pretty good today after first chemo session, might be the 17 steroids I’m on mind.”

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert Shares New Update After Undergoing Surgery For Spinal Tumor: “The Cancer In My Spine Is Gone”

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert has shared a new health update after recently undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his spine. The guitarist says the operation was a success and that “the cancer in [his] spine is gone.”

Gilbert said the following:

“ANOTHER unexpected turn of events. I was supposed to start radiation on Monday for the small amount of Pheochromocytoma left in my T-12 Vertebrae! A few days before that I started having the worst hip pain! Excruciating. So bad I couldn’t sit longer than 10 minutes or sleep longer than 2 hours at a time because of the pain. I was standing up all night for several days. Awful. Was having to watch TV standing up. So on Tuesday I went to the hospital for an MRI of my hip!

Good news: my hip was fine. Bad news: the tumor in my spine started growing again in the wrong direction and got aggressive very quickly. So by noon yesterday I was in surgery again! It lasted 6 hours this time and they removed the rest of my T-12 vertebrae! I now have a fake vertebrae!

Good news is we cut out the entire tumor now! That whole bastard got the boot! So the cancer in my spine is gone! We will still hit it with light radiation just to be thorough for any microscopic invisible ones. But this battle has been won. No more tumor. And I continue to turn into Robochad. #pheochromocytoma @pheopara”

Y&T’s Dave Meniketti Says He Is Feeling “Close To Normal” After Completing Radiation Treatments

Y&T frontman Dave Meniketti has shared a new health update after undergoing radiation treatments amid his battle with prostate cancer. The musician says he is now feeling “close to normal.”

Meniketti said the following:

“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought this was a good day to do that. With a picture from my favorite selfie location, the spare bathroom. 🤣

I know some of you might want a health update, so here it is. I’m feeling pretty darn close to normal. Stamina is less than what I would prefer when pushing myself, but that’s what a ton of radiation can do to a person. I fully expected it, so I’m certainly not going to complain.

Am I cancer free? Won’t know for about 6 months or so after a few PSA follow up blood tests, but I’m expecting my treatments kicked its ass. 😎

Now on to the future. We have 2 local shows coming up at the end of the month, and I wanted to let you all know I am fully expecting those shows, and any shows in the future, to go off without a hitch. So come on out and have a party with me and the boys in Berkeley and Monterey in about 3 weeks. 🤘

For our European and UK fans, though I would have wished for a different outcome, I’m still thankful we skipped this year as my stamina would have been touch and go for a full on 7 week tour on the ground. All I can say is – expect to see us in 2023!

And one more thing, since I’m rarely on here, I just wanted to give my sincere condolences to our UK fans, and those around the planet, that have been affected by Queen Elizabeth’s passing. She was a remarkable woman and 70 years of service, with the class that she always put forward, was truly beyond the pale. The Meniketti family and our friends are all very sad from this news. Much love and respect from us across the pond. ❤️

Dave Meniketti”

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New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert Shares New Update After Undergoing Surgery For Spinal Tumor

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert recently revealed that he would be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his spine. Now, the guitarist has shared another health update, saying that the operation “went really well.”

Gilbert said the following:

“Got out of surgery yesterday afternoon! Things went really well. They were able to remove almost all of it besides a microscopic amount of tumor that was in the bone. Once we get test results back from the tissue, we’ll be able to blast it with whatever treatment it needs so we can keep it at bay or even kill it completely.

Pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas are very rare tumors. So it is a very strategic process to treat them. But all news has been good so far for what the situation is and things have been going great! First two nurses I saw post-op were big NFG fans which was really special. Their compassion and love me feel not alone.

I have two rods and five screws in my back and now have one less rib. But I’m stronger than ever. Robo-Chad is on a mission!

Love you all and thank you so much for all your messages. I’ll post an address later for you all to send me pounds and pounds of magic the gathering cards, garbage pail kids cards, and delicious treats to keep me entertained through recovery. Just kidding. Or am I.”

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert To Undergo Surgery For Spinal Tumor

New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert has revealed that he will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his spine. This news comes after the guitarist was previously declared cancer free earlier this year following several surgeries including one to remove a tumor from his adrenal gland.

Gilbert said the following about his latest health setback:

“Dear friends!

Was having really intense bad back pain on tour (which can happen from jumping around carrying a heavy guitar). I flew home early for an MRI. Unfortunately we found a new Pheochromocytoma tumor in the 12th vertebrae of my spine pinching on my nerve bad. I’ll be headed into surgery tomorrow to get almost all of it out then hit what’s left with some fancy radiation.

Scary stuff but it’s all about the little wins. Each day we’ve been having fun in the hospital and feel lucky with so many things and God’s timing with all of this. If I didn’t go on tour and inflame my tumor, I wouldn’t have known early enough it was there! Then my band’s love and support got me home to get scanned. Knowing me, if pain is making me not play a show, it’s bad.

We also discovered I have some very tiny nodules on my lungs but my amazing team feel very confident that it’s manageable and at an early stage compared to where I was last time. My vitals and heart are great this time. Moving forward with today’s amazing technology, I can be on a lifelong treatment that just keeps it all at bay. Like living with an illness but it’s not life-threatening.

I no longer have to guess if it will return and can just relax. So I ask for all the prayers, hopes, fingers crossed, or whatever you do for people you care about in times like these. For my rock solid angel of a wife @lisacimorelli and our beautiful dream of a baby, Lily Gilbert. Hoping to be home recovering Friday or Saturday!

For everyone out there struggling with intense health issues and disease. I’m right there with you. Do your best to make the most of it and try not to waste too much time on fear. Process your emotions but no one’s time is ever certain, with or without good health. We are all the same. Try to love and impact where you’re at and what’s around you and look for the depth of the people around you.

See how incredible it is that all these people have been on their own journeys and are now connected to you for some reason. From doctors to nurses to the person cleaning your hospital room, everyone’s story is impactful. Much love to everyone out there! Can’t wait to be back out. See you soon!”

Stabbing Westward Vocalist Christopher Hall Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

Stabbing Westward have cancelled their upcoming live shows as Christopher Hall prepares to undergo treatment for throat cancer. The vocalist said the following:

“I’d like to apologize to everyone who made travel plans to see us in August and September. We’ve had to put those shows on hold while I deal with a serious health issue. I’ve been diagnosed with throat cancer. prognosis is really good but it’s going to involve a couple of surgeries and 6-8 weeks of chemo and radiation. So unfortunately, I won’t be singing anytime soon. I’m hoping to be feeling more human by Halloween and have my voice back by Christmas. So again, sorry for the inconvenience. Chris”

Ex-W.A.S.P. Guitarist Chris Holmes Shares New Health Update: “The Doctor Told Me That The Cancer Is Gone'”

Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes has shared a new health update after being diagnosed with throat and neck cancer earlier this year. He says his doctor has since “told [him] that the cancer is gone.”

Holmes said the following:

“I went to the hospital last Monday. They did an MRI on my neck. And it’s been three months since the last radiation I had. Anyway, they did an MRI and I went back Wednesday and they looked at the MRI and the doctor told me that the cancer is gone, which is a positive thing. I’m glad the kind of cancer I had is treatable. A lot of cancer isn’t.

Anyway, as of now, I’m still suffering from all the radiation that was done to my neck. I still can’t taste anything… It’ll probably take six months from right now till my neck’s back to normal.

Last month when I talked, I wasn’t that coherent, because I’d stopped taking morphine June 10th. And let me tell you, the comedown off the morphine was radical; I’d never been through anything like that in my life. You can sleep only an hour a night and then you’re up. And your brain ain’t working right. I really feel sorry for what heroin addicts go through, man. It’s the first time I ever felt the comedown off the morphine.

I’m getting better. I’m probably 65, 70 percent. By next September — it’s July now; 20th or something — September I’m supposed to be, yeah, touring in Canada. Finally, after three years. But, yeah, I’ll be in Canada tearing it up. So be there.”

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