Watch Jinjer And Suicide Silence Members Cover Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings”

Jinjer’s Tatiana Shmailyuk and Eugene Abdiukhanov recently teamed up with Suicide Silence’s Alex Lopez for a quarantine cover of Nirvana‘s “Territorial Pissings.” You can see footage of that below. This news comes after Jinjer and Suicide Silence postponed their spring tour due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Suicide Silence, Rob Zombie, Youth Code, & Ex-Marilyn Manson Members Join Forces In Heavens Blade

Fred Sablan (ex-Marilyn Manson), Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence), Piggy D (Rob Zombie), and Sara Taylor (Youth Code) have joined forces in a new band called Heavens Blade. You can check out their new song “Spoiled Rotten” below and sign up for their mailing list HERE.

Suicide Silence, Rob Zombie, Youth Code, & Ex-Marilyn Manson Members Appear To Be Working On New Project

It looks like Fred Sablan (ex-Marilyn Manson, Goon Moon), Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence), Piggy D (Rob Zombie), and Sara Taylor (Youth Code) are working on a new project together. Sablan made a private Instagram post with the caption “Just wait until you hear what we’re doing…”. Piggy D also made his own post as well:

[via The PRP]

Dan Sugarman Exits As Blood Runs Black/Launches Patreon Campaign For New Collaborative Project

Guitarist, Dan Sugarman has announced his departure from As Blood Runs Black. With this news, he has also launched a Patreon campaign for a new collaborative project that will feature members of Suicide Silence, Upon A Burning Body, and more.

He posted the following statement:

“First off, thanks to all the friends and fans I have met around the world throughout my years on the road – I wouldn’t be able to still be here as a musician writing music and pursuing my dream without you guys. For that, I am eternally grateful.

With that being said, I am formally announcing my departure from As Blood Runs Black. I wouldn’t trade those experiences in for anything, but I am feeling called to pursue my solo career and future opportunities that allow me focus on where I want to be as a musician. And as some of my fans and friends know, my mom is currently fighting brain cancer, and I feel it’s best that I put touring on the back burner for a while. Unexpectedly, all of this has charged me creatively, and being home has also allowed me to release my debut instrumental album “Centersun“, as well as give guitar lessons and pursue music production full time.

All of this brings us to where I’m at currently – I am extremely happy to announce that I will be rolling out a kickass collaboration album through Patreon with some of my favorite friends and musicians in the game. These are players that you either know and love, or will come to admire as much as I do.

So far some of the straight cold killers I have lined up are:
– Alex Lopez (Drummer of Suicide Silence)
– Gil Sharone (Drummer of Marilyn Manson/Team Sleep/Puscifer/Stolen Babies/ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan/+44),
– Danny Leal (Vocalist of Upon A Burning Body),
– Angel Vivaldi (Virtuoso Guitarist),
– Anna Sentina (Badass Bassist),
– Ricky Armellino (Vocalist of This or The Apocalypse)
– Sims Cashion (Child Prodigy Guitarist)
– Alex Hofmann (Vocalist of Fallujah)
– James Norbert Ivanyi (Australian Guitar Lord)
And more to be announced in the near future…

I will be unveiling this project through and will be releasing an awesome track with one different collaborator every time, along with tons of exclusive content. I will also be pledging 10% of proceeds from each month towards a Charity chosen by my Patreon family and I.

Being able to physically affect the people and world around me through music is something I’ve always dreamt of doing, and with your support, I think you guys could help me bring this idea to life. I’ve been searching for a platform that could provide all these combined services, and I believe I finally found the answer.

In closing, I just want to once again thank everyone who has support me throughout the years. If you have a few minutes, I urge you to go to my Patreon page and check it out! Much sweetness is to come in the future… keep your facial orifices at the ready!

Yours forever,
Dan Sugarman“