Warbringer Premiere “Glorious End” Lyric Video

Warbringer have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Glorious End.” This track is from the band’s new album “Weapons Of Tomorrow,“ which will be released on April 24.

John Kevill commented:

“‘Glorious End’ is the grand finale of ‘Weapons Of Tomorrow’, and a first-person narrative war epic. The verse is done as a father-son dialogue, in which the son promises the father that he will live up to his ancestor’s legacy of courage, honor, and duty. The song and title have a cruel twist of irony, as the protagonist’s bravery is rendered useless by the horrific new weapons of his time, and he questions the virtues of his father as he dies.

This kind of narrative storytelling element is something we feel is pretty unique to Warbringer among thrash metal bands. The music is hard-charging and aggressive, but also somber, grandiose, and well, glorious. The epic side of Warbringer is something we haven’t shared in a single yet, and we thought it was long overdue. Now onwards, brave sons.”

Warbringer Premiere “The Black Hand Reaches Out” Video

Warbringer have premiered a new video for their new song “The Black Hand Reaches Out.” This track is from the band’s new album “Weapons Of Tomorrow,“ which will be released on April 24.

John Kevill commented:

“‘The Black Hand Reaches Out‘ is the second track we are releasing from Weapons of Tomorrow, along with an accompanying music video. The song and video both reference the Serbian paramilitary nationalist group, known as “The Black Hand.” This was the organization that plotted the Franz Ferdinand assassination in Sarajevo – probably the most consequential terrorist attack of all time.

Not a conspiracy theory, but an actual conspiracy. The song’s lyrics represent the orders coming from the organization to the (expendable) agent. The song itself is a mid-tempo stomper with a sneaky, clandestine feel, and is one of the many different forms of thrash assault that we are bringing to you all with Weapons of Tomorrow.”

Warbringer Reveal Details For New Album “Weapons Of Tomorrow”

Warbringer will be releasing their new album “Weapons Of Tomorrow” on April 24. The effort’s first single, a remastered, final album mix version of “Firepower Kills,” can be streamed below:

John Kevill said the following:

“‘Weapons Of Tomorrow‘ contains two tracks you’ve previously heard, ‘Firepower Kills‘ and ‘Power Unsurpassed‘, which now appear on the record in new and improved form. ‘Firepower Kills‘ is about advancing weapons technology. Modern science is an enormously powerful tool, and the human species must be very cautious about its use.

This song looks at the last 100 years of scientific advances in weaponry and asks, ‘where does this lead?’ Musically, it’s a total thrashing burner, and the main riff ‘evolves’ throughout the song like the weaponry in the lyrics.”

He continued:

“I put a lot of thought and detail into the lyrical content of this album. There’s often a ‘storytelling’ component, in which the song’s lyrics develop or turn along with the music and structure of the song. All in all, ‘Weapons of Tomorrow‘ contains elements of our previous album, ‘Woe to the Vanquished‘, but takes them further and in new and exciting directions.”

He also added:

“While containing speed-driven burners like ‘Firepower Kills‘ and ‘Unraveling‘ and crushing stomps like ‘The Black Hand Reaches Out‘ and ‘Crushed Beneath the Tracks,’ ‘Weapons Of Tomorrow‘ goes really big on the epic tracks, containing not one but four. Each has its own character.

The forlorn and semi-ballad ‘Defiance of Fate‘ breaks serious musical ground for us and is like no song in our catalogue. ‘Heart of Darkness‘ and ‘Notre Dame (King of Fools)‘ offer different takes on a dark, black metal-oriented sound, and ‘Glorious End‘ is a tragic war epic with a unique lyrical component.”

“Weapons Of Tomorrow” Track Listing:

01. “Firepower Kills”
02. “The Black Hand Reaches Out”
03. “Crushed Beneath The Tracks”
04. “Defiance Of Fate”
05. “Unraveling”
06. “Heart Of Darkness”
07. “Power Unsurpassed”
08. “Outer Reaches”
09. “Notre Dame (King Of Fools)”
10. “Glorious End”

Warbringer Premiere New Song “Firepower Kills”

Warbringer have premiered a new song titled “Firepower Kills.” This track is from their new album, which is expected to be released in February. John Kevill commented:

“‘Firepower Kills‘ is the album opener and is a rapid-fire thrash burner, with both lyrics and music following the theme of the rapidly evolving and really frightening side of technology. We’ve been playing this tune nightly on the current tour and it’s been highly well-received. We are right in the middle of this massive North American tour with Enforcer and have left a wake of fire over much of the continent. More updates on Warbringer incoming… yes, the future looks bright!”

Enforcer & Warbringer Announce North American Tour

Enforcer and Warbringer have announced a co-headlining tour. You can find the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

09/05 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
09/06 West Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go Go
09/07 Santa Ana, CA – Malones
09/08 Fresno, CA – Strummers
09/09 San Francisco, CA – Thee Parkside
09/10 Sacramento, CA – Holy Diver
09/11 Portland, OR – Hawthorne
09/12 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
09/13 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
09/14 Edmonton, AB – The Starlite Theater
09/15 Calgary, AB – Dickens
09/16 Regina, SK – The Exchange
09/17 Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre
09/18 Minneapolis, MN – Lee’s Liquor Lounge
09/19 Omaha, NE – Lookout Lounge
09/20 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
09/21 Racine, WI – RT 20
09/22 Joliet, IL – The Forge
09/23 Westland, MI – Token lounge
09/24 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place
09/25 Toronto, ON – Velvet Underground
09/26 Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
09/27 Trois-Rivieres, QC – Rock Cafe Le Stage
09/28 Sherbrooke, QC – Bar Le Magog
09/29 Quebec City, QC – L’Anti
09/30 Montreal, QC – Les FouFounes
10/01 Philadelphia, PA – The Foundry
10/02 Clifton, NY – Dingbatz
10/03 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
10/04 Brooklyn, NY – Kingsland
10/05 Elmhurst, NY – Blackthorn 51
10/06 Halethorpe, MD – Fish Head Cantina
10/07 Pittsburgh, PA – Cattivo
10/08 Richmond, VA – Canal Club
10/09 Indianapolis, IN – Black Circle
10/10 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
10/11 Durham, NC – Motorco
10/12 Winter Park, FL – The Haven
10/13 Margate, FL – O’Malley’s
10/14 Ybor City, FL – Crowbar
10/15 New Orleans, LA – Southport Hall
10/16 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
10/17 San Antonio, TX – Rock Box
10/18 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
10/19 Dallas, TX – Trees
10/20 Merriam, KS – Aftershock
10/21 Tulsa, OK – The Shrine
10/22 Oklahoma City, OK – 89th Street Collective
10/23 Albuquerque, NM – Launch Pad
10/24 Denver, CO – Herman’s Hideaway
10/25 Salt Lake City, UT – Liquid Joe’s
10/26 Las Vegas, NV – Backstage Bar And Billiards
10/27 Tucson, AZ – The Rock
10/28 Tempe, AZ – Club Red

Warbringer Premiere “Power Unsurpassed” Lyric Video

Warbringer have premiered a lyric video for their new single “Power Unsurpassed.” That track is available in digital outlets now, along with a live version of “Descending Blade.” A limited editon 7″ featuring the tracks will be released on September 9 and pre-orders can be found HERE.

Warbringer To Release New Single “Power Unsurpassed”

Warbringer have announced that they will be releasing a new single, titled “Power Unsurpassed,” in digital outlets on Friday (August 17). The track will also be released as a 7″, along with a live version of “Descending Blade,” on September 9. Pre-orders for that can be found HERE.

Vocalist John Kevill commented:

“We are putting out a single, ‘Power Unsurpassed‘, so we have some new material for you all this summer, as we gear up to write and record our 6th record. It’s designed as a total neck-breaker, with hammering riffs and a shredding solo. It is about people who want to take orders from no one, and to make their will reality — at any price.

We’ll be playing this along with many others when we return to Europe this August, alongside Sepultura. It has been a good year since we invaded European shores, and as always we look forward to delivering completely savage live thrash metal to all in attendance. We will play a mix of material from Woe to the Vanquished, the previous 4 albums, as well as the new single “Power Unsurpassed,” which we expect will completely crush in the pit.

There’s a mixture of club dates and festival appearances, but as fans know, Warbringer will bring total aggression to any stage, anytime, anywhere. Europe — You’re Next!”

Tour Dates:

08/14 Pagney, FRA – Chez Paulette
08/15 Dinkelsbuhl, GER – Summer Breeze
08/16 Munich, GER – Backstage
08/17 Graz, AUT – Metal On The Hill
08/18 Falun, SWE – Sabaton Open
08/19 Theix, FRA – Motorcultor Festival
08/21 Tubingen, GER – Waldbuhne
08/22 Burglengenfeld, GER – Vaz
08/23 Marburg, GER – KFZ
08/24 Worrstadt, GER – NOAF Open Air
08/25 Aarschot, BEL – De Klinker Club
08/26 Erfurt, GER – From Hell
08/27 Oberhausen, GER – Helvete
08/28 Schramberg, GER – Kulturladen
08/29 Kufstein, AUT – Kulturfabrik
08/30 Klagenfurt, AUT – Stereo Club
08/31 Wels, AUT – Schlachthof

Warbringer To Play “Waking Into Nightmares” Album In Full At April Shows

Warbringer will perform their 2009 album “Waking Into Nightmares” in full at three special shows in April. Here’s the dates:

04/27 Los Angeles, CA – The Whisky
04/28 Santa Ana, CA – Malone’s
04/29 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick

John Kevill commented:

“This year we will be writing new material, but that doesn’t mean the live war machine will stop rolling… in addition to our Japanese ‘Thrash Domination‘ festivals with Testament and Exodus, we are pleased to announce a small run of West coast shows in April of 2018. Since we have been playing ‘Woe to the Vanquished‘ in its entirety this last year, to great response, we decided we liked the full album format live.

It is really cool being able to deliver the whole of a record, front to back, in a live setting, and so on these limited April dates we will be doing that with a fan favorite from our back catalogue… ‘Waking into Nightmares‘.”

“We will play the full record live as both a treat for fans as well as a tribute to Nic Ritter, who passed away in 2017. That record pushed the boundaries forward for Warbringer and we look forward to punishing everyone with it live this coming April. See you in the pit.”

Ex-Warbringer Drummer Nic Ritter Passes Away

Ex-Warbringer drummer Nic Ritter has passed away. Vocalist John Kevill confirmed the sad news in the below Instagram post. R.I.P.