Dirge Within Announce Their Return/The Bloodline Retire

Dirge Within have announced their return. With the band set reunite, The Bloodline, who feature members of Dirge Within, will now be retiring. You can read about that and watch a video from the group below.

“They say that time can heal many wounds, and for DIRGE WITHIN the past five years have proven that true. People grow, and people change, and for this band of brothers from the American Midwest, a half-decade apart has come to an end with an unexpected reunion and the prospect of unfinished business ready to be addressed. DIRGE WITHIN is back!

“After five years of not speaking, Shaun and I decided it might be cool to meet up and talk – just to make sure we could be in the same room without throwing punches!,” said vocalist Jeremy “Jerms” Genske. “We had a couple drinks, talked about old tours, and hashed out our previous issues. I acknowledged my role in the split from DIRGE WITHIN, as did he. Eventually, the idea came up about a revival of DW, even if it was just to jam the old tunes for fun.

We all met up at the rehearsal studio in Chicago a few weeks later, and once we started playing, it almost seemed like there was never a break. Almost. Some spots sounded even better than the first time around, while others needed some polish. What was certain is that there was definitely a buzz in the room. A full blown rebirth? Only time will tell how far we’ll go, but Goddamn, it feels good to play the tunes again!”

“Yes it’s true – Jerms and the guys are all back in the saddle! Chuck, Frankie, Mike and I are throwing it down hard as nails, and Jerms sounds fantastic!,” added founding guitarist Shaun Glass. “After just a few jams of our previously material, everything has been slamming. Strangely enough, it feels like we’ve never stopped. The past has been put behind us, and we’re hopeful for the future. Stand by, as we’re looking to level some stages very soon!”

Prior to the hiatus, DIRGE WITHIN’s recorded works included “Force Fed Lies” (eOne), the “Absolution” EP (BTR) and “There Will Be Blood” (Rocket Science Ventures). All three releases are available to stream on Spotify, or to purchase at major retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. Live activities included tours and one-offs with the likes of Trivium, Fear Factory, Devildriver, Dope, Kittie, Whitechapel, Static-X, Gwar, Product of Hate, All That Remains and more.

In the time since, members of DIRGE WITHIN performed alongside vocalist Travis Neal as THE BLOODLINE, releasing one album, “We Are One” via Another Century/Century Media. That project is now retiring to the shadows as DIRGE WITHIN readies for the next chapter. As time has proven, doors can open, close and reopen once more.

Look for more news from DIRGE WITHIN to come in the near future.

Jeremy “Jerms” Genske – Vocals
Shaun Glass – Guitar
Frankie Harchut – Drums
Mike Sylvester – Bass
Chuck Wepfer – Lead Guitar”

The Bloodline Release Acoustic Version Of “Bedside Sorrow” As A Free Download

The Bloodline (ex-Broken Hope, etc.) have released an acoustic version of “Bedside Sorrow” via over at their new and improved website thebloodlinemusic.net. You can download that for free HERE.


Anthrax & The Bloodline Members Comment On Phil Anselmo’s (Pantera) “White Power” Salute At Dimebash

Despite his recent apology video, Phil Anselmo (Pantera) is still being blasted for doing a nazi salute, and yelling “white power” while onstage at Dimebash. The latest people to speak out include Anthrax’s Scott Ian, and Travis Neal (The Bloodline/Divine Heresy).

Ian issued the following statement:


Hate speech. Racism. Inflammatory rhetoric.

All dangerous no matter what the context. I have ZERO TOLERANCE for any of this and to not speak out against them is as dangerous as the acts themselves.

Philip‘s actions were vile and that should be the focus here, anything else is just noise.

Philip has apologized and I would like to offer him the opportunity to really show how much he loves everyone by making a donation to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


The Simon Wiesenthal Center donation page

Neal posted the following:

“Fuck this guy! Damn shame when someone that has paved the way for so many and so many looked up to and still look up to would do this and shit on Dime and a tribute to him by so many great musicians that respected and loved him and his band. It is ok to be proud of who you are and where you come from but not the way that this asshole did on stage. Fuck you Phil and fuck your apology! We live in 2016, there is no room for racism or hate. If we as a human race want to remain then we all need to unite. One world, one blood, we are all one!”

The Bloodline Premiere “Poisonous” Music Video

The Bloodline (ex-Dirge Within) have premiered a new video for their song “Poisonous,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s debut album, We Are One, which is now available in digital outlets. Physical copies of the effort will be released May 5.

The Bloodline To Release We Are One In May/Announce Tour Dates With Doyle

The Bloodline (ex-Dirge Within) have announced that their debut album, We Are One, has been pushed back. The disc will now arrive on May 5, rather than its original  March 24 release date.


In other news, the band have also announced that they will be supporting Doyle (ex-Misfits) on the following dates:

03/13 Beckley, WV – Muncheez
03/14 Hagerstown, MD – Hard Times
03/17 Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom
03/19 Reading, PA – Reverb
03/20 Springfield, VA – Empire
03/21 Columbus, OH – The Basement