Soulfly’s “Prophecy” To Be Released On Vinyl In August

Soulfly‘s “Prophecy” is set to be released on limited edition vinyl on August 24, via Music On Vinyl. The effort will be available on gold/black mixed vinyl with an etching on the d-side (limited to 2,000).

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Soulfly Perform New Song “The Summoning” Live

Soulfly have been performing a new song titled “The Summoning” live at their recent shows. You can see footage of that below. The track will appear on the band’s new album “Ritual,” which is expected to be released in October.

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Soulfly Announce August UK Tour

Soulfly have announced a headlining UK tour. You can find the band’s updated schedule below.

Tour Dates:

06/16 Grafenhainchen, GER – With Full Force
06/19 Rostock, GER – M.A.U. Club
06/21 Copenhagen, DEN – Refshaleoen
06/22 Halden, NOR – Tons Of Rock
06/24 Aachen, GER – Musikbunker
06/25 Essen, GER – Turock
06/26 Haarlem, NET – Patronaat
06/28 Belfort, FRA – La Poudriere
06/29 Epinal, FRA – La Souris Verte
07/01 Cuneo, ITA – Nuvolari Liberia Tribu
07/02 Milan, ITA – Circolo Magnolia
07/03 Zagreb, CRO – Vintage Industrial Bar
07/04 Belgrade, SER – Fabrika
07/06 Sofia, BUL – Universada
07/07 Bucharest, ROM – Metalhead Meeting
07/08 Budapest, HUN – Durer Kert
07/09 Bratislava, SLO – Majestic Music Club
07/10 Wien, AUT – Szene
07/11 Dresden, GER – Beatpol
07/13 Gavle, SWE – Gefle Metal Festival
07/17 Tallinn, EST – Rockclub Tapper
07/18 Riga, LAT – Melna Piektdiena
07/19 Vilnius, LIT – Loftas Club
07/21 Wroclaw, POL – Zaklete Rewiry
07/22 Prague, CZE – Roxy
07/23 Zurich, SWI – Dynamo
07/25 Tolmin, SLO – Metaldays
07/27 Saint Jean de Vedas, FRA – Secret Place
07/28 Madrid, SPA – Sala Live
07/29 Malaga, SPA – Sala Eventual Music
07/30 Alicante, SPA – Sala The One
07/31 Barcelona, SPA – Sala Salamanrda
08/02 Kostrzyn nad Odra, POL – Pol’and’Rock Festival
08/06 London, UK – O2 Academy Islington
08/08 Glasgow, UK – King Tut’s
08/09 Newcastle, UK – Riverside
08/11 Winchester, UK – Boomtown Fair
08/12 Birmingham UK – O2 Institute 2
08/13 Bristol, UK – The Fleece

Watch Soulfly Perform Sepultura‘s “Slave New World“ With Members Of Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Etc.

During their April 18 show in Baltimore MD, Soulfly were joined onstage by Mark Kloeppel (Misery Index, Scour), John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Scour, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), and Adam Jarvis (Pig Destroyer, Scour, Misery Index) for a cover of Sepultura‘s “Slave New World.“ You can see footage of that below:

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Dynamo Open Air To Launch Live Release Series, Pantera & Soulfly Live Recordings From 1998 Coming In June

Organizers of the Dynamo Open Air festival in the Netherlands recorded over 300 shows during its 1986-2005 run and have announced that those will now be available as part of a series of new live releases. Some will be made available on CD, vinyl and digital formats, while select performances will be available on DVD. The first two are 1998 live recordings from Pantera and Soulfly, which will be released on June 22.

Pantera – “Live At Dynamo 1998“:

01. “Walk”
02. “A New Level”
03. “Suicide Note Pt. II”
04. “War Nerve”
05. “Becoming”
06. “Sandblasted Skin”
07. “Hard Lines Sunken Cheeks”
08. “Primal Concrete Sledge”
09. “I’m Broken”
10. “Fucking Hostile”
11. “This Love”
12. “Domination, Hollow”
13. “Mouth For War”
14. “Cowboys From Hell”

Soulfly – “Live At Dynamo 1998“:

01. “Eye For An Eye”
02. “No Hope = No Fear”
03. “Spit”
04. “Bleed”
05. “Beneath The Remains” / “Dead Embryonic Cells”
06. “Tribe”
07. “Bumba”
08. “Quilombo”
09. “Prejudice”
10. “Roots Bloody Roots”
11. “Attitude”
12. “The Song Remains Insane”
13. “First Commandment”

It is worth noting that Soulfly were joined by a couple of special guests during this performance, including Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Benji Webbe (Skindred).

Max Cavalera Says New Soulfly Album Has “That Classic ‘Chaos A.D.’ Feeling” To It

Max Cavalera was recently interviewed by Jack Antonio and talked about the new Soulfly album. The frontman previously said the effort would be “a return to some of the tribal sounds” of the band’s early material, but now he says it “does have some stuff like that, but the record actually ended up taking a different route when [they] were in the studio.”

Cavalera said the following about some of the themes on the album:

“Some of the stuff ended up being actually kind of political with what’s going on right now. There’s even a song about a Navajo murder that happened on a Navajo reservation — the police killed this young girl and I was really intrigued with the whole story and we made a song out of it.”

He also added the following about the music:

“The record, to me, has a little bit of a ‘Chaos A.D.’ [SEPULTURA] kind of feeling to it — that kind of groove, but also [with elements of] thrash. I don’t know… It’s kind of hard to explain, but it has the sound of right now too, which is cool. It’s a contemporary record — it feels like it’s done right now. I’m really stoked on it. I think it does kind of have that classic ‘Chaos A.D.’ feeling to it, which is great; I think it’s really cool to have that kind of feeling on the record.”

He went on to say it is “definitely different” from “Archangel” and Cavalera Conspiracy’s “Psychosis.” He continued:

“After doing records for so long, I know what I like, and I kind of feel what people want to hear, and that goes hand in hand. My own favorite stuff and what people want to hear are almost similar and that makes life easier.

“I don’t have pressure — the record label is not breathing down my neck to write pop songs and shit like that; I don’t have that. I can go as metal as I want, I can go as heavy as I want. The only pressure is to make something good, something that people are gonna like.”

He also added that he was “a little bit surprised” by the positive response to “Psychosis”:

“I never get that good of a reception to my records — there’s always some people that don’t like what you do. And I think this SOULFLY record has the same kind of quality that’s really cool. The songs just sound good — they’re just powerful songs. And Marc Rizzo [SOULFLY guitarist] is doing some amazing guitar stuff. All the players — Zyon [Cavalera, Max’s son and SOULFLY drummer] did a great job on the drums. I tried really hard to have different topics and different lyrics, so my vocals are a bit different and I’m touching different subjects on the album. So all that together makes it into something special.”

Cavalera still has to sing on two more songs, and the band are still waiting on Ross Dolan (Immolation) to record a guest appearance. Other than that, the effort is pretty much done. You can read a little more about it via a recent update from Cavalera’s wife Gloria.

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Max Cavalera’s Wife Posts Update On New Soulfly Album

Max Cavalera’s wife Gloria Cavalera has posted a lengthy update on Soulfly’s new album. You can read that below.

Gloria Cavalera:

“Last summer, Max and I had some rare time off. It was at that time I suggested he start writing and getting ready with some new riffs. We had spent a great deal of time on the road and promoters and record labels were asking about new music. He loaded up the living room with gear, transforming it into a musician’s retreat. After a month, he handed me several cds to stash. One would evolve into Cavalera Conspiracy, one was riffs for a future Killer Be Killed, and one would be for his creation, Soulfly. I stashed them safely in my underwear drawer (!), and we jumped back on the bus!

This January, we joined Zyon, Marc Rizzo and Mike Leon at the AIRB&B in Orange, California and made our way to Hybrid Studio, in Santa Ana, California. Kendog wound his way through hoards of LA traffic, to assist with the technical ops. Josh Wilbur was the chosen Captain. I really wanted Max to work with Josh, because I loved what he did with KBK. I know Josh is quite well known and very good at what he does, but I only related my desire to the way he kicked the KBK songs up a notch! Max was ready to give it all he had, to give the Tribe an outstanding Soulfly for the 20 year anniversary record. He agreed that Josh was a perfect choice.

Drums were first, as the guys worked on arrangements. Zyon was really a force on this record. As parents, we were impressed. As part of the Metal community of business, we were solid. We both know Z was born to be a drummer and every record he is on just gets better! He is fully confidant now. Maybe you don’t know, but Zyon never plays a song the same way twice. His artistic nature compels him to drum how he feels and that usually includes different patterns. It keeps Max upbeat and I must say, Zyon’s youthful energy brings passion to the stage!

Mike Leon was adopted from Havok. I guess I can spill the beans now… Remember when we did the Soulfly/ Havok tour? When it was over, I told Max that I had a feeling one of the Havok members would play with Soulfly one day. Call it a bit of premonition or what ever you like. I could just feel it! When Tony Campos went to pay with Fear Factory and Soulfly needed a full time bassist, I hit up Mike. He had just left Havok and was super excited to join the Tribe! Perfect timing! He laid those bass tracks down in no time, like a machine gun riveting out bullets!

What can I say about Marc Rizzo that I haven’t said already? Besides being one of the top shredders in the Metal world, he is super funny, loyal, adventurous and precise! He is one of the greatest Metal riffers of all time, and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me!

We had long hours and short sleep time, but we also had a bit of fun occasionally. Josh, Max, Zyon and I had lunch one Sunday with the legend and long time friend, Andy Wallace. Not to diss anyone, as I have worked with, and adored most all of the greatest producers in the Rock/Metal world, but in my opinion, Andy Wallace wears the Producer’s Crown. Besides having magic ears and hands, he is humble. He is very intelligent, and conversing about topics that don’t relate to music is spontaneous when you are with him. He is a total car collector and recently even restored an old school, turning it into a museum!

Another legend, photographer Glen LaFerman was chosen to take the photos for the cd booklet. We have known him for years and have had the pleasure to work with him many times. Maybe you have seen the b/w portraits in Hollywood’s Rainbow Bar and Grill? Those are all Glen’s work. Interestingly enough, the photo of Max that Glen took, was stolen from the bar! And who can forget the Bob Marley Collection? Emotional…

Josh gave the band a day off for NAMM. The guys did a meet and greet signing and Marc and Mike performed in the Peavey area. Peavey is one of the gear companies that has shown mucho love for Max and any band he brings with him. They provide the guys with the best and newest equipment on the market and even cover the band outside the country. Max is one of the artists with a relationship with Peavey the longest, 25 years, and still heading to the future! I was there when Mary Peavey thanked him for his loyalty.

For personal family time, Max and I hung with long time friends whose names I will spare, for their privacy. What a blessing to be with true friends!! We Super Bowled it up, coffeed in the morning and relaxed together late at night. On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Max and I went to the Holocaust Museum in LA. I wanted to honor my Mother’s struggles in a concentration camp during WW2. Along with her Mother and brothers and sisters, they had miraculously survived Mauthausen, in Austria. My Mother often spoke about the tragedy of what war accomplishes and I always was a good student. Max and I share the love of history, so this was a solemn but meaningful experience. We brightened things up with lunch with my daughter-in-law-Shonda, who lives with Richie near the museum. It was Max and my virgin meal at a vegan restaurant. I am pretty sure it may be healthy but we both decided our food tastes were better lol!!

Mad respect for Josh Wilbur and his assistant, Nick Rowe, for keeping it real!! There is a lot of humor and serious biswak going on behind those Hybrid heavy ass doors!!

Class dismissed……”