Rammstein’s Till Lindemann Accused Of Assaulting Man At German Hotel

Rammstein’s Till Lindemann has been accused of assaulting a 54-year-old man at a hotel bar. The altercation occurred at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, Germany on June 8 and it reportedly started after the man insulted Lindemann’s female companion. According to Bild, the man told the woman “I would pay double for you,” essentially implying she was prostitute. This angered Lindemann, who decided to confront the man. The man then clenched his fists and tried to get Lindemann to fight him outside. The vocalist responded by hitting him in the face with his elbow, leaving him with a bloody nose and possibly a broken jaw. Police are currently investigating the incident.


Rammstein’s “Ich Will” Featured In Trailer For “Destroy All Humans!” Remake

Rammstein’s “Ich Will” has been used to soundtrack the trailer for the upcoming “Destroy All Humans!” remake. You can check that out below. The game will be released in 2020 to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the original.

Rammstein Tease New Songs “Was Ich Liebe,” “Diamant,” & “Weit Weg”

Rammstein have posted teasers for three more songs off their new self-titled album (out May 17). You can check out snippets of “Was Ich Liebe,” “Diamant,” and “Weit Weg” below:

The cover art and full track listing is now available as well:

Track Listing:

02. “RADIO”
05. “SEX”
06. “PUPPE”
09. “WEIT WEG”
10. “TATTOO”