Rammstein Share More Photos From Recent Video Shoots

Rammstein previously said they were planning to shoot five music videos for tracks off their new album and it seems they are making good on the promise. The band have shared another slideshow of behind the scenes photos, which you can see in the below Instagram post. You can also check out a previous slideshow HERE. The group’s new album is expected to be released in April.

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Rammstein Share Photos From Recent Video Shoot

Rammstein previously said they were planning to shoot five music videos for tracks off their new album and now the band have shared a slideshow of photos from one of those shoots on Instagram. It appears the group are working on the clip with Jonas Åkerlund. The name of the song they’re shooting for is unknown, but it’s worth noting that the clapperboard says “Black Dog” and “Big Fish.” The group’s new album is expected to be released in April.

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… no fire, but nuns!

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Rammstein Finalizing The Mix For Their New Album

Rammstein have confirmed that they are currently finalizing the mix for their new album in Santa Monica, CA. The effort is expected to be released in April.

Rammstein Planning To Release Five Music Videos From Upcoming Album

It appears Rammstein’s new album will be accompanied by five music videos. Richard Z. Kruspe told Kerrang! the following about that:

“We flew to Los Angeles to mix the record with Rich Costey, who has worked with Muse and a bunch of other big bands. It looks like we will have five music videos coming out this time too. I feel really happy with the album, although a few things might still change, of course.”

Rammstein Release Official Board Game

Rammstein have released an official board game. You can purchase that HERE and read a description of it below:

“Nobody can fool you when it comes to Rammstein music, live concerts, videos and other interesting details and facts about the band?! With this quiz game you can prove your Rammstein knowledge and literally compete with your friends. The quiz game contains 400 questions about Rammstein in German and English for 2-6 players aged 16 and over. Spiel mit mir!”


Rammstein Planning To Release New Album In April

Richard Z. Kruspe was recently interviewed by Heavy Consequence and talked a bit about Rammstein’s new album. According to him, the effort is “going to come out probably in April of 2019.”

Kruspe said the following about the album:

“Eventually, I think it’s going to be an album that has a certain kind of potential that Rammstein hasn’t achieved yet. For me, one of the reasons to step back into making records with Rammstein was to balance the popularity of the band as a live act with the actual music. With Rammstein, people tend to talk about the fire and all the live stuff. I thought, ‘I don’t want to be another KISS,’ where people talk about makeup and stuff like that and no one talks about the music.”

“I wanted to do a record that stands out even more than our past records, and I kind of find when I listen to the [new] record, it’s like Rammstein 3D, if I can summarize it. We’re happy to work with my good friend Olsen Involtini, who also worked on Emigrate records. He a great friend of mine, and he brought certain kind of harmonies into the world of Rammstein, which I like.”

“I’m so close to the project, it’s always hard to say. The next step is going to be what the fans will think about it. But I think that in the world of making records, it’s so important to please yourself first. It’s like, if you don’t like it, how can you expect other people to like it. I’m trying to bring the record into a dimension that Rammstein hasn’t achieved yet.”

“We’re finishing up the last mixes, and it’s going to come out probably in April of 2019.”

Rammstein To Mix New Album In December

While promoting Emigrate’s new album “A Million Degrees” on France’s United Rock Nations, Richard Z. Kruspe said Rammstein’s new album is “almost finished” and that they only have some “last touch-ups, like small things here and there” to take of. The effort will be mixed with producer Rich Costey at a Los Angeles studio in mid-December.

Kruspe said the following when asked about the musical direction of Rammstein’s new album:

“To me, the process of doing this record was something that I’m very happy with, because we’ve managed to gain a certain kind of respect back that we have lost in the past. It also kind of reminded me, the way that we are the moment, as the beginning from RAMMSTEIN. So, music-wise, I think it’s richer when it comes to harmonies and melodies. That was also something that I was trying to do, because in the past, every time you talked about RAMMSTEIN, it’s all about this big burden about the show and the fire. Nobody really talks about the music, which is, to me, as a [music] writer, kind of a slap in your face. It was also important to me that we kind of step up, music-wise, in a way. It’s almost like RAMMSTEIN 3D, I would describe it.”

Kruspe also said Emigrate won’t tour because Rammstein have a three year tour planned:

“I really don’t have the time for that. I’m going to Los Angeles in the middle of December to mix the RAMMSTEIN record. After that, we [RAMMSTEIN] are in the middle of tour preparation, and then we’re gonna be on tour for the next three years. So first of all, there’s no time, but even if there were time at the moment, I like the balance that I have with the EMIGRATE project and RAMMSTEIN.”

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