Kobra And The Lotus Welcome Guitarist Ronny Gutierrez To The Band

Kobra And The Lotus have officially welcomed guitarist Ronny Gutierrez to the band. Kobra Paige told Bravewords the following:

“This guy’s positivity is infectious. I feel so grateful that he will be joining the KATL team and I already know he will fit in perfectly alongside Jasio. The two already bonded a year prior at NAMM and I have no doubt that they will compliment each others creativities. He’s another killer creative force that I can’t wait to incorporate into our sound. We are already in the stages of planning the next album and he will certainly be a part of it. Welcome to the family!”

Gutierrez added:

“Alas, the stars have aligned! I’m so thrilled to join the KATL family on their musical journey. The vibes have been really great and I’m incredibly excited for the possibility of an amazing future together.”


Kobra And The Lotus Premiere “Losing My Humanity” Lyric Video

Kobra And The Lotus have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Losing My Humanity,” via Bravewords. This track is from the second part of their “Prevail” double album, “Prevail II,” which will be released on April 27.

The band commented:

“Ignorance is bliss. This song is the cynical point of view regarding the ways of human nature. We pretend we’ve been different but throughout history we have always been a barbaric and brash species. The silence kept during times of pain or unjust suffering is profoundly loud. Does it make us better when we stand by and say or do nothing when we know something is wrong? I would argue it makes us almost the same. Take the words figuratively or literally, I’m just calling it as I see it, even if it’s me taking a clear look at myself in the mirror.”

Kobra Paige (Kobra And The Lotus) Says Her Battle With Lyme Disease Is “Coming To An End”

Kobra And The Lotus vocalist Kobra Paige has opened up about her battle with Lyme disease in a new Facebook post. Fortunately, it seems her illness is “coming to an end.”

Paige said the following:

“It’s been a pretty challenging couple weeks but amongst the transitions and obstacles I received a really great gift yesterday. After the passing of our family dog, I was given the big A-ok that my battle with Lyme disease is coming to an end and I can officially, safely have children. For me, this is a dream come true. I think it’s ironic that both ‘Prevail’ albums were made when I was at my height in illness. I laid down on the studio floor all the time to rest. Had a chronic sore throat, fatigued to the core, muscles ripping from small movements , terrible joint pain, brain fog, you name it. Willpower can push you through a lot. No one (including my band) but my family really knew what I was going through and I spent the following months after in a clinic, all alone, treating it aggressively before our fall tour. We still don’t understand Lyme completely but much of my family has been severely affected by it and all we know is when you kill most of it, you start getting your life back. I was very lucky they supported me through the treatment. Next week I will finally be taking the IV port out of my heart as I will no longer be needing it. 🎉 Don’t worry, the kids aren’t happening soon, lots of rockin to do, but they will be a part of my future.”

Kobra And The Lotus Reveal Details For New Album “Prevail II”

Kobra And The Lotus have revealed the details for the second part of their “Prevail” double album, “Prevail II.” The effort will be released on April 27, and the cover art and track listing can be seen below:

“Prevail II” Track Listing:

01. “Losing My Humanity”
02. “Let Me Love You”
03. “Ribe”
04. “My Immortal”
05. “Human Empire”
06. “Heartache”
07. “Velvet Roses”
08. “Modern Day Hero”
09. “You’re Insane”
10. “White Water”
11. “The Chain”
12. “Let Me Love You” (Acoustic Bonus Track)

Kobra Paige commented:

“Humanity. One of the greatest struggles of our human existence is to retain it.

“This sequel album takes a deeper dive into the darkness of our psyche and explores the personal torment and struggle we inflict upon ourselves, one another, and the earth.

“It has become commonplace for people to give up on themselves and lose their belief in their abilities and self-worth. This in turn affects our daily actions/behavior. We are a cripplingly, self-harming species but we are also profoundly capable beings of altruism, evolution, and positivity.

“This album will close the ‘Prevail’ double sequel on the lightest of all notes by acknowledging that every single person has a desire to be and deserves to be truly seen, loved, and heard. When the ignorance is cleared, we can recognize that we are all in this together.”

As previously announced, you can catch the band on tour with Texas Hippie Coalition.

Kobra And The Lotus Premiere “Hell On Earth” Lyric Video

Kobra And The Lotus have premiered a lyric video for their song “Hell On Earth.” This song is from the band’s latest album “Prevail I.” Kobra Paige commented:

“More than often the level of misery or bliss we experience can be altered or exchanged by the state of our mental thoughts. Our own hell on earth is right in front of us if we want it to be. What will you choose to be today, the problem or the solution?”

Tour Dates (with Beyond The Black):

12/07 – Essigfabrik – Cologne, Germany
12/08 – Colos-Saal – Aschaffenburg, Germany
12/09 – Substage – Karlsruhe, Germany
12/11 – Backstage – Munich, Germany
12/12 – Hellraiser – Leipzig, Germany
12/14 – Markthalle – Hamburg, Germany
12/15 – SO 36 – Berlin, Germany
12/16 – Matrix – Bochum, Germany
12/17 – Garage – Saarbrücken, Germany