Hour Of Penance Recording New Album

Hour Of Penance have officially started the recording process for their new album. The band commented:

“We’re proud to announce that we’re once again in studio to record our ninth album, following the 2019 release of ‘Misotheism.’ Not being able to play live as much as we wanted because of the whole Covid situation has been a let down but at the same time it gave us more time to work on the new material, as well as perfecting the new songs in every single detail. We just started tracking the drums at the Bloom Studios here in Rome and it’s going to take some time before we can release a new song, but rest assured the patience will pay off. We’ll disclose more in the next weeks, so keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.”

Hour Of Penance Welcome Drummer Giacomo Torti To The Band

Hour Of Penance have officially welcomed Giacomo Torti to the band as their new drummer. You can see footage of him playing through “Sovereign Nation” below. That track appears on the band’s 2019 album “Misotheism,” which is set to be re-released on January 27. The group commented:

“We have another great news for you guys, meet our new drummer Giacomo Torti. Some of you may have already seen him on stage in our last shows, and he’s going to be with us full-time from now on. Enjoy his playthrough of Sovereign Nation!”

Hour Of Penance Share Pixel Art Music Video For New Song “Blight And Conquer”

Hour Of Penance have shared a pixel art music video for their new song “Blight And Conquer.” This track is from the band’s new album “Misotheism,” which will be released on October 25.

The group commented:

“We gave a lot of thought about how to do something different from anything else seen before and show you a unique video clip. Videogames have always been one of our biggest passions alongside music, and titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne and their peculiar imagery and storytelling have been a huge source of inspiration for us: so we’ve decided to come up with a 2D/retro animation created by Harry Sussams, an amazing professional in illustration and pixel art.

We worked hard together on every scene and detail to give life to a cryptic and gruesome narration tied to the themes of wealth and corruption dealt with in the lyrics of ‘Misotheism‘, with the iconic tower of the artwork making its appearance into the video. Check it out!”

Hour Of Penance Premiere New Song “Flames Of Merciless Gods”

Hour Of Penance have premiered a new song titled “Flames Of Merciless Gods.” This track is from the band’s new album “Misotheism,” which will be released on October 25.

The group commented:

“‘Flames Of Merciless Gods‘ is a song about a new empire built on the illuministic values of reason and equality, who wages war against the wealthy ones hidden in their ivory towers, worshipping their only god: Money. They are the ‘bastard race’, because they have no fatherland and no motherland: their loyalty stands to no one but themselves. Their way of life is a blasphemy to everyone who is exploited by the inequalities created by their greed and is starving because of that. They are so afraid to atone for their crimes that they choose to commit mass suicide rather than face justice.”

Hour Of Penance To Release New Album “Misotheism” In October

Hour Of Penance have announced that their new album “Misotheism” will be released on October 25. You can pre-order the effort HERE.

“Misotheism” Track Listing:

01. “Mass Crucifixion Of Kings”
02. “Blight And Conquer”
03. “Fallen From Ivory Towers”
04. “The Second Babel”
05. “Lamb Of The Seven Sins”
06. “Flames Of Merciless Gods”
07. “Sovereign Nation”
08. “Dura Lex Sed Lex”
09. “Iudex”
10. “Occult Den Of Snakes”
11. “Misconception” (limited edition bonus track)
12. “Slavery In A Deaf Decay” (limited edition bonus track)
13. “Hierarchy Of The Fools” (limited edition bonus track)

The band commented:

“‘Misotheism‘ is a pitch-black and delightfully brutal death metal soundtrack to a collapsing universe. It pushed Hour Of Penance to a new level of creativity and we’re confident that you will enjoy the new album as much as we do.

Like we did with our past records, we’ve started working on this one with the same passion and focus as we were about to record our very first album. We’ve never took anything for granted, not only by keeping in mind the standards our fans are expecting, but also pushing ourselves to try perfecting our sound.

The album was worked on in three different locations and handled by three different sound engineers: Bloom Recording Studios (drums), Kick Recording Studio (guitars, bass and vocals) and finally Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated), where it was mixed and mastered. Working with the Wieslawscy brothers was like putting the icing on the cake and thanks to their mastery we managed to achieve the perfect sound without making any compromises.

“Misotheism” cover was handled once again by Hjules Illustration and Design, who perfectly captured the overall feel of the album.”

Hour Of Penance To Begin Recording New Album In February

Hour Of Penance are planning to hit the studio in February to begin the recording process for their new album. The effort is expected to be released later this year via Agonia Records.

The group commented:

“Prepare yourselves, we’re finally ready to hit the studio once again. The follow up to Cast the First Stone will consist of nine tracks written during the course of the last two years in which we put all our best efforts to give you another piece of extreme speed and brutality. We decided to record all drums at Bloom Recording Studio in February, while guitars, bass and vocals will be tracked at Kick Recording Studio. To take things up a notch this time, we’ll fly to Poland in March to do all mixing and mastering at Hertz Recording Studio (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader, Hate and many more) and give you the sonic assault your ears are craving for. We worked harder than ever on every single detail of every single song, and we cannot wait to let all of you get your hands on our new opus. We’ll share more information and details over the next weeks, stay in touch!”

Hour Of Penance Sign With Agonia Records

Hour Of Penance have signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The band are currently working on a new album and are planning to release it through the label in 2019.

The group commented:

“We’re really excited to announce that Hour Of Penance signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The first fruit of our cooperation, a new album, is coming in 2019. It’s great to be part of a label that has always been focused on quality extreme metal and it’s the right place to spread our music and brutalize the ears of extreme metal fans all over the world with the new songs we’ve composed. We’re working very hard to bring you our finest and best sounding album so far and we cannot wait to start recording. More details will be revealed in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes open.”

Hour Of Penance Premiere New Song “The Chains Of Misdeed”

Hour Of Penance have premiered a new song titled “The Chains Of Misdeed,” via Metal Injection. This song is from the band’s new album “Cast The First Stone,“ which will be released on January 27.