Shadows (Ex-Goreaphobia, Etc.) Sign With Agonia Records

Shadows, the new band featuring former Goreaphobia members Alex Bouks (Immolation), Henny Piotrowski, and Jake G and Dominance’s Lance Walter, have signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The group are planning to release their debut EP through the label in 2021. Bouks said the following about the project:

“Shadows is a personal project that has lasted with myself and Henny Piotrowski for over thirty years. He is one of the first people I started playing music with and there has always been a magical chemistry that had never gone away. This year the universe spoke and said the truth shall be unveiled.”

Pestilence Sign With Agonia Records

Pestilence have signed a new deal with Agonia Records via their imprint Hadeon Records. With this news, the band have also confirmed that they are working on a new album titled “Exitivm.” Guitarist Patrick Mameli commented:

“Pestilence and Hadeon Records are very excited to be joining forces with Agonia Records in an exclusive, worldwide agreement to explore new pathways in writing history together.”

Hour Of Penance Sign With Agonia Records

Hour Of Penance have signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The band are currently working on a new album and are planning to release it through the label in 2019.

The group commented:

“We’re really excited to announce that Hour Of Penance signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The first fruit of our cooperation, a new album, is coming in 2019. It’s great to be part of a label that has always been focused on quality extreme metal and it’s the right place to spread our music and brutalize the ears of extreme metal fans all over the world with the new songs we’ve composed. We’re working very hard to bring you our finest and best sounding album so far and we cannot wait to start recording. More details will be revealed in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes open.”

Fire For Effect (Ex-Malevolent Creation, Etc.) Sign With Agonia Records

Fire For Effect, the band featuring Gio Geraca (ex-Malevolent Creation), Bret Hoffmann (ex-Malevolent Creation), Derek Roddy (ex-Hate Eternal, etc.) and Paul Mcbride (Ends), have signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The group commented:

“Hey guys, We are very happy to announce that we will be working with Agonia Records. As you can see, we are working hard and rehearsing our songs that will be appearing on our debut album coming out later this year. You all will be very pleased with what you hear.”

Arsis Sign With Agonia Records

Arsis have signed a new deal with Agonia Records for territories outside the Americas. Nuclear Blast Records will continue to handle releases in those areas. The band’s new album, which they have been recording with producer Mark Lewis, is expected to be released this year. Vocalist/guitarist James Malone commented:

“We are really excited to have found a label partner outside of the Americas. Agonia works with some great bands and we are pleased to be working with them moving forward. We look forward to reaching some new ground with a new record in 2018. Stay tuned for details.”

Atheist Sign With Agonia Records

Atheist have signed a new worldwide deal with Agonia Records and are planning to release their new album through the label later this year. Vocalist Kelly Shaefer commented:

“2018 will mark our 30th year of making records. Atheist will embark on a very important album with an important new label along with a great team behind us, including Extreme Management Group. I feel confident that together, and with their anticipated dedication to bringing Atheist to a new level, the band will be poised for a crushing, new record! We cannot wait to begin this new chapter.”

Cast The Stone (Misery Index, Ex-Cattle Decapitation, Etc.) Sign With Agonia Records

Cast The Stone, the band featuring guitarist Mark Kloeppel (Misery Index), bassist Derek Engemann (Scour, ex-Cattle Decapitation), drummer Jesse Schobel (ex-Scour), and vocalist Andrew Huskey, have signed a new deal with Agonia Records, and plan to release new music this year. The group commented:

“With Agonia Records at the helm, and the sheer pedigree of our membership in Cast The Stone, we promise a stellar conjuring of darkness, and a steadfast willingness to churn limitless blackened hymns into the widening gyre.”