Pestilence Welcome Bassist Tilen Hudrap To The Band

Pestilence have announced the addition of bassist Tilen Hudrap (Vicious Rumors, etc.) to their lineup. You can find audio of Hudrap performing a new track titled “Discarnate Entity” below. The band’s new album “Hadeon” will be released later this year, via Hammerheart.


Pestilence Sign With Hammerheart Records

Pestilence have signed a new deal with Hammerheart, and plan to release a new album titled “Hadeon” later this year. The label is also planning some back catalouge re-releases as well.


Hammerheart issued the following statement:

Hammerheart Records is proud to announce co-operation with living legends Pestilence!

We are extremely proud to announce the signing of the Dutch death metal legends Pestilence, a band that we witnessed live for the first time in 1989 and followed on their path through time. If all goes right Pestilence will enter the studio in June 2017. This will be to record a completely new album called “Hadeon”, which marks a return to the sound Pestilence got famous with on 1992’s “Testimony of the Ancients”, that is what the demos are sounding like! A release of the new record is scheduled to happen within 2017 if all works out as planned.

Hammerheart has also come to an agreement on the back catalogue… but plans are still in the works to get all details finalized concerning these essential recordings (“Malleus Maleficarum”, “Consuming Impulse”, “Testimony of the Ancients” and “Spheres”). This will take some time, but we hope to re-issue those records as deluxe 2-CD’s and LP within 2017 as well.

Pestilence will be active live in 2017 and 2018 and is planning to perform some full classic albums too!

Pestilence Set “Hadeon” As Title Of New Album

Pestilence have revealed that their new album will be titled “Hadeon.” The effort will be released later this year. The band’s current lineup includes Patrick Mameli along with Santiago Dobles (Aghora), Alan Goldstein, and Septimiu Hărşan (Disavowed).


Pestilence Return With New Lineup

Pestilence have returned with a new lineup featuring Patrick Mameli along with Santiago Dobles (Aghora), Tony Choy (Atheist) and Septimiu Hărşan (Disavowed). The band are set to hit the road soon.


Mameli said the following:

“Only for a few shows in Mexico was the first idea. Then it got a bit bigger. At first I was a bit hesitant, but my good friend Tony Choy, convinced me that there would be people wanting to hear the golden oldies in its original form. So there will be no new material written for Pestilence but rather playing great tunes from Malleus to Resurrection. No 8 string guitars. Just a nice trip down memory lane just for the fans. The line up is really great again. Choy, Dobles and Harsan. Awesome to have these guys perform the good old material. For new music I would like to refer to NeuromorpH. This will also happen in 2017. For people that are into tech.death.fusion, this could be interesting. But for now, hail Pestilence and Hail the Pestilence fans.”