Horrendous Finish New Album

Horrendous have officially finished their new album. Further details regarding the effort are still pending. In other news, the band also have the following dates booked:

02/10 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus (feat. Thantifaxath & Reeking Aura)
02/11 Philadelphia, PA – Subterranean Dissonance Fest
05/25-27 Seattle, WA – Northwest Terror Fest

Midnight, Khemmis, Full Of Hell, Etc. To Take Part In Free Virtual Concert To Celebrate 200th Issue Of Decibel

Decibel Magazine will be releasing their 200th issue in June and they are planning to celebrate with a special virtual concert called “Decibel’s 200th Issue Show Extremely Ex-Stream.” The event will take place on April 30 at 5:00pm PDT / 8:00pm EDT and it will feature: Midnight, Khemmis, Full Of Hell, Horrendous, and Wake. Various special guests will also make appearances. On top of that, fans will also be able to watch “Decibel’s 100th Issue Show: The Movie” two hours before the show.

Horrendous Announce March Streaming Concert

Horrendous have announced that they will be streaming a show that they played at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY on March 19. You can find tickets for the virtual event HERE. The band said the following about the set:

“In late December we got together for a few practices and filmed a full live set at St. Vitus bar, and this will finally be streaming on March 19th. We are very proud of the set – it marks our first time playing together in nearly a year, and we are excited to share it with you in all its raucous and raw glory. As a bonus, we also ‘share’ the stage with Glorious Depravity. Perhaps most importantly, this event will help to support St. Vitus bar, one of the best live music venues, during these dark times.”

Horrendous Announce April Tour With Cloak

Horrendous have announced an April tour with Cloak. Here’s the dates:

03/28 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy (feat. Dysrhythmia) (no Cloak)
04/07 Boston, MA – ONCE Ballroom (feat. Satan, Haunt, etc.)
04/08 Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon
04/09 Toronto, ON – Hard Luck (feat. Satan, Haunt, etc.)
04/10 Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
04/11 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s (feat. Spectral Voice)
04/12 Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups

Horrendous Announce West Coast Dates With Of Feather And Bone

Horrendous have announced some West Coast shows with Of Feather And Bone. Here’s the dates:

04/17 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
04/18 Oakland, CA – Elbo Room
04/20 Portland, OR – The High Water Mark
04/21 Seattle, WA – The Highline

Horrendous Stream New Album “Idol”

Horrendous are streaming their new album “Idol” in its entirety. That effort will be released on September 28. The band commented:

“We are incredibly proud to unveil the monstrosity, Idol, in full for the first time. More than ever before, we feel that this work is a seamless, unified entity that demands to be heard in its entirety. Each piece is a unique variation on a larger thematic whole – scattered limbs ultimately assembled into a towering beast—and we are beyond excited for fans to be able to take a step back and absorb it in full, as it was meant to be experienced.”

[via Kerrang!]

Horrendous Premiere New Song “Devotion (Blood For Ink)”

Horrendous have premiered a new song titled “Devotion (Blood For Ink).” This track is from the band’s new album “Idol,” which will be released on September 28. Guitarist/vocalist Matt Knox commented:

“‘Devotion (Blood For Ink)‘ is a meditation on the tenacity of the creative drive, that black hole incessantly pulling inward, a vortex of desire, self doubt, and the mad pursuit of creative perfection. It’s about finding fulfillment in creation without sacrificing oneself to the forging fire, and traversing the razor’s edge between obsession and oblivion. Musically, the song is a relentless push forward, plunging headlong into the belly of the beast, ceasing only for a moment to regroup and claw its way out again. In the end, even our greatest passions can devour us, becoming yet another Idol to which we pay tribute.”

[via Revolver]

Horrendous Announce East Coast Dates

Horrendous will be celebrating the release of their new album “Idol“ (out September 28) with some headlining East Coast shows. Tomb Mold and Daeva will serve as support. Here’s the dates;

11/08 Worcester, MA – Ralph’s Rock Diner
11/09 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus
11/10 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
11/11 Washington, DC – Atlas Brew Works

Horrendous Premiere New Song “The Idolater”

Horrendous have premiered a new song titled “The Idolater.” This track is from the band’s new album “Idol,” which will be released on September 28.

Matt Knox commented:

“‘Idolater,’ is the most direct expression of malaise on ‘Idol,’ lyrically honing in on the despotic political figure heads that seem to be coming to power in the Western world. While it is largely a reaction to the current political landscape of the U.S, I also wanted it to extend to past legacies of tyrannical control, whether from church or state, and the social climates that give birth to them.

The ‘tyrant’ of the song, while applicable to our times, is also archetypal, reflecting the age old cycles of power gained through intimidation and fear, and personal agency traded for a (false) sense of security. It all falls in line with the larger theme of the album of relinquishing one’s power and self determination to the various Idols that surround us, and questioning our roles in sustaining them.”

“Musically, the song is the most direct on the album, adhering to a more ‘traditional’ song structure with a verse and ‘chorus’ of sorts that anchor the song as it develops and briefly veers off in different musical directions. The music and lyrics are also closely intertwined, with complimentary changes in tone, tempo and dissonance as the lyrical narrative progresses. I always loved songs that are a perfect reflection of the lyrical landscapes within them, where the music is an integral part of the ‘story’ of a song, and I think this is one of our best examples of it to date.”

[via Metal Hammer]

Horrendous Premiere New Song “Soothsayer”

Horrendous have premiered a new song titled “Soothsayer” via Decibel. This track is from the band’s new album “Idol,” which will be released on September 28.

The band commented:

“Before starting the writing process for ‘Soothsayer‘, we had been listening to a lot of King Crimson and I remember wanting to try writing something in the grandiose and rhythmic, multilayered style of their mid to late 70s output. I wanted to capture that same sprawling, menacing atmosphere they so frequently achieve.

Some experimentation with this idea led to the opening riffs/section of the song. The rhythmic foundation of the intro is slightly off kilter, giving it a bit of an unsettling/jarring sound, and the multiple layers built on top of it add additional rhythmic and melodic ideas which provide some nice counterpoint to the main riff and help flesh out this section of the song.

From there, the song constantly evolves, with spiraling, jagged riffing that shifts from angular tremolo passages into a melodic crescendo, only to return to the initial theme of the song and end. Soothsayer‘s lyrics mirror this chaos, describing the intangible yet all too present and influential effects of ideology-how it can become both a sword and shield used to protect antiquated thinking, and how it can in some cases seemingly possess one’s thoughts and actions, leading to violence as a balm to ameliorate one’s fear of social, political, or cultural erasure.

In ‘Soothsayer‘, ideology is at once a spirit, a great influencer, a God, a harbinger of destruction, and an epidemic of sorts, the roots of which are lying dormant in all of us. It’s a song about avoiding the teachings, biases, false information and other destructive thinking with which we have been inculcated.”

“Idol” Track Listing:

01. “…Prescience”
02. “Soothsayer”
03. “The Idolater”
04. “Golgothan Tongues”
05. “Divine Anhedonia”
06. “Devotion (Blood for Ink)”
07. “Threnody…”
08. “Obolus”