Gorod Announce U.S. Tour With Cognitive, Summoning The Lich, And Flub

Gorod have announced a headlining U.S. tour. Cognitive, Summoning The Lich, and Flub will open.

Tour Dates:

03/16 Brooklyn, NY – Sovereign
03/17 Washington, DC – Pie Shop
03/18 Pittsburgh, PA – Black Forge
03/19 Cleveland, OH – No Class
03/20 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
03/21 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge
03/22 Cudahy, WI – X-Ray Arcade
03/23 Menomonie, WI – Zymurgy
03/24 Lincoln, NE – 1867
03/25 Denver, CO – Roxy Theater
03/26 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
03/27 Boise, ID – Shredder
03/29 Spokane, WA – The Big Dipper
03/30 Seattle, WA – Funhouse
03/31 Portland, OR – High Water Mark
04/01 Sacramento, CA – Old Ironsides
04/02 Cupertino, CA – The X Bar
04/03 Los Angeles, CA – 1720
04/04 Mesa, AZ – The Underground
04/06 Santa Fe, NM – Tumbleroot
04/07 Dallas, TX – Haltom Theater
04/08 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
04/09 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
04/10 Pensacola, FL – Downtown Music Hall
04/11 Tampa, FL – Brass Mug
04/12 Orlando, FL – The Haven
04/14 Charlotte, NC – Milestone
04/14 Richmond, VA – The Bike Shop

Gorod Premiere “Bekhten’s Curse” Music Video

Gorod have premiered a new video for their song “Bekhten’s Curse.” This track is from their new album “Aethra,“ which was released today (October 19).

Vocalist Julien Deyres commented:

“Out of all of the songs on the album, these lyrics required the most research. I am not at all a specialist in Egyptian antiquity, but in doing my research on lunar deities I discovered this extraordinary story about a so-called miraculous healing of Ramesses II’s sister-in-law. This legend is engraved on a stela that is currently in the Louvre Museum and is a proven historical fake.

In this song, I am playing the role of a Bekhten’s city survivor, which was completely destroyed to restore a form of eventual reality… because way too often, popular legends such as this one were created to hide misdeeds by those who have the power and wish to be considered as heroes…”

[via Revolver]

Gorod Stream New Album “Aethra”

Gorod are streaming their new album “Aethra“ in full, via Kerrang!. That effort will officially be released on October 19. Vocalist Julien Deyres commented:

“Here we are! We finally present our latest effort in its entirety! This one turned out to be a crazy challenge as it was not only the fastest-written Gorod album, but because we added a couple new songwriting elements too. We hope you will appreciate this 10-track journey as much as we do – we had a fantastic experience making it!”

Gorod Premiere “Aethra” Lyric Video

Gorod have premiered a lyric video for the title track of their new album “Aethra.“ That effort will be released on October 19.

Vocalist Julien Deyres commented:

“‘Aethra‘ refers precisely to the complexity of naming, especially when it comes to distant entities both in space and time. Indeed, even among historians, the name Aethra is debated. Some see her as the mother of Theseus, others as Hyperion’s wife, mother of Helios, Selene and Eos.

The subject that actually caught my attention for this album is that of an Aethra (more frequently called Theia) who would be the mother of the moon. Moreover, there is a scientific theory mentioning that an asteroid collided with the Earth which left us a fragment that is still turning around us, and that appears and disappears completely every 28 days.

Aethra is therefore the missing mother who left us the corpse of her offspring in orbit as a memory of the tragedy… but the purpose of the lyrics remains here to leave you all a personal ‘substantial part of fantasy’!”

Gorod Premiere New Song “The Sentry”

Gorod have premiered a new song titled “The Sentry.” This track is from the band’s album “Aethra,“ which will be released on October 19. Vocalist Julien Deyres commented:

“The concept behind ‘The Sentry‘ is that of worldwide myths and beliefs concerning the owl, and more specifically the barn owl. This nocturnal bird that is almost always associated with the moon in many different cultures is also generally considered as a guardian of the kingdom of the dead. This explains the title, and the lyrics are a global presentation of how human beings can perceive a same symbol in different places in the world. We chose to release this song first because we see it as a good introduction to the new material on this album. This track is “straight in your face”, groovy, fast, and also showcases a brand new melodic orientation in Gorod‘s music.”

[via Heavy Consequence]

Gorod To Release New Album “Aethra” In October

Gorod have announced that their new album “Aethra“ will be released on October 19. A teaser for the effort was shared via Metal Injection:

Mathieu Pascal said the following about the album:

“We decided that I would be in charge only for the recording in my studio, and chose Daniel Bergstrand for the mixing and mastering, as we love his work for decades. It puts some pressure on me, firstly because I’m used to working alone with the production of Gorod albums. The tracks should be clear and perfect enough to be easily understood and included into the mix the way I imagined.

But also, because I still feel like a newbie compared to Bergstrand and I just didn’t want to look like an amateur job! Bergstrand and Mackrory did an awesome job on this album, the sound is powerful but still natural and balanced.”

Julien Deyres added:

“The moon: a star, an allegory, a universal symbol that concerns all peoples and eras… this is the central theme of the lyrical concept of this album which is divided into ten texts that follow a form of parity in terms of genres: four titles are devoted to female lunar deities, four to male deities. The remaining two are respectively dealing with the universal symbolism of the owl and the star itself.

The concept is basically a study of different cults associated with the moon through the ages and peoples. Some themes are treated in a purely narrative way, some others in a more philosophical or poetic way, but generally it remains a personal reading of each myth, which aims to awaken critical thought as much as evasion.”

“Aethra” Track Listing:

01. “Wolfsmond”
02. “Bekhten’s Curse”
03. “Aethra”
04. “The Sentry”
05. “Hina”
06. “And The Moon Turned Black”
07. “Chandra And The Maiden”
08. “Goddess Of Dirt”
09. “Inexorable”
10. “A Light Unseen”

Gorod Finish Tracking New Album

It looks like Gorod have finished tracking their new album. The band posted the following: