Gorod To Release New Album “The Orb” In March

Gorod have revealed the details for their new album “The Orb.” The effort will be released on March 7 and the cover art and track listing for it can be found below:

“The Orb” Track Listing:

01. “Chrematheism”
02. “We Are The Sun Gods”
03. “The Orb”
04. “Savitri”
05. “Breeding Silence”
06. “Victory”
07. “Waltz Of Shades”
08. “Scale Of Sorrows”
09. “Strange Days”

The group commented:

“The overall composition of this album stretched out more in time than ‘Æthra‘, which allowed us to try new things. We wanted to go both a little further in new experiments but also return back to our own sources in order to highlight the contrasts. From the most spontaneous to the most polished, we’ve put together the most accessible and extreme material we could.”

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