“Finding Joseph I: An Oral History Of H.R. From Bad Brains” To Receive Paperback Release In July

The paperback edition of Bad Brains frontman Paul “H.R.” Hudson’s “Finding Joseph I: An Oral History Of H.R. From Bad Brains” will be release on July 23. The book was authored by Howie Abrams and James Lathos and this latest edition will come with a new chapter focusing on H.R.’s battle with SUNCT syndrome and the brain surgery he underwent to remedy the condition. It also talks about Bad Brains’ most recent reunion with all four original members. On top of that, the paperback will also feature a new foreword by Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe, who performed live with the group during their latest shows. Blythe also contributed a portrait of H.R. for the book’s back cover, taken from his upcoming photo book “Frontman.” H.R. will be signing copies of the book and playing an acoustic set at Generation Records in New York City on July 23 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Bad Brains’ HR To Release New Solo Album “Give Thanks” In October

Bad Brains frontman Paul “HR” Hudson has announce that he will be releasing a new solo album titled “Give Thanks” on October 18. You can pre-order the effort on limited edition vinyl HERE. You can also find HR’s upcoming tour dates at therealofficialhr.com.

“Finding Joseph I” Documentary About Bad Brains’ HR To Receive Home Release In November

The “Finding Joseph I” documentary about Bad Brains’ Paul “HR” Hudson is set to be released on DVD on November 3. That film was directed by James Lathos, and it focuses on the life of the frontman through previously unseen archival footage, interviews, etc.

You can still catch the film in select theaters as well:

  • 10/14 – Seattle @ Grand Illusio
  • 10/17-18 – New Orleans @ Zeitgeist Arts Center
  • 10/28 – Los Angeles @ Regent Theater (HR and Lathos in attendance)
  • 10/18 – London @ Komedia Picturehouse Brighton
  • 10/19 – London @ Tramshed Cinema – Cardiff
  • 10/21-22 – Switzerland @ Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2017
  • 10/22 – Washington D.C. @ Lincoln Theater
  • 10/26 – Chicago @ Brew View
  • 10/27 – Barcelona @ IN-EDIT Festival
  • 11/25 – Philadelphia @ PhilaMOCA
  • TBD – Brooklyn @ Nitehawk Cinema

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H.R. (Bad Brains) To Undergo Brain Surgery

Bad Brains’s Paul “HR” Hudson, who has been suffering with SUNCT (a rare neurobiological disorder that causes extreme headaches) will soon be undergoing brain surgery for his condition on February 21. He told Loudwire the following about the surgery:

“[My wife] took me to the hospital so I would learn about what was going on in my head, because I was experiencing bad headaches at the time. And the doctor came to me and he said we’re going to have a surgery.”

Until now, he has been handling the disorder with a “cocktail of pharmaceuticals” and holistic substances. As previously announced a GoFundMe campaign that was launched for him in March 2016.


Islander Premiere New Song “Think It Over” Feat. HR (Bad Brains)

Islander have premiered a new song titled “Think It Over,” via Metal Sucks. This song features guest vocals by Bad Brains’ HR, and it will appear on the band’s new album, “Power Under Control,” which will be released on August 5.

Mikey Carvajal said the following:

“‘Think It Over‘ is a rally cry anthem to encourage the youth of today to think about their lives and to make good decisions. We are all born with a type of youthful wildness that if we allow to be tamed, will flourish into harnessed power rather than wasted energy. The idea is to be like a saddled horse instead of a frustrated stallion. To have Power Under Control.”

In other news, the band also have the following shows lined up:

07/16 Oshkosh, WI – Ford Festival Park (Rock Usa)
07/28 St Louis, MO – The Firebird
07/29 Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom
08/03 Erie, PA – Bt Lounge – Basement
08/04 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club
08/05 Poughkeepsie, PA – The Chance
08/14 Stanhope, NJ – Stanhope House
08/17 Winchester, VA – Blue Fox Billiards
08/18 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
08/23 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
08/24 Lubbock, TX – Jake’s
08/25 Gallup, NM – The Juggernaut
08/26 Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock Live
08/27 Las Vegas, NV – Brooklyn Bowl
08/28 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
09/04 Madison, WI – Taste Of Madison
09/10 Denver, CO – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater (‘High Elevation‘)
09/24 Dallas, TX – Texas Motor Speedway (‘Texas Mutiny‘)

Mastodon, Bad Brains, Run DMC, Etc. Members To Guest On New Slaves On Dope Album

Slaves On Dope have revealed the track listing for their new album “Horse.” the effort will feature members of Mastodon, Bad Brains, Run DMC, and Lee-La Baum, and it will be released on September 9.


“Horse” Track Listing:

01. “Electric Kool-Aid”
02. “Health Food & Heroin”
03. “Freebasing”
04. “K-Hole”
05. “Script Writer” (feat. Run DMC’s Darryl “DMC” McDaniels)
06. “Interplanetary Mission” (feat. Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher)
07. “Liquid Sunshine” (feat. Bad Brain’s HR)
08. “Codependency” (feat. Lee-La Baum)
09. “P&P”
10. “Disco Biscuit“

H.R. (Bad Brains) Diagnosed With Rare Neurobiological Disorder

A crowdfunding campaign was recently set up for Bad Brains guitarist Gary “Dr. Know” Miller, who suffered multiple organ failure last fall. Now it appears another member of the band needs help. A new Gofundnme campaign has been set up for vocalist Paul “HR” Hudson, who has been suffering with SUNCT, which is a rare neurobiological disorder that causes extreme headaches.


His wife Lori Hudson issued the following statement:

“I am HR’s caregiver. He has a neurobiological disorder and has also had severe headaches for years. The headaches have gotten progressively worse; in November, he began living with almost constant pain. He has been diagnosed with a rare type of headache called SUNCT, a trigeminal neuralgia that is similar to cluster headaches. There is no known cure and no reliable medical treatment. To give you an idea of what he’s dealing with, cluster headaches are nicknamed “Suicide Syndrome.” The headaches come randomly, with no warning, at all hours of the day and night; but for him, they are much worse at night. The intensity of the nighttime headaches is so great that he yells, cries out, groans, and sobs—repeatedly, every few minutes, for most of the night. He can’t work. He has no quality of life. If you call him and ask how he is, he will say, ‘Everything’s okay,’ because that’s just how he is. But everything is not okay.

We’ve been consulting doctors for the past few years, and have uncovered several health issues that we were able to address and overcome. But these headaches… In the past six months, he’s been to the emergency room twice, had an overnight in the hospital, has seen two neurologists, and so far he has a diagnosis and found a pain medication that worked well for a while but is not safe to take long-term—so it’s two steps forward, three steps back. He has an appointment in early May at a Headache Center–not fully covered by health insurance–where we hope to find someone with experience with this type of headache. He’s on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals that scares me. He has lost weight, with visible muscle wasting.

As a clinical herbalist, you can be sure that I have also been tapping into my extensive knowledge of natural medicine. Nothing is working YET. I know what we need to try next, including acupuncture and some herbal preparations, however we can’t manage the costs of these treatments.

I am a full-time caregiver. I work a full-time retail management job with varying shifts. I manage HR’s calendar and business as best as I can. I’ve been trying really hard to work on extra projects to bring in some extra money (very slow going). I take care of the apartment, the car, the bills, HR’s doctor appointments, everything. I do all of the things. And now I can’t sleep because my husband is crying out in pain all night. On top of the physical stress of shift work and not getting enough sleep, the emotional and psychological stress of watching him be in pain and not being able to do a damn thing about it is wearing me down. He needs me to be around more and he needs me to be at my best. I can’t do this alone anymore. We need your help.

Thank you for anything you can do to help HR regain his health–and his life.”