Metal Anarchy’s Top Albums Of 2021

I have put together a list of my top 10 albums of 2021. You can check that out below. This is just for fun and I know I probably left out some of your favorites, but these are all of the albums that I enjoyed the most this year:

10. Jinjer – “Wallflowers”

“Wallflowers” finds Jinjer at the top of their game. It offers fans nothing short of a masterful display of progressive metal through a barrage of aggressive and groove-orientated tracks. Some highlights from this one include: “Vortex,” “Disclosure!,” and “Pearls And Swine.”

09. Plush – “Plush”

The self-titled debut album from Plush proves that rock and roll is alive and well. It’s a record full of rock anthems from a young band, who are sure to make waves in the music world for years to come. Some highlights from this one include: “Athena,” “Hate,” and “Sober.”

08. The Pretty Reckless – “Death By Rock And Roll”

“Death By Rock And Roll” takes the emotional toll of loss and pain and transforms it into pure and cathartic rock music. It continues to show growth from a band who have continuously cranked out high quality material since their inception. Some highlights from this one include: the title track, “Only Love Can Save Me Now,” and “Witches Burn.”

07. Mastodon – “Hushed And Grim”

“Hushed And Grim” is one of Mastodon’s best albums to date. It combines grief-laden lyrics with impeccable musicianship to create a piece of art that takes the listener on a journey. Some highlights from this one include: “Pain With An Anchor,” Teardrinker,” and “Gobblers Of Dregs.”

06. Royal Blood – “Typhoons”

“Typhoons” is what happens when you throw Royal Blood’s infectious rock sound into a disco blender. The material is extremely catchy and you can’t help but move along to it. Some highlights from this one include: “Trouble’s Coming,” the title track, and “Boilermaker.”

05. Every Time I Die – “Radical”

“Radical” is quintessential Every Time I Die. The record fuses heavy and chaotic music with clever lyrics that grab the listener the whole way through. Some highlights from this one include: “Dark Distance,” “Planet Shit,” and “Desperate Pleasures.”

04. Bullet For My Valentine – “Bullet For My Valentine”

Bullet For My Valentine’s new self-titled album takes the most aggressive aspects of the band’s sound and puts them at the forefront to create some of the group’s heaviest material to date. It is a record that is truly worthy of the name “Bullet For My Valentine.” Some highlights from this one include: “Knives,” “Shatter,” and the closer “Death By A Thousand Cuts.”

03. Trivium – “In The Court Of The Dragon”

“In The Court Of The Dragon” takes all of the musical elements of Trivium’s past work and combines them with mythological storytelling to create a record that’s epic as hell. It has everything a metal fan can want and you can’t help but headbang the whole way through. Some highlights from this one include: “The Shadow Of The Abattoir,” “Like A Sword Over Damocles,” and “The Phalanx.”

02. Spiritbox – “Eternal Blue”

“Eternal Blue” is the highly anticipated debut album from Spiritbox and it definitely did not disappoint. It is everything one would want in a record, commanding vocals and passionate lyrics backed by heavy and melodic music. Some highlights from this one include: “Holy Roller,” “Circle With Me,” and “Constance.”

01. Evanescence – “The Bitter Truth”

“The Bitter Truth” is Evanescence’s first album of all new material since 2011 and the band definitely returned with a bang. The record is a hard rock masterpiece that helps the listener uncover light within the darkness as they are guided through the soundscape by Amy Lee’s iconic powerhouse vocals. Some highlights from this one include “Wasted On You,” “Better Without You,” and “Use My Voice.”

Watch Mastodon Perform “Teardrinker” On “Late Night With Seth Meyers”

Mastodon performed their song “Teardrinker” live during last night’s (November 23) episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” You can see footage of that below. “Teardrinker” appears on the band’s latest album “Hushed And Grim.”

Soundgarden, Municipal Waste, Etc. Members To Guest On New Mastodon Album “Hushed And Grim”

It looks like Mastodon’s new album, “Hushed And Grim” (out October 29), will feature a number of special guests. During an interview with Kerrang!, the group confirmed that Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, Municipal Waste’s Dave Witte, Marcus King, João Nogueira, etc. will appear on the effort.

Drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor said the following about the new record, which was influenced by the death of the band’s manager Nick John:

“‘Hushed And Grim‘ is a mood. It’s about grief, about guilt, about all those fun feelings. It’s awful seeing your friend suffer like that and knowing there’s nothing that you can do. If you know, you know…”

Bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders added:

“It’s about taking the factual, brutal darkness of a life’s moment, then really trying to navigate through and beyond it. Writing and recording this record was like grief counselling for me: started out feeling horrific, came out feeling fantastic. Even if we wanted to write a happier record, we couldn’t. Our band doesn’t work that way. We can’t just shovel all of the darkness aside and say that everything was great.”

On another note, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds mentioned that the group also recorded some “proggy punk-rock songs” and “long Sabbathy-sounding shit” during the “Hushed And Grim” sessions. The extra material might be used for another future release.

Mastodon To Release New Album “Hushed And Grim” In October, Premiere “Pushing The Tides” Music Video

Mastodon have announced that their new album, “Hushed And Grim,” will be released on October 29. A video for the effort’s first single, “Pushing The Tides,” can be found below:

“Hushed And Grim” Track Listing:

01. “Pain With An Anchor”
02. “The Crux”
03. “Sickle And Peace”
04. “More Than I Could Chew”
05. “The Beast”
06. “Skeleton Of Splendor”
07. “Teardrinker”
08. “Pushing The Tides”
09. “Peace And Tranquility”
10. “Dagger”
11. “Had It All”
12. “Savage Lands”
13. “Gobblers Of Dregs”
14. “Eyes Of Serpents”
15. “Gigantium”