END Cancel Canadian Dates On Upcoming Tour With Portrayal Of Guilt, Yashira, & Wake, Announce New Shows In Buffalo, NY & Lakewood, OH

END have cancelled the Canadian dates on their upcoming North American tour with Portrayal Of Guilt, Yashira, and Wake. With this news, the band have also announced two new dates in Buffalo, NY and Lakewood, OH. Here’s their updated schedule:

03/04 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus
03/05 Asbury Park, NJ – House Of Independents
03/06 Boston, MA – Middle East Upstairs
03/08 Buffalo, NY – Rec Room
03/09 Lakewood, OH – The Foundry
03/10 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
03/11 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
03/12 Minneapolis, MN – Studio B / Skyway Theater
03/14 Denver, CO – HQ
03/17 Portland, OR – Mano Oculta
03/18 Oakland, CA – Eli’s Mile High Club
03/19 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
03/22 Dallas, TX – Amplified
03/23 Nashville, TN – The End

END Announce North American Tour With Portrayal Of Guilt, Yashira, & Wake

END have announced a headlining North American tour. Portrayal Of Guilt, Yashira, and Wake will open.

Tour Dates:

03/04 Brooklyn, NY – St. Vitus
03/05 Asbury Park, NJ – House Of Independents
03/06 Boston, MA – Middle East Upstairs
03/08 Montreal, QC – Cabaret Foufs
03/09 Toronto, ON – Hard Luck
03/10 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
03/11 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
03/12 Minneapolis, MN – Studio B / Skyway Theater
03/14 Denver, CO – HQ
03/17 Portland, OR – Mano Oculta
03/18 Oakland, CA – Eli’s Mile High Club
03/19 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
03/22 Dallas, TX – Amplified
03/23 Nashville, TN – The End

Yashira Premiere New Song “Shades Erased” Featuring Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker

Yashira have premiered a new song titled “Shades Erased.” The track, which features Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker, is from the band’s new album “Fail To Be,“ which will be released on December 11. Yashira commented:

“‘Shades Erased‘ centers on the growing disparity between human and technological capabilities. At the pace technology is advancing, we’ll soon reach the point where the option of intellectual augmentation becomes a reality. Considering the likelihood that many will embrace any chance to enhance themselves, the title relates to the human condition as it’s known turning obsolete; similar to the way physical products and processes transitioned to digital formats.”

Yashira Premiere New Song “Impasse”

Yashira have premiered a new song titled “Impasse.” This track is from the band’s new album “Fail To Be,“ which will be released on December 11. Luke Barber commented:

“‘Impasse‘ is a track that uses religious devotion as a metaphor for drug addiction. In many ways, drug dependence and the belief in a higher power are parallel. The damage they inflict on the psyche can be permanent. This song is about autonomy being stripped away in the search for relief.”

Yashira Premiere “Shards Of Heaven” Music Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Fail To Be”

Yashira have premiered a new video for their new song “Shards Of Heaven.” This track is from the band’s new album “Fail To Be,” which will be released on December 11.

The band said the following about the song:

“The song is about how violence is used to gain power over people, and specific situations. It’s about how violence and power are used perpetually throughout history to create false realities for those safeguarded and protected from and by the violence.”

They also added the following about the album:

“Writing for this record began right after ‘Shrine‘ was released. Seth was still with us while we were writing for this; the sound was evolving a lot from the beginning stages up to when he passed. When we decided to move forward with Ryan, all we had were very blown-out voice memo recordings of the songs, so there was a lot of necessary reworking. For the tracks to be as good as they could be, we wrote to our chemistry and strengths with Ryan, and with a much more pinpointed idea of what we wanted out of our sound, we were able to get into a groove.

Recording ‘Fail To Be‘ was a different experience for all of us. We’d never been in a studio setting like we were at Silver Bullet as far as putting aside three weeks to crank out a record. We learned a lot from working with Greg and Chris on so many different levels. This setting had us eating/sleeping/breathing this record, and that kind of environment brought out a focus none of us had ever known. We were all dialed in, and we think it shows. Us, Greg and Chris were able to create something we’re all very proud of making.”

“Fail To Be” Track Listing:

01. “The Constant”
02. “Shards Of Heaven”
03. “The Weight”
04. “Impasse”
05. “Shades Erased”
06. “Amnesia”
07. “Narrowed In Mirrored Light”
08. “Inertia Mines”
09. “Kudzu”

Yashira Recording New Album

Yashira have officially started the recording process for their new album. The effort will be the band’s first with Ryan O’Neal, who took on drumming duties following the tragic death of Seth Howard. The group posted the following:

Yashira Announce New Drummer

Yashira have welcomed Ryan O’Neal to the band as their new drummer. He will be taking over for Seth Howard, who sadly passed away one year ago today (December 29).

Yashira commented

“Hello, all. It’s time for an update:

We’ve spent much of this past year reflecting and reorganizing to continue moving forward with the vision the four of us created. Not only is this something we feel we need to do, but also what we know Seth would want us to do. We’re joined now by our good friend Ryan O’Neal (Seraph/The Light, Autolith), a truly incredible talent and all-around great person. We’re grateful for him jumping in to continue this venture with us.

We will be heading to Connecticut at the end of January to record our second full length at Silver Bullet Studios with Gregory James Thomas. It will be released via Good Fight Music. We’ve spent a great deal of time making this collection of songs something we’re all very proud of. In light of last year’s events, we were forced into being the most honest versions of ourselves and the direction of our new material is an absolute reflection of this. We hope you enjoy and resonate with the next stages of this journey.

This year has revealed much about our collective abilities. By using lessons learned through loss to continue pushing forward, we’ve realized all of this is much larger than ourselves. To everyone who has stuck by us, we could never properly express our gratitude. The support we’ve received from you all has opened our eyes to how truly special this thing we’ve built really is. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so much.

You’ll be hearing more from us soon.

–Dylan, Connor, Luke, and Ryan“

The group also shared a new tribute for Howard to mark the first anniversary of his death:

“One year. It feels like yesterday and a decade all at the same time. I’ll never forget receiving the news, the feeling of complete emptiness and disbelief. A feeling our minds revisit on a nearly constant basis.

It’s impossible to convey the impact Seth made on us and all who knew him. How lucky we are to have known a person like him in such an honest and meaningful way. He changed our lives for the better and if you knew him, he did the same for you. We will never forget the joy he brought to us making our time spent with him some of the greatest days of our lives.

We love you endlessly.
We miss you constantly.

04/13/94 – 12/29/18″

Yashira Drummer Seth Howard Killed In Car Crash

Yashira’s Seth Howard has sadly passed away at the age of 24. According to News4Jax, the drummer was crossing the center median on SW State Road 231 in Bradford County, Florida when he hit another vehicle head-on. He died from injuries related to the crash. The two people in the other car were both taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The band commented:

“Hey all,

Where do I start? When I had the idea of this band in my head, Seth was the first person I asked to do it with me. We had been friends for many years prior, so he agreed to jam even though he was a full-time student at the University of Florida (we get it dude, you’re smart). He had been in bands with Connor, I had been in bands with Luke so it all just made sense. It fell right into place, really. We went in that non-air-conditioned storage unit for the first time, wrote a song, and the rest is history.

Writing with Seth was such a treat. He knew exactly what he wanted to hear and 9/10 times, that’s the route the songs would take. He was incredible at just listening and putting it all together like a rubrics cube in his head. Creating what we have would have never granted us the opportunities if he weren’t in the mix. He wasn’t the greatest drummer on the planet, but he was to us.

When we started to tour, it was more or less a new experience for all of us. Luke and I had done a few brief stints in the southeast with other bands but nothing notable. Seth and Connor had never done anything like it, and Seth loved every second of it. He enjoyed sleeping on top of a bass cab in the back of the van even though he was 6’ 2”. He enjoyed listening to techno while everyone was asleep on absolutely ridiculous drives like Pittsburgh to Jacksonville, or Jacksonville to Philadelphia, Brooklyn, etc. (we’ve done some fucking stupid drives). He liked to just walk around new places while puffing on his weed pen just to explore. We couldn’t possibly convey how grateful we are to have shared these experiences with him. You never really know the true importance of these moments when you’re in them.

If you saw him, he was probably laughing to himself about something he saw whether it was just cool to see or actually funny. He was ALWAYS laughing and his laugh was contagious, loud as fuck, and it got etched into the mind of anyone who ever met him. If you met him, you loved him. It’s that simple. He was so goofy and funny. He was absurdly smart and knew all the right things to say at any given moment. The fact that he’s not here anymore makes our world spin slower. We feel so empty knowing he’s not going to reply to our 4 year long group chat or call us and tell us he’s going to be 2 hours late or some shit.

As for our future, we really don’t know what’s in store. We’re trying to just process and heal as much as we can. Maybe we’ll pick this up with some sort of plan, maybe we won’t. We haven’t gotten a chance to give it any thought. Right now, all we know is that we and his family miss him so much it hurts.

Thank you to William Putney along with Carl and Rick at Good Fight Music for putting out a record with him on it for the world to hear, Sean Mott, Daniel DeFonce, and any show promoter/attendee that made these experiences possible for us to share with him, all the bands we’ve toured/played shows with for memories made, and thank you all so much for the outpour of love and condolences from every angle.

Tell your friends you love them every chance you get. Things can change quicker than you’d ever believe.

You’ll hear from us sooner or later. Be good to each other.

– Dylan, Luke, Connor

To the great friend, brother, son, person we’ve ever known, Rest In Peace, Seth.

We love and miss you so much.

Yashira Stream New Song “Led To Ache”

Yashira are streaming a new song titled “Led To Ache,” via Decibel. You can check that out HERE. This track will appear on the band’s new split release with Zao, which will be available tomorrow (September 21). Yashira commented:

“When we were approached to do the split, we had just finished writing ‘Led To Ache‘ and felt it fit perfectly with Zao’s track. The song deals with the harm that manifests daily through the corporate obsession with production, development, and expansion, as well as the subsequent guilt of being a consumer in 2018 and cynicism about the future.”