The Body Premiere New Song “A Lament”

The Body have premiered a new song titled “A Lament.” This track is from the band’s new album “I’ve Seen All I Need To See,” which will be released on January 29, 2021.

“I’ve Seen All I Need To See” Track Listing:

01. “A Lament”
02. “Tied Up and Locked In”
03. “Eschatological Imperative”
04. “A Pain of Knowing”
05. “The City Is Shelled”
06. “They Are Coming”
07. “The Handle / The Blade”
08. “Path of Failure”

The new record was engineered by Seth Manchester, who had the following to say:

“It’s a meditation on distortion. We tried pushing the limits of each piece of gear in the studio to hear what its breaking point sounded like and then recorded it—even feeding the console back on itself during one particular live take.”

Matt Colton, who mastered the effort, added:

“The distortion has this ability to envelope you, and not push you away. It has this strange kind of beautiful timbre… once you give into the sheer power of it, and let it take you on a ride then it becomes this whole other kind of sonic experience.”

Thou & The Body Release Live Album “Everyday, Things Are Getting Worse”

Thou and The Body have released a new live album titled “Everyday, Things Are Getting Worse“ via Bandcamp. The release was recorded during their collaborative set at the 2018 Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, NET and proceeds from it will go towards Electric Girls.

Full Of Hell & The Body Announce Summer European Tour

Full Of Hell and The Body have announced a summer European tour. Select dates will find the groups playing collaborative sets.

Tour Dates:

07/04 Roskilde, DEN – Roskilde Festival (collaborative set)
07/05 Kassel, GER – Goldgrube
07/06 Leipzig, GER – Conne Island
07/07 Warsaw, POL – Poglos (Full Of Hell only)
07/08 Prague, CZE – Modra Vopice
07/09 Budapest, HUN – Durer Kert
07/10 Munich, GER – Backstage
07/11 Paris, FRA – Gibus
07/12 London, UK – The Dome (collaborative set)
07/13 Dour, BEL – Dour Festival (collaborative set)
07/15 Nijmegen, NET – Valkhof Festival
07/16 Berlin, GER – Zukunft am Ostkreuz
07/18 Helsinki, FIN – Kuudes Linja (Full Of Hell only)
07/19 Tampere, FIN – Vastavirta-Klubi (Full Of Hell only)
07/20 Lahti, FIN – Torvi (Full Of Hell only)

The Body & Full Of Hell Premiere “Farewell, Man” Music Video

The Body and Full Of Hell have premiered a new video for their new song “Farewell, Man“. The track is from their new collaborative album “Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light,“ which will be released on November 17.

The Body & Full Of Hell Announce New Collaborative Album “Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light”, Stream New Song “Earth Is A Cage”

The Body and Full Of Hell have announced a new collaborative album called “Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light.” The effort will be available on November 17, and the first single “Earth Is A Cage” can be found below:

Full Of Hell’s Dylan Walker commented:

“We just felt like we had more to say. For the record, The Body are probably my favorite active band. The first collaboration was a very fun process for everyone and we didn’t feel like we had to strain ourselves to produce material. Their work is inspiring and we really connect as a group. I’m sure that for them, it was as simple as that. They want to create music with people they care about.”

The Body‘s Lee Buford added:

“I don’t really see the collaboration stuff we do as that unusual. I guess if I ever felt like we didn’t have anything to say then I might be wary of putting out so much stuff but there’s different ways of expressing things and this gives us the opportunity to use a different means of expression. Plus, we’re really good friends with Full Of Hell, so it’s a pretty easy decision to work with them.”

“Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light” Track Listing:

01. “Light Penetrates”
02. “Earth Is A Cage”
03. “The King Laid Bare”
04. “Didn’t The Night End”
05. “Our Love Conducted With Shields Aloft”
06. “Master’s Story”
07. “Farewell, Man”
08. “I Did Not Want To Love You So”