The Acacia Strain Release New Album “It Comes In Waves”

The Acacia Strain have digitally released a new album titled “It Comes In Waves.” You can stream that below. Physical copies of the effort can be pre-ordered HERE and they are expected to ship in February.

“It Comes In Waves” Track Listing:

01. “Our”
02. “Only”
03. “Sin”
04. “Was”
05. “Giving”
06. “Them”
07. “Names”

Vincent Bennett told Decibel that the record is essentially one song divided into seven parts. He also added the following about its concept:

“The main concept is that humans have believed in deities and gods and angels and demons and all of these otherworldly, infallible beings since the beginning of humanity. They all, throughout cultures, throughout time, throughout everything, they all have commonalities, they all have this feeling of leadership, of manipulation, of humans always follow whatever these deities say and they’re known to be all-knowing, all-powerful and, like I said before, infallible. The concept of this album is although all of these cultures have different gods, what if it’s all the same “gods” that have been, throughout history, manipulating and shaping humanity?

I’m not saying they’re aliens, but I’m saying they’re inter-dimensional beings that have a personality and have kind of just been manipulating humanity since the beginning. They’ve been around forever. We haven’t and they saw us as an opportunity to have a little fun.

That’s basically what the album is about. It’s about this idea of gods actually being not only real but also physical beings that are just having their way with us at our expense, just so they can have something to do.”

He also revealed that another album will follow in 2020:

“We wrote and recorded two albums last year. We recorded this one…. we’re still on Rise Records. We recorded this album first, from April to June, then we went on tour, we got home, we went to Iowa and we recorded another record for Rise Records. It was a very stressful year when it came to music and I don’t think anybody in my band wants to write a record for another ten years because we just did two pretty much back to back.

We will be supporting this record but our next record is going to get announced I think very soon and the first part of it is going to be support on this Rotting Out tour. It’s a lot for people to take in but I think nowadays you need to keep people interested and you need to keep music going. You need to make people understand that you’re not done. You’re not going away. You need to keep it creative so with this record, ‘It Comes in Waves‘, we did our very off brand—I don’t even want to say off brand because I don’t think we have a brand. We try to do something different every record while still keeping it comfortable.

This was our outside-the-box record and our next one is less experimental I want to say. I don’t think people are going to expect for us, one, to come up with two records so close together but for us to come out with a record that sounds like this one does. At the same time, after hearing ‘It Comes in Waves‘, I think people are going to be like ‘OK, this band can do different things.’

In 2020, we’ll be a band for 19 years. To keep it going without putting the same record out over and over again, we’ll have to do something like ‘It Comes in Waves‘ and after that, see where it goes. Because we wrote these records so close together, it kind of bleeds over and it bleeds over in a way that you’ll be able to tell they were written around the same time. But at the same time, you’ll say ‘OK, this is progression, I get it and I’m really happy to hear this band doing something different.’ I hope it comes across as different. I don’t read reviews, but I hope when the reviews come in, it’s not just ‘Oh, well it’s another Acacia Strain record. This is what we expected!”

We want people to go, ‘They did an OK job at moving forward.’”

The Acacia Strain Rumored To Release New Album Next Week

The Acacia Strain are rumored to be releasing a new album, titled “It Comes In Waves,” on December 26. According to Lambgoat, the news was leaked by Qobuz, who had a product listing for the record. You can check out the apparent cover art and track listing below:

“It Comes In Waves” Track Listing:

01. “Our”
02. “Only”
03. “Sin”
04. “Was”
05. “Giving”
06. “Them”
07. “Names”

The Acacia Strain, Rotting Out, Creeping Death, Chamber & Fuming Mouth Announce North American Tour

The Acacia Strain, Rotting Out, Creeping Death, Chamber, and Fuming Mouth have announced a North American tour together. You can find the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

02/28 New Haven, CT – The State House
02/29 Amityville, NY – Amityville Music Hall
03/01 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage
03/03 Greensboro, NC – The Blind Tiger
03/04 W. Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern
03/05 Orlando, FL – Soundbar
03/06 Tampa, FL – Crowbar
03/07 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
03/09 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
03/10 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
03/11 Austin, TX – Empire Control Room
03/14 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction (No Creeping Death)
03/15 Los Angeles, CA – 1720 (No Creeping Death)
03/16 Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone (No Creeping Death)
03/17 Portland, OR – The Hawthorne Theatre (No Creeping Death)
03/18 Seattle, WA – El Corazon (No Creeping Death)
03/20 Salt Lake City, UT – The Greek Station
03/21 Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
03/22 Lawrence, KS – The Bottleneck
03/24 St. Paul, MN – Amsterdam Bar & Hall
03/25 Chicago, IL – Subterranean
03/26 Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome
03/27 Columbus, OH – Skully’s Music Diner
03/28 Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary
03/29 Toronto, ON – Hard Luck Bar
03/31 Ottawa, ON – The Brass Monkey
04/01 Montreal, QC – Bar le Ritz
04/02 Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon
04/03 Worcester, MA – Palladium
04/04 Brooklyn, NY – The Kingsland
04/05 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts

The Acacia Strain Recording New Album

It looks like The Acacia Strain have officially started the recording process for their new album. Some photos and footage from the sessions were recently shared on the band and guitarist Tom Smith’s Twitter accounts:

[via The PRP]

The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett Comments On Mass Shootings During Cudahy, WI Show: “Anybody That Knows This Band Knows That We Don’t Condone Anything Even Close To The Things That Have Been Happening”

As previously reported, some people tried to scapegoat The Acacia Strain after one of their hoodies was found on the body of the mass shooter in Dayton, OH. Frontman Vincent Bennett previously condemned the gunman’s actions on social media and has since commented further during the group’s August 4 show in Cudahy, WI.

Bennett told the crowd the following:

“Before we start, I want to kind of say something about the things that have been happening in the past couple of days. Kinda bullshit. Anybody that knows this band knows that we don’t condone anything even close to the things that have been happening in El Paso–the things that have been happening in Dayton.

It’s disgusting, it’s sad and all I do this for is so you have a safe place to be. So you can have a good fucking time, so you can get your energy out, so you can leave smiling.

All I ever wanted to do was make music. All I ever wanted to do was make people happy. So please, just have a good fucking time tonight. Throw everything else out the window. Smile. Make a new friend. Just have fun. Please.”

The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett Responds To Reports Of Dayton, Ohio Mass Shooter Wearing The Band’s Merch

Early this morning (August 4), a 24-year-old gunman staged a mass shooting in Dayton, OH, killing nine people and wounding 27 others. Police were able to kill the man and a photo of what is believed to be his body has surfaced online. The picture allegedly shows the shooter wearing a hoodie with lyrics from The Acacia Strain’s “Ramirez“ on it and some people have tried to use this information to scapegoat the band:

After finding out about this, The Acacia Strain frontman Vincent Bennett responded:

The Dayton, OH shooting follows yesterday’s shooting in El Paso, TX in which a 21-year-old gunman killed 20 people and wounded 26 others. Both shootings also follow last week’s shooting in Gilroy, CA, in which a 19-year-old gunman killed three people and wounded 13 others.

The Acacia Strain Announce Tour With Kublai Khan, Judiciary, & Chamber

The Acacia Strain have announced a summer headlining tour. Kublai Khan, Judiciary, and Chamber will open.

Tour Dates:

07/31 Waterford, NY – Chrome
08/01 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
08/02 Lakewood, OH – The Foundry
08/03 Detroit, MI – The Shelter
08/04 Cudahy, WI – X-Ray Arcade
08/06 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose Tap House
08/07 St. Louis, MO – Fubar
08/08 Nashville, TN – The End
08/09 Knoxville, TN – The Concourse
08/10 Augusta, GA – The Epicenter
08/11 Charlotte, NC – Amos’ Southend
08/13 Louisville, KY – The Tiger Room
08/14 Cincinnati, OH – Northside Yacht Club
08/15 Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
08/16 Richmond, VA – Canal Club
08/18 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus