Powerflo (Ex-Fear Factory, Biohazard, Cypress Hill, Etc.) Planning To Release Debut Album This Spring

Powerflo, the new band featuring Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory, etc.), Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Rogelio Lozano (Downset.), Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), and Fernando Schaefer (Worst), have revealed that they are planning to release their debut album in either March or April via New Damage Records. Graziadei told The New American Media that the band’s music is like a cross between Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Cypress Hill, and Wolbers offered the following about their name:

“Basically, Sen Dog was spitting his game on some of the heavy riffs and shit. And he was, like, ‘Do you like this?’ And Roy, the other guitar player, said, ‘Yeah. A power flow. That’s good.’ So that’s where it kind of came from.”

Ex-Fear Factory, Biohazard, Cypress Hill, Etc. Members Working On New Project Powerflow

Ex-Fear Factory, etc. bassist Christian Olde Wolbers recently guested on Doc Coyle’s (ex-God Forbid) Ex Man podcast. During the interview, Wolbers revealed that he is working on a new project called Powerflow, with Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Rogelio Lozano (Downset.), Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), and Fernando Schaefer (Worst).

Wolbers said the following about that:

“I just finished a record with Sen Dog from Cypress Hill—he’s doing a metal band, it’s like hardcore, metal, hip-hop all infused, we just wrote fourteen songs or something. He’s gonna put it out, if he is able to establish some tours and some work… It’s called Powerflow, it’s Sen Dog, Rogelio [Lozano] from Downset., Billy [Graziadei] from Biohazard, myself and Fernando Schaefer, which is a drummer in Worst—a Brazilian band, amazing drummer. If there’s some tours… I mean Prophets Of Rage is going out next year, there’s been talk about Powerflow being the opening band and also Tim‘s [Commerford] band [Wakrat.]”

Listen to the full interview to hear him discuss a hardcore band he may work on, the possibility of reuniting with Fear Factory, and more.

[via The PRP]