Life Of Agony Announce UK Tour With Doyle

Life Of Agony have announced a fall UK tour with Doyle. The band will be touring in support of their upcoming album “The Sound Of Scars.“ Here’s the dates:

10/22 London, UK – O2 Academy
10/23 Southampton, UK – Engine Rooms
10/25 Birmingham, UK – The Mill
10/26 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
10/27 Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
10/29 Milton Keynes, UK – Craufurd Arms
10/30 Bristol, UK – The Fleece


Life Of Agony Perform New Song “Empty Hole” Live In New York

During their May 10 show at the PlayStation Theater in New York, NY, Life Of Agony performed a new song titled “Empty Hole.” This track will appear on the group’s upcoming album “The Sound Of Scars.” That effort will continue the story that started with “River Runs Red” and a fall release is expected.

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Life Of Agony Recruit Producer Sylvia Massy For New Album “The Sound Of Scars”

Life Of Agony have recruited Sylvia Massy to produce and mix their new album “The Sound Of Scars.“ The band are currently recording the effort at Studio Divine in Ashland, Oregon. Additional recording will take place in New York. The album will continue the story that started with “River Runs Red” and a fall release is expected.

Bassist Alan Robert commented:

“Sylvia has a deep understanding of what this band is all about and we’ve wanted to work with her for a very, very long time. Especially, since this is a concept album continuing the story of ‘River Runs Red,’ we’re extremely grateful to have her on board to help capture the darkness, raw emotion and heaviness of the new material.”

Massy added:

“Life of Agony began boldly over 25 years ago with its hard musical discourse into the human condition, a darkly hued story which continues to evolve today. This is a unique band with a remarkable history of personal discovery – a phoenix tale of flight, fire and resurrection. This month we begin again to record the latest chapter. I am excited to be the witness to the creation of the new Life of Agony album!”

Life Of Agony Hint That Their New Album Will Continue The Story Of “River Runs Red”

It looks like Life Of Agony’s new album will be continuing the story from their 1993 debut “Rivers Runs Red.“ The band shared the below teaser for the effort, which is set to be released this fall via Napalm Records.

Life Of Agony To Begin Recording New Album In February

Life Of Agony have revealed that they will be hitting the studio in February to begin recording their new album. The effort will be the band’s first with drummer Veronica Bellino.

Guitarist Joseph Zampella (a.k.a. Joey Z) told Michael Nagy from KJAG radio and Jiggy Jag TV the following about the effort [transcribed by Blabbermouth]:

“We’re very excited about this next record we’re writing. This next record is really gonna define LIFE OF AGONY in the next decade — what it means to be LIFE OF AGONY. It’s really gonna set a new standard even for the band.”

He also added the following when asked about the musical direction:

“We really never discuss a direction. We always just write what’s coming out at the moment, and what’s coming out right now is the best LIFE OF AGONY music that’s been around for a long time.”

Bassist Alan Robert commented as well:

“And also the way that we’re going about writing is kind of really getting back to the fun of writing. The last record, basically, there was a 12-year gap between albums, and we kind of got jaded from the music industry for everything that we went through. And now we’re inspired again and having fun writing. It’s kind of like the old days.”

Zampella continued:

“[We’re] sharing ideas again and listening to each other and checking out something someone has or an idea for a song that someone else has. And it’s just really open and fun, and exactly what Alan said — it’s fun again. Making music should be fun. ‘Cause if it’s not, there’s an issue, there’s a problem. And so far, it’s been super. And you’ll hear that in the music. And that’s what I think a lot of people are missing in their music — that organic, fun aspect. You can hear that in people’s music; you hear that in writing.”

Robert added:

“We’ve been on tour all year, on this ‘Rise Of The Underground’, and just so much energy and so much positivity all over the world, I think we take that into the writing.”

Sal Abruscato Calls Life Of Agony’s Mina Caputo A “Piece Of Shit” After She Reportedly Accuses Him Of Bigotry

Ex-Life Of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato blasted the band’s transgendered singer Mina Caputo after she reportedly accused him of bigotry. The drama started after a fan claimed Abruscato said Caputo voted for Donald Trump and they were wondering if it was true. She responded in a since deleted tweet saying Abruscato “is a bigot, homophobe-Transphobic.” Abruscato then shared the tweet on Facebook and called Caputo a “piece of shit.”

Caputo said the following:

“Poor Sal was kicked out of Type O Neg kicked out of LifeOfAgony 2X, is a bigot, homophobe-Transphobic Supprtd TransBan in Military He’s a gas-lighter amngst his (wht was his mst loving friends)He’s Envious Spiteful combative & hates his own pathetic life Contemplate that genius!”

Abruscato then fired back with:

“Look at what this piece of shit tweeted about me on Oct 25. I haven’t said a word in 10 months, just been busy with my album and you suddenly need to talk smack about me. #fuckyoumina #janisjoplinsuglytwinsister”

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Sick Of It All & Life Of Agony Announce “Two Sick Nights Of Agony” Shows

Sick Of It All and Life Of Agony will be performing together for the first time during two special December shows. BillyBio (Biohazard, Powerflo) will serve as support. Here’s the dates:

12/14 Huntington, NY – The Paramount
12/15 Asbury Park, NJ – The Stone Pony

Sick Of It All’s Lou Koller said the following:

“We have a long kinship with our friends in Life of Agony. I remember when Joey Z gave me their demo, and once I heard it I knew they were gonna change things up. And Life of Agony has done just that, both musically and socially, which is the very essence of the sound we both play and love! When they approached us about joining them for these shows we were excited and said yes right away! This is going to be special!”

Life Of Agony’s Mina Caputo also commented:

“One of the first vinyl’s I ever bought at like 17 years old was Sick Of It All‘s ‘Blood, Sweat & No Tears‘. It is basically one of the most prolific, timeless, and adventurous true hardcore albums ever written. Playing together for the first time in 30 years is something we always wanted to do, and something a lot of fans want to see. Just thinking about the combined energies of those two nights leaves me euphorically beside myself. Absolutely honored to share the stage with such a legendary NY band.”