Billy Graziadei Offers Update On Biohazard’s Current Status

During a recent interview with Metal Injection, Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei offered an update on the band’s current status. He says the group “is kind of like a vibe thing” and “when the planets align and shit lines up, [they] do it”

Graziadei said the following:

“We talk often. I was with Evan [Seinfeld] at a memorial for my friend Scott [Koenig], and it was great to see him. Danny [Schuler] and Bobby [Hambel] and I talk quite often, and during the pandemic there were a few people that wanted to play bass for us. And then during the pandemic, we were all discussing and had a heart to heart. And basically, the outcome was, like, life’s too short. If we don’t take away anything from this pandemic, it’s, like, if we’re going to do something, let’s put the band back together again.

I’m the only member of the band that’s still active in music. I know the guys do things here and there, but it’s what I do with what I love. It’s me, so I’m going to keep going.

With Biohazard, it’s always been a vibe thing with us. It’s not like we sit down and say, ‘Hey, in 2023, let’s make an album. Let’s go on tour and release the album mid-tour.’ In a business sense, that’d be great. If I had the business sense that I have now, I would have been way more successful. But like I said, that was never my goal. It’s still not my goal. My goal is music and art first. I probably won’t be recognized for anything awesome until I’m dead and gone, but it’s okay. I have other means to pay the bills and I have a great wife who supports me.

Biohazard is kind of like a vibe thing. It’s like when the planets align and shit lines up, we do it. There’s been different crazy twists and turns of our history, and I would imagine there will be in the future, but that’s life. The pandemic was the fucking craziest curveball anyone ever thought would come, you know?”

Biohazard’s “State Of The World Address” To Receive New Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing

Biohazard‘s “State Of The World Address” is set to be reissued on limited edition silver vinyl (limited to 1,000 individually numbered copies). It will be released on January 4 in Europe and January 11 in North America via Music On Vinyl.

[via The PRP]

Scott Roberts On His Departure From Biohazard: “If You Don’t Enjoy What You’re Doing, You Shouldn’t Do It”

Scott Roberts has shared a new statement regarding his departure from Biohazard after taking issue with Billy Graziadei’s recent claims that he left because he was making more money working as a rigger in New York. Roberts said the following:

“So the other day posted an interview with Billy Graziadei. In the article it says that the reason I quit Biohazard is because “He just grew out of it. He was a fucking rigger in New York in the union, making tons of money, and leaving his family to go on tour for making a little bit of money, it didn’t pay for him.” Sorry, that’s not the reason why I left. I was okay with loosing money on tour as long as I was enjoying myself. I would have kept doing that. The real problem was I wasn’t getting along with one of the members and wasn’t enjoying myself on tour with them anymore. The only other reason for me to keep doing it, was to make a new record that I was into and proud of. When another member of the band made it clear to me that wasn’t going to happen, there was no reason for me to do it anymore. That’s the simplest way I can explain it. The only reason to be in a band is for the love of it. Not because it’s a career. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you shouldn’t do it. That’s my opinion, for what’s it worth.”

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Biohazard Announce 2015 East Coast Tour With Sworn Enemy

Biohazard have announced a 2015 East Coast tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Sworn Enemy.


Tour Dates:

03/27 Amityville, NY – Revolution
03/28 Albany, NY – Bogies
03/29 Cambridge, MA – The Middle East
03/30 Wallingford, CT – Cherry Street Station
03/31 Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge
04/01 Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes
04/02 Springfield, VA – Empire
04/03 Fayetteville, NC – Drunk Horse Pub
04/04 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
04/05 Jacksonville, FL – Southeast Beast Fest