Periphery Post Fourth Studio Update For New Album

Periphery have shared the fourth studio update from their new album sessions. The effort is expected to released next year via 3DOT Recordings.


Periphery Song Cited In Trial Of Woman Accused Of Attacking Three People With An Axe

According to, Periphery’s “Flatline” was cited during the trial of a 26-year-old woman named Evie Amati, who apparently attacked three people with an axe inside a 7-11 in Sydney, Australia back in January 2017. Prosecutor Daniel McMaho claims Amati was listening to the track before the incident and that it contains “some pretty dark themes.” Meanwhile, her lawyer, Charles Waterstreet, argued that his client was not guilty due to mental illness. He went on to say that she was not thinking clearly because of a “‘toxic mixture’ of gender transition hormone medication, cannabis, amphetamines, and alcohol.” Periphery’s Mark Holcomb and Spencer Sotelo have since tweeted about the situation:

[via The PRP]

Periphery Launch 3DOT Recordings, Share New Track From Four Seconds Ago Side Project

Periphery have announced the launch of their own label 3DOT Recordings. Guitarist Misha Mansoor commented:

“We are excited to finally realize a dream that we have had for a while now. With the strong vision we all share, it makes sense to extend that to the label side of things so we can have a vehicle that is perfectly set up for our releases. In addition to that, this gives us the opportunity to curate and nurture outside musical projects and bands that we truly love. 3Dot is a passion project first and foremost, and as a result we can focus on genuinely supporting the bands we work with, thereby using our love of music as our driving force.”

The first release from the label is a new song titled “Fadeaway” from Mansoor and guitarist Jake Bowen’s side project Four Seconds Ago. That song will appear on their new album “The Vacancy,” which will be released on September 28.

“The Vacancy” Track Listing:

01. “Fadeaway”
02. “Galaxy”
03. “Bloodfrenzy”
04. “Listening Post Alpha”
05. “Nothing to Hide”
06. “Shadow Devil”
07. “Over and Out”
08. “The Revenge”
09. “The Great Silence”
10. “The Vacancy”