Destrage Premiere “About That” Video

Destrage have premiered a new video for their song “About That.” This track is from the band’s latest album “The Chosen One.” The group commented:

“We brushed the dust away from a pile of live and life on the road footage, collaborated with an eccentric Scottish artist for 3D hysteria, threw in the mix a bunch of awkward yet carefully selected clips from the dark side of the internet, and digitally raped the whole thing in a live-video mix software. It’s fucking low-fi caviar to me!”

Destrage Premiere “Hey, Stranger!” Video

Destrage have premiered a new video for their song “Hey, Stranger!.” This track is from the band’s latest album “The Chosen One.”

The group commented:

“2019. Superstition tends to take over science, conspiracy over facts, ignorance over information and hatred over tolerance. To talk about one thing, migration is a hot theme today because hey, man is a migratory species. We have the natural tendency to move around.

To those who disagree I ask why would they leave the very room where they were born, because I believe leaving a hospital, crossing the street and entering a park is just like leaving a state, crossing the border and entering another state.

Everybody should be able to do that without getting a bullet in the back. In this film, five anti-heroes go on a crusade to stop the invasion, but there is redemption in the end.”

Destrage Premiere “The Chosen One” Video

Destrage have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “The Chosen One.” That effort will be released on May 24.

Matteo Di Gioia commented:

“The song ‘The Chosen One‘ is brief, has no repetitions and an unresolved structure. The unexplored, unrepeated sections of that unwrap with more patience on ‘The Gifted One‘, which also has an uncommon structure, but in the opposite sense. Here we have a long, pacing, reflexive closing song that shares many elements with the opener but feels completely different.”

The cover art and track listing for “The Chosen One” can be found below. It’s worth noting that the effort will feature a custom instrument called the “Megatron.” The group said the following about that:

“[It’s] a badass synthesizer playing guitar riffs together with the human guitarists. Like the saxophone, it’s set to disappear and fuse with the guitars to achieve a slightly unreal sound, and we knew we didn’t want these extra sounds to emerge and be obvious. Instead, we really looked for the listener to experience the ‘What the fuck is that sound?’ effect.”

“The Chosen One” Track Listing:

01. “The Chosen One”
02. “About That”
03. “Hey, Stranger!”
04. “At The Cost Of Pleasure”
05. “Mr. Bugman”
06. “Rage, My Alibi”
07. “Headache And Crumbs”
08. “The Gifted One”