Rolo Tomassi Announce U.S. Tour With Cryptodira & The Callous Daoboys

Rolo Tomassi have announced a U.S. tour with Cryptodira and The Callous Daoboys. Here’s the dates:

09/01 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
09/02 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
09/03 Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon
09/04 Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse (no The Callous Daoboys)
09/06 Grand Rapids, MI – The Pyramid Scheme
09/07 Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen (no The Callous Daoboys)
09/09 Columbus, OH – Big Room Bar
09/10 Nashville, TN – The End
09/11 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
09/12 Orlando, FL – Wills Pub
09/13 Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern
09/14 Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery
09/15 Brooklyn, NY – The Meadows

Cryptodira Announce “A Storm Called Progress” Streaming Event

Cryptodira have announced a two-day streaming event, which they are calling “A Storm Called Progress.” The event will include a full album performance of “The Angel Of History,” which the band recorded at Graphic Nature Audio. Fans can watch that through Twitch on May 11-12 at 4:00pm PDT / 7:00pm EDT.

Scott Acquavella commented:

“As a band that’s always done things the old fashioned way of writing, recording, and touring, pandemic life has been a particularly weird adjustment for us. Having put out a record in the middle of it, we were hellbent on finding a way to bring people closer to ‘The Angel of History‘ than anything else we’ve done before, and the answer to that was ‘A Storm Called Progress‘.

‘A Storm Called Progress‘ is centered around a live, in-studio performance of The Angel of History recorded at Graphic Nature Audio and mixed/mastered by Jamie King that will be premiered as a two day live stream event on our Twitch Channel.

From there, the following months will see a series of video releases, with each month being dedicated to a different song on the record. For each song there will be an instrumental play-through video, a deep dive lyrical analysis video, and a video cut of that individual song from the live performance to explore ‘The Angel of History‘ in a completely different context.

We weren’t content to just put out any old video performance in a sea of COVID-inspired live streams and it was important to us to release a body of work that would be engaging for listeners and creatively challenging for us, pandemic or not.”

Cryptodira Premiere New Song “What Can’t Be Taken Back”

Cryptodira have premiered a new song titled “What Can’t Be Taken Back.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Angel Of History,” which will be released on December 4.

Matthew Taibi commented:

“The most valuable resource anyone has at their disposal is time. What makes it so valuable is the fact that it can’t be reversed—time cannot be taken back. Barring the larger philosophical implications of time’s unreserved movement, suffice it to say that an hour of time should be worth far more than $15.”

Scott Acquavella added:

“Despite most of our songs having an ever changing series of moods, there is something about ‘What Can’t Be Taken Back‘ that we feel represents our sonic and emotional spectrum particularly well. It is as furious as it is delicate and there is a common emotive thread running through each section that well-expresses the urgent and weighty nature of the lyrical content.”

Cryptodira Premiere “A Tendency To Fall” Video

Cryptodira have premiered a new video for their new song “A Tendency To Fall.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Angel Of History,” which will be released on December 4.

“The Angel Of History” Track Listing:

01. “Self-(Affect/Efface)”
02. “Dante’s Inspiration”
03. “Ontology Of Pain”
04. “The Blame For Being Alive”
05. “A Tendency To Fall”
06. “What Can’t Be Taken Back”
07. “The White Mask Speaks”
08. “Something Other Than Sacrifice”

Cryptodira Release New EP “Better Left Unsaid”

Cryptodira have surprise released a new EP titled “Better Left Unsaid.” The effort features two new songs including the title track and “Unequal Exchange.“ A new album titled “The Angel Of History” is expected to follow later this year.

Frontman Scott Acquavella commented:

“There’s been no shortage of inspiration throughout our recent writing process, and upon stepping back and looking at the body of work we had amassed, there was a sense that these two songs fit together in an extraordinary way that makes them stand out on their own. We’ve always been a band that writes with a much larger picture in mind, but there was something uniquely rewarding about telling a sonically short story. So the Better Left Unsaid EP is our way of exploring that territory.”

Drummer Matthew Taibi added:

“As it was written in the Grundrisse, “language is the presence of community,” and a genuinely livable community begins where individualism ends. Language is not only a bridge between members of a community; language embeds communal being into the most private corners of mental life. An individual (or ego) can only know their hopes and desires by using language, i.e., something their community gifted them. Living in a community and using language properly both mean knowing where and when to decenter yourself. Sustainable happiness will be found sooner on the margins.”