Cryptodira Premiere New Song “What Can’t Be Taken Back”

Cryptodira have premiered a new song titled “What Can’t Be Taken Back.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Angel Of History,” which will be released on December 4.

Matthew Taibi commented:

“The most valuable resource anyone has at their disposal is time. What makes it so valuable is the fact that it can’t be reversed—time cannot be taken back. Barring the larger philosophical implications of time’s unreserved movement, suffice it to say that an hour of time should be worth far more than $15.”

Scott Acquavella added:

“Despite most of our songs having an ever changing series of moods, there is something about ‘What Can’t Be Taken Back‘ that we feel represents our sonic and emotional spectrum particularly well. It is as furious as it is delicate and there is a common emotive thread running through each section that well-expresses the urgent and weighty nature of the lyrical content.”

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