Carcass Stream New Song “Under The Scalpel Blade”

Carcass are streaming a new song titled “Under The Scalpel Blade.” The track, which was recorded during the band’s new album sessions, was previously released as part of Decibel’s flexi disc series and it is now available in digital outlets as well. Jeff Walker commented:

“It’s always difficult trying to decide what new song to expose people to, especially given an absence of nearly seven years???? With that in mind here’s a slow throw away number we cobbled together, and NO the title was NOT plagiarized from the Disorder album of the same title before you ask!”

Carcass Announce Australian Tour

Carcass have announced a March Australian tour. Here’s the dates:

03/20 Melbourne, AUS – Download
03/21 Sydney, AUS – Download
03/24 Hobart, AUS – Altar
03/25 Brisbane, AUS – Triffid
03/26 Adelaide, AUS – Lion Arts Factory
03/28 Perth, AUS – Slayfest

Carcass To Release New Song “Under The Scalpel Blade” Next Month

Carcass have announced that they will be releasing a new song titled “Under The Scalpel Blade” as part of Decibel‘s flexi disc series. The track was recorded during the sessions for the band’s upcoming album and fans can get it by signing up for a deluxe subscription to the magazine before November 4. Furthermore, the group are also planning to perform the song live during their December 14 set at the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.

Carcass Have “Probably Close To 50 Minutes’ Worth Of Music” Demoed For Next Album

Carcass guitarist Bill Steer was recently interviewed by the WSOU radio station during the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia, PA, and was asked if the band have been working on a follow-up to “Surgical Steel.” He responded with the following:

“I’ve sort of lost count of how many years have gone by since that last record, but I think it’s around five. And yeah, it feels long overdue that we tackle a new record. We did demo a bunch of stuff at Christmas — it was probably close to 50 minutes’ worth of music — but we’re not gonna stop; we’re gonna keep on writing so that we’ve got quite a lot of material and we can pick the best stuff for the album. So quite when it will be recorded definitively, I don’t know, but it will have to be this year. I mean, me and Dan [drummer Daniel Wilding] are going stir crazy, really — we’re so keen to do it.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Carcass Hoping To Release New Album At The End Of 2017

Carcass‘ Bill Steer recently was recently interviewed by Dead Rhetoric, and was asked about the band’s progress on their new album. Steer said there is about six songs “in the bag,” and that they were shooting for a late 2017 release.


Steer said the following about following up “Surgical Steel”:

“It does have to be a step up from the last record. All I would say is there has to be small stylistic elements that haven’t appeared on Carcass records before. We’re going to be walking the tightrope of sounding like the band Carcass and bringing in new elements. There’s nothing valid to say if we’re going to do a retread…what’s the point? That was a very nice summary of our previous records. We updated all of the stylistic parts of those albums without trying. It just happened.”

He also added the following when asked for a timeline:

“We’ve got a couple of festivals next year, so in other words: an enormous amount of free time. Once we get started, we work very quickly, especially with Jeff. Jeff’s got a real work ethic, so we’ll have something we feel is in very good shape to play to him, then he comes in and critiques that. It’s just like a distillation process. Sometimes it takes a while for a song to reach a point where we’re all happy with it, other times, it happens on that day. I think we should have an album that’s available by the end of the year [2017]. But I know how the industry has changed…so if it’s not happening, it’s not happening. We can’t really rush this. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, including our own by putting out something substandard.”