Car Bomb Premiere New Song “HeLa”

Car Bomb have premiered a new song titled “HeLa.” This track is from the band’s new album “Mordial,” which will be released on September 27.


Car Bomb To Release New Album “Mordial” In September, Premiere New Song “Scattered Sprites”

Car Bomb have announced that their new album “Mordial“ will be released on September 27. With this news, the band have also shared a new song called “Scattered Sprites”:

Greg Kubacki had the following to say about the new record:

“On our last record, ‘Meta‘, one of the biggest surprises was ‘Gratitude.’ That was one of our favorite songs on the album, but we were hesitant to release it since it leans on a lot of our non-heavy influences. After seeing fans react so positively to it we felt like we could explore more of that vibe on ‘Mordial‘. But then we thought, ‘wait, what other sounds can we explore that we’ve always wanted to try?’ With this particular record it really feels like the gloves came off, and that we were free to experiment with whatever we wanted to.”

“This sounds extremely cliche, but ‘Mordial‘ to me is a record that feels the most like ‘us’. I mean we love heavy shit, but that’s not what we listen to on the regular. This album explores a lot of other tones, timbers and vibes that we normally listen to, and I’m really excited that we get to showcase that on this record.

Wrapping up the sessions of ‘Mordial‘ is kinda bitter sweet. I started writing this album after watching Gojira for a month straight on the ‘Magma‘ tour two and a half years ago, and whatever voodoo they had going on during that run had a tremendous effect on me. I really can’t put my finger on what we’ve been going for on this one (because it’s weird AF), but I know that tour was the seed. And it’s sad that it’s all ending because I’ve never felt so alive working on a record.”