Car Bomb Announce New Live Album “Live In Santa Cruz”

Car Bomb will be digitally releasing a new live album, titled “Live In Santa Cruz,” on April 21. Vinyl copies will also be available on October 1. The effort was recorded during the band’s March 18, 2022 show at the Catalyst Club In Santa Cruz, CA. You can find official footage of “Antipatterns” from that set below:

“Live In Santa Cruz” Track Listing:

01. “Intro” (live)
02. “Finish It” (live)
03. “The Sentinel” (live)
04. “Nonagon” (live)
05. “Scattered Sprites” (live)
06. “From The Dust Of This Planet” (live)
07. “Blackened Battery” (live)
08. “Gratitude” (live)
09. “Constant Sleep” (live)
10. “Black Blood” (live)
11. “HeLa” (live)
12. “Lights Out” (live)
13. “Antipatterns” (live)
14. “Dissect Yourself” (live)
15. “Secrets Within” (live)

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