Iron Reagan To Release New Album “The Tyranny Of Will”

Iron Reagan, the supergroup with members of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour, Cannabis Corpse etc., have announced that their new album, The Tyranny Of Will, will be released on September 16, via Relapse Records. The album will have a total of 24 songs.


Track Listing:

01 – “Tyranny of Will“
02 – “I Won’t Go“
03 – “Eyeball Gore“
04 – “Close To Toast“
05 – “Bet On Black“
06 – “Miserable Failure“
07 – “The Living Skull“
08 – “In Greed We Trust“
09 – “Glocking Out“
10 – “Rat Shit“
11 – “U Lock The Bike Cop“
12 – “Broken Bottles“
13 – “Bleeding Frenzy“
14 – “Bored To Death“
15 – “Class Holes“
16 – “Obsolete Man“
17 – “Nameless“
18 – “Exit The Game“
19 – “Your Kids An Asshole“
20 – “Patriotic Shock“
21 – “Bill Of Fights“
22 – “Consensual Harassment“
23 – “Just Say Go“
24 – “Four More Years “

Ill Niño Premiere New Song “Not Alive In My Nightmare”

Ill Niño have premiered a new song titled, “Not Alive In My Nightmare,” via Revolver . This is the second single from their new album, Till Death La Familia, which will be released on July 22, through Victory Records.

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Cannibal Corpse To Release “A Skeletal Domain” in September

According to Loudwire, Cannibal Corpse will be releasing their new album, A Skeletal Domain, September 16 via Metal Blade. This will be the death metal band’s 13th studio album.


Track Listing:

01. ‘High Velocity Impact Spatter’
02. ‘Sadistic Embodiment’
03. ‘Kill Or Become’
04. ‘A Skeletal Domain’
05. ‘Headlong Into Carnage’
06. ‘The Murderer’s Pact’
07. ‘Funeral Cremation’
08. ‘Icepick Lobotomy’
09. ‘Vector Of Cruelty’
10. ‘Bloodstained Cement’
11. ‘Asphyxiate To Resuscitate’
12. ‘Hollowed Bodies’

Catch Cannibal Corpse, all summer long, at Mayhem Fest.

Metallica Gets Back At Glastonbury Haters

When Metallica was announced as the Saturday night headliner at Glastonbury, it cause great controversy among the fans and bands that were attending the festival. Metallica were the first metal band to headline Glastonbury, which is usually composed of Alternative and Indie groups. According to Blabbermouth, the band got back at these hatrers with a special intro and shirt for the event.

First off, people were protesting Metallica, due to James Hetfield hosting a show about bear hunting, on the History channel, so the band responded with an intro that showed a traditional fox hunt and the band members, themselves, dressed as bears and killing hunters.

Secondly, they made “Glastallica” shirts that said “Peace, Love and Metal,” with hateful comments all over the back.

(Image from Blabbermouth)

(Image from Blabbermouth)

Long live metal! \m/

Seventh Wonder Premiere New Song “Inner Enemy”

Seventh Wonder, the band featuring Tommy Karevik (Kamelot), have released a new video, for their new song “Inner Enemy.”

The band issued the following statement on Facebook:

“The waiting (and teasing ;)) is over…!
The time has come to finally share the new video for “Inner Enemy” with you.

We’d like to thank you all so much for your support and your patience, it really means the world to us!
After waiting a long time for new Seventh Wonder music, we hope you’ll be as pleased with the end result (i.e. song and video) as we are.”

Bomb Threats & Protests Keep Marilyn Manson From Playing Russian Shows

According to Loudwire, Marilyn Manson has cancelled shows in Russia, due to bomb threats and protesters. The show in Moscow, which was supposed to occur tonight (June 27), was cancelled when a bomb threat was issued, right before they took the stage.

Another show, which was supposed to take place, June 29, in Novosibirsk, was cancelled, as well, due to protesters who say Manson’s music is “sadomasochistic.”

Basically, things aren’t going too good for Marilyn Manson’s Russian tour.