Failure, Zao, Shai Hulud, Etc. To Be Featured On Fugazi Tribute Album “Silence Is A Dangerous Sound“

Ripcord Records will be releasing a new Fugazi tribute album, titled “Silence Is A Dangerous Sound,“ on October 1. The effort will feature 43 songs and proceeds from it will benefit the Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland. Pre-orders can be found on Bandcamp.

“Silence Is A Dangerous Sound” Track Listing:

01. Authority Zero – “Bad Mouth”
02. The Darling Fire – “Reclamation”
03. Dowsing – “KYEO”
04. Belvedere – “Styrofoam”
05. The Last Gang – “Blueprint”
06. Shai Hulud – “Great Cop”
07. Crazy Arm – “Epic Problem”
08. Batteries – “Target”
09. Teenage Halloween – “Reprovisional”
10. La Dispute – “Strangelight”
11. Tsunami Bomb – “Walken’s Syndrome”
12. Taking Meds – “Burning”
13. USA Nails – “Caustic Acrostic”
14. Haggard Cat – “Life And Limb”
15. Direct Hit – “Burning Too”
16. Pet Symmetry – “Public Witness Program”
17. Place Position – “Place Position”
18. Chamberlain – “Runaway Return”
19. Viva Belgrado – “Repeater”
20. Frauds – “Cashout”
21. Seas, Starry – “Brendan #1”
22. Couch Slut – “Full Disclosure”
23. Failure – “Waiting Room”
24. Nathan Gray – “Bed For The Scraping”
25. GILT – “No Surprise”
26. Swain – “The Argument”
27. The Hostiles – “Turnover”
28. This Is Hell – “Sieve-Fisted Find”
29. Into It. Over It. – “Instrument”
30. LIFE – “And The Same”
31. Big Ups – “Do You Like Me”
32. Zao – “Guilford Fall”
33. Jonah Matranga – “Suggestion”
34. Heart Attack Man – “Bulldog Front”
35. Sounds Of Swami – “Merchandise”
36. S. T. Manville – “Long Division”
37. Bodega – “Provisional”
38. Braidedveins – “Oh”
39. STORM(O) – “Break”
40. Wojtek – “Fell, Destroyed”
41. West Thebarton – “Margin Walker”
42. Snapped Ankles – “Give Me The Cure”
43. Before Stories – “Dear Justice Letter“

Lorna Shore Premiere “This Is Hell” Music Video

Lorna Shore have premiered a new video for their new song “This Is Hell,” via Metal Injection. This is the band’s first track to feature new vocalist CJ McCreery (ex-Signs Of The Swarm). McCreery replaced Tom Barber in the group after Barber joined Chelsea Grin.

Lorna Shore Officially Announce New Vocalist CJ McCreery (Ex-Signs Of The Swarm)

Lorna Shore have officially welcomed ex-Signs Of The Swarm vocalist CJ McCreery to the band. He is taking over for Tom Barber, who recently joined Chelsea Grin. With this news, the group have also shared a teaser for their upcoming “This Is Hell” music video.

The Convalescence To Release New Album “This Is Hell” In September, Stream Title Track

The Convalescence have announced that they will release their new album “This Is Hell” on September 1. You can find a stream of the title track, along with the cover art and track listing below. The band commented:

“We recently signed with Unique Leader Records to help us deliver our heaviest and darkest album yet with This Is Hell. We believe this is by far our best work and the strongest lineup of musicians we have ever had. This album has a lot more of a death metal feel to it than Poison Words and The Process but it’s still got The Convalescence sound with symphonic melodies from Katie [McCrimmon] on keys and plenty of slamming breakdowns.”

“This Is Hell” Track Listing:

01. “Scum”
02. “No Way Out”
03. “I Won’t Survive”
04. “Murder Machine”
05. “Burn”
06. “There Will Be Blood”
07. “Alone”
08. “This Is Hell”
09. “With No Hope”
10. “The World Infested”