Rob Zombie & Danzig Added To 2021 Rock Fest

Rob Zombie and Danzig have been added to the 2021 Rock Fest. The event is scheduled to take place in Cadott, WI on July 15-17 and the updated lineup can be found below:

July 14 (pre-show): Queensrÿche, Slaughter, Royal Bliss, Joyous Wolf, Stitched Up Heart, The Black Moods, Modern Mimes, and Unkle Daddy.

July 15: Rob Zombie, Staind, Theory Of A Deadman, Steel Panther, Saint Asonia, Memphis May Fire, Fozzy, Blacktop Mojo, Carnifex, Fire From The Gods, Falling Through April, Scattered Hamlet, Anything But Human, Digital Homicide, Any Given Sin, GFM, Jett Threatt, Nivrana, Drama Queen, Contingency, and Ignescent.

July 16: Limp Bizkit, Snoop Dogg, Anthrax, Badflower, Of Mice & Men, Bad Wolves, All That Remains, Like A Storm, Crobot, Bones UK, Silvertung, Wildstreet, Distal Descent, City Of The Weak, Throw The Fight, Siin, Hammer Down Hard, Fool Fighters, Dressed To Kill, Strange Daze, and Caster Volor.

July 17: Korn, Danzig, Chevelle, Motionless In White, Avatar, We Came As Romans, Gemini Syndrome, Through Fire, Hyro The Hero, Rachel Lorin, Störmbreaker, Nuisance, Stellar Circuits, Your Screaming Silence, Evandale, Strate Jak It, Mad Alice, Cowboys From Hell, Probable Cause, and FMDown.

Scorpions Postpone Las Vegas Residency To 2022

Scorpions have postponed their Las Vegas residency with Queensrÿche once again due to the coronavirus pandemic. The shows will now take place at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in 2022. Here’s the dates:

March 26 and 30

April 1, 3, 7, 9, 12, 14, and 16

Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche) Premieres “Hellbound And Down” Video

Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche) has premiered a new video for his song “Hellbound And Down.” This track is from his recently released solo album “Rejoice In The Suffering.” La Torre commented:

“‘Hellbound And Down’ is about crossing a line and paying a price. Musically, it is an action-packed metal tune with relentless groove, varying vocal textures, and vocal range. This song once again showcases stellar guitar riffs and soloing by Craig Blackwell.”

Geoff Tate (Ex-Queensrÿche) Announces Summer/Fall U.S. Dates

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Geoff Tate (ex-Queensrÿche) has decided to book some new U.S. shows for the summer and fall. Here’s the dates:

09/09 Pawling, NY – Daryl’s House
09/10 Homer, NY – Center For The Arts
09/11 New Bedford, MA – Greasy Luck
09/12 New Bedford, MA – Greasy Luck
09/15 Glenside, PA – Keswick Theatre
09/16 Warrendale, PA – Jergel’s
09/25 Clearwater, FL – Capitol Theatre
09/30 Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep
10/02 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
10/12 Reno, NV – Virginia St. Brewhouse
11/12 Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
11/13 Patchouge, NY – Stereo Garden
11/14 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance Theater

Queensrÿche’s Todd La Torre On Scott Rockenfield: “He Asked For Paternity Leave And Just Hasn’t Come Back”

During an appearance on “The Eddie Trunk Podcast,” Queensrÿche’s Todd La Torre once again addressed the absence of drummer Scott Rockenfield. The singer said that Rockenfield went on paternity leave four years ago and never ended up coming back.

La Torre said the following when asked if anyone in the band have had communication with Rockenfield:

“Not to my knowledge. All I can tell you is he took paternity leave, saying he would be gone for about six months, and that was four years ago. [Laughs] Casey shows up every day. He shows up to songwrite, he shows up to record, if needed, and he shows up for the live gigs. So that’s all that I can tell you.

I haven’t communicated with [Scott] in years. So I have no idea what he’s up to. I couldn’t even tell you.”

He continued after it was mentioned that the drummer previously expressed interest in sharing his story:

“I don’t know what story there is to tell. People ask, but, honestly, it is literally like déjà vu. Go play the answer I gave you four years ago, because, literally, nothing has changed.

As far as I understand, there really isn’t communication [between Scott and the QUEENSRŸCHE camp]. And I couldn’t tell you anything more than that. Some people think, ‘They’re not telling us more.’ I don’t have anything to say, ’cause I don’t talk to him; he doesn’t talk to me. Casey’s been playing with us for four years — going on four years — and he shows up. The guy is doing an awesome job.

I guess I’d revert back to you. If you left your radio show saying that you needed six months paternity leave but you never communicated when you were coming back for four years, would the radio station stop running because you quit showing up to work? And keep in mind, you weren’t fired, and you didn’t give official written notice that you’re never gonna come back; you just don’t come back or communicate. Does your key still work? Is your name on the door? Or are they gonna find adequate talent replacement to keep things going?

So I don’t have anything bad to say,” La Torre clarified. “I don’t really have anything to say, other than he asked for paternity leave and just hasn’t come back.”

This news comes after Rockenfield issued a statement last month claiming that he “most definitely ‘did not’ and ‘have not’ quit, walked away, retired or abandoned Queensrÿche.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche) Premieres “Crossroads To Insanity” Video

Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche) has premiered a new video for his new song “Crossroads To Insanity.” This track is from his debut solo album “Rejoice In The Suffering,” which will be released on February 5. La Torre commented:

“‘Crossroads To Insanity’ is one of our favorite tracks on the album. With a slow and moody opening and verses, it builds into a full-blown heavy chorus, sliding into a masterful melodic guitar solo. This song not only exhibits another texture, but also provides balance and musical diversity to the album.”

Todd La Torre Says Queensrÿche Have “Recorded 14 [Or] 15 New Song Ideas” For Their Next Album

During a recent interview with “The Metal Voice,” Todd La Torre offered an update on the writing process for the new Queensrÿche album. He said the following:

“Michael [Wilton, guitar] flew down [to my house in Florida] recently — a week or two ago — and Zeuss [producer Chris Harris] came down [as well]. And then Casey [Grillo, drums] lives here, so he was coming over every day. We recorded 14, 15 new song ideas. And then Michael’s coming back down again in, like, a month or so. So we’re writing new QUEENSRŸCHE stuff. And Zeuss is recording it in real time, as we are in a room coming up with fresh ideas on the fly. Eddie [Jackson, bass] and Parker [Lundgren, guitar], they may come down. It depends. Parker’s slammed with his guitar shop — he has a shop called Diablo Guitars, and he’s just exploding; things are going great for him. And Eddie’s songwriting at home, and he doesn’t feel safe traveling right now. So that’s why he didn’t come down. And I said, ‘Dude, I totally respect it and I get it.’ Absolutely.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Scott Rockenfield: “I Most Definitely Did Not And Have Not Quit, Walked Away, Retired Or Abandoned Queensrÿche”

Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfield, who hasn’t performed with the band in four years, has shared a new statement regarding his status in the group. He said the following:

“Wanna hear a fun story? goes like this : ‘Contrary to any statements or interviews coming from other parties, I most definitely ‘did not’ and ‘have not’ quit, walked away, retired or abandoned Queensrÿche??!! ….unfortunately, you have not been given the facts by any means…’ a total cliffhanger right? … more soon”.

Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche) Premieres “Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall” Video

Todd La Torre (Queensrÿche) has premiered a new video for his new song “Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall.” This track is from his debut solo album “Rejoice In The Suffering,” which will be released on February 5. La Torre commented:

“‘Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall’ is a full-throttle thrasher. We wanted a no-nonsense, fast-paced shredder, with intense guitar riffs, solos, drumwork, and vocals. This song was inspired by a few different documentaries surrounding two particular near-insurmountable feats of rock climbing. While initially written about those achievements, this song is really meant to represent and embody this very special breed and the spirit of all climbing.”

Sweet Oblivion (Ex-Queensrÿche, Etc.) To Release New Album In 2021

Sweet Oblivion, the project featuring Geoff Tate (ex-Queensrÿche) and Simone Mularoni (DGM), are planning to release a new album in 2021. The record is being produced by Aldo Lonobile and Frontiers Music Srl’s Serafino Perugino says it “will surprise everyone” by not only “keep[ing] the musical trademarks of the debut, but also enhanc[ing] them.”

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