, Fuming Mouth, Mindforce, Etc. Set For 2022 America’s Hardcore Fest

The lineup has been revealed for America’s Hardcore Fest. The event will take place at Middle East and Sonia in Cambridge, MA on December 1-3 and it will feature the following daily lineups:

December 1 (Sonia): COA, Buried Dreams, Risk, Move, C4, Vantage Point, Chaos Cross, AmmuNation, and Street Power.

December 2 (Middle East downstairs):, Fuming Mouth, Pain Of Truth, High Command, Division Of Mind, Downfall, Killing Pace, Final Gasp, and Adrienne.

December 3 (Sonia) (matinee show): Sunami, Restraining Order, Seed of Pain, Worn, Combust, Raw Brigade, Wise, and Pummel.

December 3 (Middle East downstairs): Fiddlehead, Mindforce, Magnitude, Mil-Spec, Life’s Question, Primitive Blast, Maniac, and Burning Lord.

Life Of Agony, Cold World, Fiddlehead, Etc. Set For 2023 FYA Fest

The lineup has been revealed for the 2023 FYA Fest. The event will take place at Bryan Glazer Family JCC in Tampa, Florida on January 7-8 and it will feature the following: Life Of Agony, Cold World, Fiddlehead, Drain, Bulldoze, No Pressure, Crown Of Thornz, Sunami, Pain Of Truth, War Hungry, Mindforce, 200 Stab Wounds, Adrienne, Age Of Apocalypse, Anxious, Buried Dreams, The Chisel, Chemical Fix, Contention, Criminal Instinct, Dead Last, Echo Chamber, End It, Envision, Field Of Flames, Fool’s Game, Gridiron, Killing Pace, King Nine, Live It Down, Magnitude, Never Again, New World Man, Raw Brigade, Seed Of Pain, Simulakra, Statement Of Pride, and Wreckage.

Mindforce Premiere New Song “Survival Is Vengeance”

Mindforce have premiered a new song titled “Survival Is Vengeance.” This track is from the band’s new album “New Lords,” which will be released on September 16.

“New Lords” Track Listing:

01. “New Lords”
02. “Survival is Vengeance”
03. “Words Fail”
04. “All Facts”
05. “Thirteen & Mean”
06. “Outcasts of the Empire”
07. “When Instant Karma Lasts”
08. “Goliath & The Runt”
09. “Street Slayer”
10. “Rotten”

Lineup Announced For 2022 Sound And Fury Festival

The lineup has been revealed for this year’s Sound And Fury festival. The event will take place at Exposition Park in Los Angeles, CA on July 30-31 and it will feature: Angel Du$t, Anxious, Big Laugh, Broken Vow, Cola Boyy, Creeping Death, Drain, Drug Church, Fiddlehead, Gatecreeper, God’s Hate, GridIron, Gulch, Gunn, Koyo, Magnitude, Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Never Ending Game, No Pressure, One Step Closer, Pillars Of Ivory, Pity Sex, Praise, Regional Justice Center, Scowl, Show Me The Body, Slowbleed, Soul Blind, Speed, Spy, Sunami, Superheaven, Warfare, World Peace, and Zulu.

Terror Announce California Shows

Terror have announced some Californian shows. Here’s the dates:

04/27 Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone (feat. Mindforce & Dead Heat)
04/28 Los Angeles, CA – 1720 (feat. Mindforce & Dead Heat)
04/30 Garden Grove, CA – Garden Amp (feat. Outburst, Mindforce & Dead Heat)
05/01 Oxnard, CA – OPACC (feat. Outburst & Dead Heat)

Genocide Pact, Terrorizer, No/Más, Etc. Set For 2022 The Big Takeover Festival

The initial lineup has been revealed for the 2022 The Big Takeover festival. The event will take place in Richmond, VA on May 20-21 and it will feature the following:

May 20 (The Camel): Genocide Pact, No/Más, Mutually Assured Destruction, Restraining Order, and Restless Spirit.

May 20 (The Warehouse): Nosebleed, C4, Payload, and Burning Lord.

May 21 (The Broadberry): Terrorizer, Mindforce, Division Of Mind, Dead Heat, High Command, Downfall, Spy, C4, Final Gasp, Armor, Protocol, Vomit Forth, and Killing Pace., Sanction, All Out War, Etc. Members Launch New Project No Souls Saved

Jon Lhaubouet (, Andrew Wojcik (Sanction), Jesse Sutherland (All Out War), Mike Shaw (Mindforce), and Jay Petagine have launched a new project called No Souls Saved. You can stream “Behold” and “Enter My Society” from the group’s two-track promo below:

Incendiary, God’s Hate, Year Of The Knife, Etc. Set For 2022 LDB Fest

The lineup has been revealed for next year’s LDB Fest. The event will take place at the Art Sanctuary in Louisville, KY on March 11-12 and it will feature the following: Age Of Apocalypse, Ballista, Drain, Gates To Hell, Gel, God’s Hate, Incendiary, Inclination, Ingrown, King Nine, Koyo, Magnitude, MH Chaos, Mindforce, No Pressure, Omerta, Pain Of Truth, Queensway, Rain Of Salvation, Restraining Order, Stand Still, Sunami, Two Witnesses, Undeath, Vatican, Weapon X, Year Of The Knife, and 200 Stab Wounds.

Turnstile, E.Town Concrete, Mindforce,, Etc. Set For 2022 FYA Fest

The lineup has been revealed for the 2022 FYA Fest. The event will take place at the Bryan Glazer JCC in Tampa, FL on January 8-9 and it will feature the following: Turnstile, E.Town Concrete, Mindforce,, Gulch, God’s Hate, Age Of Apocalypse, All Due Respect, Almighty Watching, Be All End All, Burning Strong, C4, Dead Heat, Despize, Drain, End It, Gridiron, Ingrown, Kruelty, Koyo, Life’s Question, Magnitude, MH Chaos, Moment Of Truth, Never Ending Game, One Step Closer, Pain Of Truth, Payback, Raw Brigade, Shackled, Simulakra, Spy, Struck Nerve, Sunami, Three Knee Deep, Worn, and Year Of The Knife.

Converge, Cold World, Etc. Set For 2020 United Blood Festival

The first set of bands have been revealed for the 2020 United Blood festival. The event will take place at The Canal Club in Richmond, VA on April 3-4 and it will feature the following: Converge, Cold World, War Hungry, Vein, Mindforce, Never Ending Game, Regulate, Division Of Mind, Judiciary, Inclination, Hangman, One Step Closer, Restraining Order, Enforced, Downfall, Combust, Rule Them All, Drain, Be All End All, m.a.d., and Payback.