Korn’s Fieldy To Release New Bass Album “Bassically” In November

Korn bassist Fieldy will be releasing his new bass album, “Bassically,” on November 17. You can preorder that at PledgeMusic. Fieldy commented:

“This is a bass album that encompasses the last nine years of my life on the road recording with a variety of special and unique basses. This project features recordings of mine from dressing rooms, tour buses, hotel rooms and other unique locations playing on basses just as obscure as the locations. It’s a blend of funk, fusion, and rock – I can’t wait to share it with you.”

“Bassically” Track Listing:

01. “Bass O Rama”
02. “Charlie Brown”
03. “Step Right Up”
04. “Buck of Funk”
05. “Basque K Cinco”
06. “15 String Exodus”
07. “JD Fresh”
08. “Zibb Zibop”
09. “Check This Out”
10. “Bass Invaders”
11. “I Wuv Bass Mon”
12. “5 String Graffiti”
13. “Dance Your Bass Off”
14. “Give Me 5”
15. “You Can Do It”
16. “Mr. Bassmen”
17. “Bass Age”

Robert Trujillo (Metallica) Joins Korn Onstage In Lima, Peru

With his 12-year-old son Tye Trujillo having been filling in for Korn bassist Fieldy, Robert Trujillo (Metallica) decided to join him and the band onstage in Lima, Peru last night (April 29), for a performance of “Blind.” Check out footage of that below:

Korn Play First Show With Robert Trujillo’s (Metallica) 12-Year-Old Son Tye Trujillo

Korn previously revealed that Robert Trujillo’s (Metallica) 12-year-old son Tye Trujillo would be filling in for bassist Fieldy during their South American shows. The band have since played their first show with him at the Chamorro Entertainment City Hall in Bogota, Colombia, and footage can be found below:

Robert Trujillo’s (Metallica) 12-Year-Old Son Tye Trujillo To Play Bass For Korn On Upcoming South American Dates

Korn bassist Fieldy is going to be unable to make the band’s upcoming South American shows. In his absence Robert Trujillo’s (Metallica) 12-year-old son Tye Trujillo will be filling in. You can see footage of him performing with his band The Helmets below:

Korn commented:

“On April 17 Korn is heading down to South America for a run of dates in Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Fieldy is unable to make the shows so the band will be joined by a special guest. Filling in for bass duties will be Tye Trujillo, the 12-year old son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo and member of NorCal group The Helmets.

Says the band, “We are bummed Fieldy can’t join us on this run but excited to do a few gigs with a young player like Tye. We look forward to welcoming our brother Fieldy back when we return to the States in May.”

Fieldy will resume Korn’s 2017 tour at Carolina Rebellion on May 6.”

Korn’s Fieldy & Ray Luzier Join Korn Tribute Band Onstage

Korn’s Fieldy and Ray Luzier joined a Korn tribute band, called Korn Again, onstage during their show in Manchester, UK. Check out footage of them performing “Here To Stay” and “Freak On A Leash“ below:

Korn’s Fieldy Says His New Solo Jazz Fusion Album Is “Almost Finished”

Korn bassist Fieldy was recently interviewed by Weld For Birmingham, and was asked about his jazz fusion solo album “Bassically,” which is almost complete. You can see what he had to say about that below.


“I’ve been working on it. I’m actually almost finished. I’m having Marco, who’s our sound guy and who is also a mixer, he’s going to mix my bass album in November. I’m doing some final touches on it. So that’ll be out. It’s a musically ride. It’s all instrumental. I play 15-string bass, fretless basses — every kind of bass you can think of, Fender jazz, whatever.

I don’t even know if we could name all the basses I played on there. It takes you on a ride. Jazz fusion, punk, Latin, blues, reggae… I don’t even know if I even left any style of music out. As much as I could put on there. That’s how it is. It’s just an instrumental album.”

He also added:

“To write it, my inspiration was probably my wife Dena. She was like, “You should put a bass album out.” And then I really thought about it. And if you go back in time to my inspiration in my early days, I listened to a lot of Stanley Clarke. And then from there on, I got into a lot of Flea. And I started really listening to some of these great bands — if you’re not listening for it, you don’t really know how great a lot of those bass players are unless you listen.

For example, a lot of classic rock bands I listened to as a kid — now, I was like, “Wait, I just found the Eagles on the bass, rippin’! Or Led Zeppelin! Led Zeppelin gets to rippin’ on bass! You hear these great tones that as a kid, I’d never really listened to. And now, I’m like starting to listen and trip out on it.”

Benjamin Burnley (Breaking Benjamin) Performs Live Acoustic Cover Of Korn’s “Clown”

During Breaking Benjamin’s January 24 show in Nashville, TN, Benjamin Burnley performed an acoustic cover of Korn’s “Clown” for Brian “Head” Welch, and Fieldy, who both went to the show. Check out some footage below:

Hangin at the show tonight with some of the boys in @korn_official @brianheadwelch and @fieldykorn .. Naaaaa not nervous at all 😳

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