Korn Bassist Fieldy Is Selling Autographed Prints Of His Paintings

Korn’s Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu is auctioning off autographed prints of various mixed media paintings he created. You can find the eBay links for those over at Facebook. Fieldy commented:

“Hey wha’s up, this is Fieldy from Korn. From February 2018-February 2019, during a difficult time in my life, I unexpectedly began a journey of mixed media painting on canvass, the result are these 10 characters I created that I call “Izms” Without any real knowledge of what I was doing, I just dove in and found a place of creative peace. Now I’m excited to share “Izms” with you…”

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Korn’s Fieldy Premieres “Zibba Zibop” Video

Korn bassist Fieldy has premiered a new video for his new song “Zibba Zibop,” via PledgeMusic. The track, which features his Korn bandmate Ray Luzier, will appear on his new bass album, “Bassically” (out November 17).

Click the LINK to check out the video.

Korn’s Fieldy To Release New Bass Album “Bassically” In November

Korn bassist Fieldy will be releasing his new bass album, “Bassically,” on November 17. You can preorder that at PledgeMusic. Fieldy commented:

“This is a bass album that encompasses the last nine years of my life on the road recording with a variety of special and unique basses. This project features recordings of mine from dressing rooms, tour buses, hotel rooms and other unique locations playing on basses just as obscure as the locations. It’s a blend of funk, fusion, and rock – I can’t wait to share it with you.”

“Bassically” Track Listing:

01. “Bass O Rama”
02. “Charlie Brown”
03. “Step Right Up”
04. “Buck of Funk”
05. “Basque K Cinco”
06. “15 String Exodus”
07. “JD Fresh”
08. “Zibb Zibop”
09. “Check This Out”
10. “Bass Invaders”
11. “I Wuv Bass Mon”
12. “5 String Graffiti”
13. “Dance Your Bass Off”
14. “Give Me 5”
15. “You Can Do It”
16. “Mr. Bassmen”
17. “Bass Age”